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Dear Valued Customer,

We are progressively migrating products to a new website to serve you better.

For stock availability, you may email or call 62963686 before 3 working days before coming to the retail store.

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From: Rotor Hobby Team 4 JAN 2019

What We Do....... - Manufacturer List -
We specialize in Radio Controlled (R/C) Quadcopters, Drones, Model Helicopters, Planes, Cars, Monster Trucks, Yacht, Power Boats, Tanks, Submarines, Turbine Jets, Robots, Servo Motors, accessories & more!

Assembly and Repair services available.
Terms & Conditions apply.

We operate both Retail and Web Store.
Serving all our customers with utmost sincerity and competitive pricing.

- Other Things we do: -
All you need is sunlight!
Solar Equipment

Grow your own vegetables?
Mini Aeroponics Pot

Wide Range of Remote-Controlled products to choose from:
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Rotor New Arrivals & Information

08Feb2018: Hitec HS-225MG, HS-311, HS-430BH, HS-5085MG, HS-5086WP, HS-5087MH, HS-5646WP, HS-5665MH, HS-5765MH, HS-65HB, HS-785HB, HS-7954SH, HS-M7990TH servo motor and Minima 6E Receiver
Freewing Jet Airplanes in stock - Avanti S (Red) 80mm, F-105 Thunderchieft 64mm, F-16 70mm, F-18E 64mm, L39 Albratros 80mm, Yak-130 70mm
Bob Smith Industries Premium CA glues and Epoxy. Made in USA.
WALKERA RODEO110 w/ Devo 7 Ready-to-Fly Mode 2 in stock
19Sep2018: Hitec Servo motors - HS-225MG, HS-5485HB, HS-5646WP and servo extension cables in stock
03Sep2018: HENG LONG HLT3819-1X 2.4G RC Tank, HLTC-24-R & HLTB24-B RC Trucks in stock
02Sep2018: XK INNOVATIONS XK-A1200-M2 and XK-K120-M2 Ready-to-Fly Sets in stock
[ News Archive ]

Solar Equipment
07Jul2017: Solar Lights 20LEDS with Day/Night Sensor (White or Warm White)

Mini Urban Gardens
06Jul2017: Mini Home Aeroponics Pot with Seeds

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ImageCodeProductUnit SGD$Qty
! HS-55(3bundle)    [BUNDLE DISCOUNT= 3 sets for $15 nett price] Hitec HS-55 Economy Feather Servo Motor (Nylon Gear) [Torque at 4.8/6V -] [Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.17sec/60 degree / 0.14sec/60 degree [Bearing - None] [Dimensions(HxWxL) -23x12x24mm] [Weight - 8g] [For smaller electrics, Park Flyers, Airplane, Glider or Heli] | HS-55 Feather Servo Motor | HS55 | #3105515.00
New Product! PN176265 / flash8 + optima9 M1 [Bonus Receiver Package!!]    (Low stock) [Bonus Receiver Package!!] Hitec Flash 8 8-Channel 2.4GHz Aircraft Computer Radio With 2pcs of Optima 9 Receiver (Mode1) | Signal PWM mode | #flash8 + optima9399.00
! SPE-43Z (SPE43Z)    [NETT PRICE] [20% off] SPE-43Z Melody 43cc Gas Engine for Airplane | #SPE43Z | (Usual Price=SGD338.00, Now SGD270.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.Click To View Product Brochure338.00
*Pricelist - Align Canopy & Fuselage    (Please do not add this to cart, click in to see details) Pricelist of Align Canopy & Fuselage -
New Product.HS-325HB    (stock in 01/03/2018-HIT) Hitec HS-325HB Standard Servo Motor (Karbonite Gear) [Torque at 4.8/6V -][Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.19sec/60�/ 0.15sec/60░] [Bearing - Top Ball Brg] [Dimension(HxWxL) - 40x20x37mm] [Weight - 43.0g] [For Airplane, Glider, Helicopter, Car or Boat] | HS325HB | #3332517.20
New Product13210    (Low stock) [Suitable for beginner/Intermediate Flyer] Hitec Sky Scout Plug-In To GO (P2GO) Glider, Wingspan: 54.5 in. (1366mm) | (Content Includes: SkyScout Airframe made of ELAPOR foam + All Plastic Components + Pre-Installed electronic components: HS-55 Servos + 235-watt Brushless Outrunner Motor + 18 amp ESC)208.00
15550 (OS50SXH Ring)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] O.S. ENGINES: OS MAX-50SX-H Ring Hyper Engine (Suitable for Raptor 50SE) | OS50SXH Ring | #OSENGH | (Usual Price=SGD292.00, Now SGD248.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.Click To View Product Specification  292.00
15630 (OS55HZ Hyper Ring)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] O.S. ENGINES: OS MAX-55HZ Hyper Ringed High Performance Heli Engine with 40L carburetor | OS55HZ Hyper Ring | #OSENGH | (Usual Price=SGD396.00, Now SGD339.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.Click To View Product Brochure396.00
19060 (OS91SXH C Spec PS)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] O.S. ENGINES: OS MAX-91SX-H C Spec PS Engine | OS91SXH C Spec PS | #OSENGH | (Usual Price=SGD499.00, Now SGD339.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.499.00
New Product24200    (stock in 11/03/2019) [NETT price] LOCTITE Heavy Duty Threadlocker, Blue 242, 0.2oz/6ml (1pc) - Nut & Bolt Locker. Made in USA #nutlocker #boltlocker #BLUE24213.90
3837    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] THUNDER TIGER Hughes MD530 Scale Fiberglass Fuselage / Bodyshell (Army Green), Suitable for THUNDER TIGER Raptor 30/50 or most 50 Class Helicopter mechanism | #md530 | (Usual Price=SGD397.50, Now SGD318.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.397.50
3841    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] THUNDER TIGER - 3841L / 3841R - Ecureuil AS355N Fiberglass Fuselage for Raptor 50 | pls choose Red(R) or Blue(L) | While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.456.50
4856-K10    [PROMO NETT PRICE] THUNDER TIGER Titan X50 Heli Kit, Torque Tube Version (Nitro-Powered) + 600mm Carbon Main Rotor Blade | Torque-tube Version (4856K10) | (Usual Price=SGD625.00, Now SGD438.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.625.00
New Product5129-A23L / A23O    (Update 07/04/2018: Only Orange in stock) THUNDER TIGER Avanti Off-shore Deep Vee Electric Powered Racing Boat (Combo Plus) (Radio Control System, Battery & Charger NOT included.)| Length: 740mm | Range of Color: Blue(L) or Orange(O). | TT#BOAT263.00
New Product8PK-366NA    (Buy this from ProsKit Desoldering Pump, ABS, Sunction Capability 30cm-Hg, OAL 205mm, RoHs Compliant, Lead Free13.60
New ProductBALSA15    FUN-KEY Quality Balsa Sheet 1.5x100x910mm5.00
New ProductBC15    (Please buy from [Charge up to 5 cells simultaneously] 5 * 1S 3.7V LiPo Battery Charger with USB Connector, Battery not included | Suitable for Hubsan H107, H107L, H107C, H107D, Wltoys Quad, Syma X5C, UDI U818A, JXD385, 388, 395 or similar | one cell | lithium polymer charger | #1CELLCHGR12.00
New ProductBD-100-5    (stock in 24/05/2018) (Total 5 pieces) JAPAN NT Cutter BD-100 Penknife Blade, 30 degree, 9x85.8mm,for K-200R, D-100, D-1000, C-400, C-1500 penknife2.00
New ProductBS810-031    (stock in 11/12/2018) [With PRE-FIX DECAL, HOLE REAMERED] BSD RACING Body Shell BLUE & BLACK for BS810T Truck45.00
New ProductBX100    (stock in 15/04/2019) HOTRC 1-8S Li-Po Battery Voltage Tester low Voltage Buzzer Alarm for Lipo/Li-ion/LiMn/Li-Fe battery8.50
New ProductCC31-2S    (stock in 21/08/2018) 3-in-1 7.4V Balance Charging Connector, 2S4.00
New ProductDJI-MAVIC2-ZOOM    [NETT PRICE] DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone1,630.00
New ProductDY8925-SRTF    (Low stock) [Suitable for Beginner] [Mode 1 - throttle right] DYNAM Hawksky V2 1370mm RC Airplane with Detrum Gavin 2.4GHz 6CH Remote Control, Stabilized Gyro, Smart Ready-to-Fly, SRTF306.00
New ProductDY8968-B-PNP    (stock in 26/05/2018) [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer] DYNAM Seawind Electric Airplane, Blue, EPO, Wingspan 1220mm, Plug-and-Play (PRE-INSTALLED: Brushless Motor BM3715A KV1050 + ESC 40A + Servo 9g x 5) | 2-Bladed 10x6" Propeller | seaplane | #DY-PNP270.00
E1211SL    (Low stock) [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] FORCE ENGINE Recoil Car Engine: 12S ABC Pro Side Exhaust Engine Pull Start Silver Head | .12 car engine with Pull Start | (Usual Price=SGD156.00, Now SGD117.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.156.00
New ProductEC5    (stock in 01/03/2019) NEW TYPE EC5 5mm Connector (1 pair) with gold connector | Blue connector3.50
Enya3 (can replace OS8)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ENYA #3 Glow Plug (Japan) | Enya No.3 hot (1.5~1.3 Volt) | #ENYA3 | [Info: ENYA3 can be a suitable replacement for OS8 Glow Plug.] | (Usual Price=SGD7.20, Now SGD5.40 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-DEC-2019.7.20
New ProductEPP05    (stock in 10/01/2019) Premium Quality EPP Foam 5x600x1000mm, 1 piece, 30 times foaming for hobby, rc airplane use13.50
New ProductERINVX400- (ER-INVX-400-).    [PROMO NETT PRICE] [HOT DEALS] (For Intermediate/Advanced Flyer) EncoreRC INVERTIX 400 3D Multirotor Kit (Assembly Required) - Invertix Frame Type:G10 Fiberglass ; MultiWii Configuration: External Receiver(Futaba, Hitec, JR etc.) | Range of Color Scheme: Fluorescent Orange(FO), Fluorescent Red(FR) or Fluorescent Green(FG). | Pls state your preferred color. | #invertix400 | (Usual Price=SGD550.00, Now SGD289.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.550.00
New ProductEX1198.    (Out of stock) Loctite Blue #243 (1ml / 0.033fl oz) - Removable Medium Strength Thread Sealing and Threadlocking, For Metal Parts3.00
New ProductEX1199    (stock in 19/11/2018) Loctite Red #262 (1ml / 0.033fl oz) - Permanent High Strength Thread Sealing and Threadlocking, For Metal Parts3.50
New ProductEX1372-2B    (Please buy from EXCELLENCE Adhesive Velcro Tapes 30x1000mm (Hook and Loop), Black | 3x100cm4.00
EX1399    [PROMO NETT PRICE] EXCELLENCE Mini Air Retract Set without wheel with 100cc Air Tank | Retract Landing Gear (Suitable for small scale airplane) | (Usual Price=SGD127.20, Now SGD84.60 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.Click To View Product Brochure127.20
New ProductEX1495    EXCELLENCE 8.0x6.0x1000mm Carbon Tube (Hollow) (1 pc) | 8x6x1000mm Carbon Tube (Hollow) | EX#CT8.00
New ProductF3DAC14-B    460 class Helicopter Aluminium Case with Transmitter compartment, 76.5x18x29cm, Black (generic sponge for customisation, pinch off)80.00
FKH8406A (FKH-8406A)    (Updated 10/01/2019: All Colors in stock except Army Green(AG) / Blue&Yellow(BY) ) [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY Hughes 500D Deluxe 50 ARF Painted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | pls choose Red(R), Green(G), Blue&Yellow(BY), Army Green(AG) or Camouflage(CAMF). | [Suitable for Century Scale SE 50 / Hirobo Sceadu / Hirobo Sceadu SDX / Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 / Thunder Tiger Titan 50 / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Belt / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Shaft / Align T-REX 600 ESP / Kyosho Caliber 5] | While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.503.00
FKH8407A (FKH-8407A)    (Updated 31/10/2018: All Colors in stock, except GREEN) [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY Hughes 500E Deluxe 50 ARF Painted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | pls choose Color Scheme: Yellow Breitling(YB), Red(R), Green(G), Blue(BL), Camouflage(CAMF) or Army Green(AG). [Suitable for Century Scale SE 50 / Hirobo Sceadu / Hirobo Sceadu SDX / Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 / Thunder Tiger Titan 50 / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Belt / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Shaft / Align T-REX 600 ESP / Kyosho Caliber 5] | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 DEC 2019.503.00
FKH8409A (FKH-8409A)    (Update 10/01/2019: Only Army Desert & Army Green in stock) [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY NH-500E Deluxe 50 ARF Painted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | pls choose Army Green(AG), Army Desert(AD) or Camouflage(CAMF). [Suitable for Century Scale SE 50 / Hirobo Sceadu / Hirobo Sceadu SDX / Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 / Thunder Tiger Titan 50 / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Belt / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Shaft / Align T-REX 600 ESP / Kyosho Caliber 5] | While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.618.00
FM-L031    [PROMO NETT PRICE] Mini Angel Slope Glider, Wingspan 2.6-Metres With Fiberglass Fuselage | (Usual Price=SGD246.50, Now SGD132.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.246.50
FM-L037    [PROMO NETT PRICE] Discus-711 Slope Glider, Wingspan 4-Metres with Fiberglass Fuselage | #eglider | (Usual Price=SGD398.50, Now SGD345.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.398.50
New ProductFP1272    (stock in 25/06/2019) FirstPower Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery 12V 7.2Ah/20Hr, Non-Spillable (2.4kg) | 12V 7200mAh Battery29.00
New ProductFP645    (stock in 25/06/2019) FP645 FirstPower« Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery 6V 4.5Ah/20Hr, Non-Spillable (0.71kg) #4500mAh #Pb #Battery12.90
FY919-02CW    (stock in 01/07/2018-F3D) FLYING3D Motor for FY919 Reaper Clockwise - CW - Red and Blue5.40
New ProductGH7670    GLOW HOBBY 12V Electric Fuel Pump, for Glow fuel only | 12V Fuel Pump27.50
New ProductGTBB31    (Low stock) G.T. Power Li-Polymer/Li-Fe Battery Balancer 3-in-1 (Balance/Discharge) | Lipo / Life balancer35.00
New ProductH107C-A23    Hubsan H107C Motor (4pcs) (2CW + 2CCW), Diameter 8.5x20mm24.00
New ProductH501A+HT011A    (Low stock) [NETT PRICE] [Up to 400 metres] [With 2 Batteries] Hubsan H501A X4 Air Pro with HT011A Transmitter, 1920x1080p, 2MP camera, 20mins flight time, Ready-to-Fly Aerial Photography Drone. Android or Apple App356.00
New ProductH51-W-M2    (stock in 27/03/2018) JJRC H51 Rocket 360 degree Panoramic Aerial Photography Collapsible Drone, 1280x720 pixel HD camera, WHITE | ^FPV99.00
HAT956    [Stock Clearance] [50% Off] [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hatori HAT956 GSH-26.2 Gasoline Muffler for Voyager GS, Caliber ZG use with Zenoah 23-26 | #956 | (Usual Price=SGD280.00, Now SGD140.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.280.00
HAT991 (#991)    [Stock Clearance][50% Off] [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hatori HAT991 Muffler, Raptor Freya YS 90HNS-2 | #991 | (Usual Price=SGD247.50, Now SGD123.80 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.247.50
HS-5565MH    (Low stock) Hitec HS-5565MH High Voltage Monster Speed Digital Programmable Servo Motor (Metal Gear), 2cell Lipo 7.4V Compatible [Torque at 6/7.4V -] [Speed at 6/7.4V - 0.11sec/60degree / 0.09sec/60degree] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 39.8x19.8x38.0mm] [Weight - 59g] [For Aircraft 20-120 Class; All EP 600-700 & GP 30-90 Class Helicopter; 1/10-1/4 Scale Car Steering & Throttle; GP & Gasoline Boats] | HV Digital Super Speed Servo | HV Monster Speed71.60
HS-5645MG    (Low stock) Hitec HS-5645MG High Torque Programmable Digital Servo Motor (Metal Gear) [Torque at 4.8/6V -] [Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.23sec/60�/ 0.18sec/60░] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 40.6x19.8x37.8mm] [Weight - 60g] [For Airplane, Glider, Heli, Car, Truck, Boat] | HS5645MG | #3564556.40
New ProductHS-645MG    (stock in 15/04/2019-HIT) Hitec HS-645MG High Torque Servo Motor (Metal Gear) [Torque at 4.8/6V -] [Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.24sec/60�/ 0.20sec/60░] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 41x20x38mm] [Weight - 55.2g] [For Airplane, Glider, Car, Truck, Boat] | HS645MG | #3264540.00
HSL85501T    ALIGN BL855H High Voltage Brushless Servo; Suitable for T-Rex 550/600/700/800 rudder use. | #trex550 #trex600 #trex700 #trex800189.00
New ProductHSP70110-BK    (Low stock) (stock in 20/11/2018-HSP) HSP Starter Box for 1/8 or 1/10th scale nitro car, buggy, truck use80.00
New ProductHST-R26273-B-M2    (stock in 22/01/2019) [*Compatible with Apple iOS and Android Smartphone] 2.4G 4 CH SMART Drone Ready-to-Fly BLACK [ drone + 2.4G remote control + wifi 0.3MP camera +6 axis gyro + 3.7V LiPo battery + USB charger ] | RTF | ^FPV77.00
New ProductHST-R26273-W-M2    (stock in 22/01/2019) [*Compatible with Apple iOS and Android Smartphone] 2.4G 4 CH SMART Drone Ready-to-Fly WHITE [ drone + 2.4G remote control + wifi 0.3MP camera +6 axis gyro + 3.7V LiPo battery + USB charger ] | RTF | ^FPV77.00
New ProductJST.F-T.F    (stock in 29/12/2018) JST Female connector to T Plug Female connector with 10cm silicone wire1.50
New ProductLEDLIGHT-01WL    (stock in 18/12/2018) HXK WIRELESS Colour Control Device for multi-colour SMD LED Light Strips8.00
LP20015C    [PROMO NETT PRICE] APC Propellers 20x15" (508x381mm) Carbon Fiber Propeller (1pc)Click To View Product Brochure85.00
New ProductMAGNET-D82    (stock in 27/07/2018) Heavy Duty Round Magnet, Diameter x Height - 8x2mm, 10pcs | Neodymium rare eath magnet (NdFeB)3.90
New ProductMF-4614236    (stock in 26/03/2018) HTRC X4 Micro Multi 1S LiPo/LiHV AC/DC 24W 1.5A Battery Charger for Micro, Micro Reverse, MX, mCPX connector | also for MakerFire battery | one cell charger58.00
New ProductMF-4891023    (stock in 08/10/2018-MF) MakerFire 1S / 3.7V 220mAh 35C LiPo Battery with JST-PH2.0 connector, ~27x15x9mm, ~6.2g for MakerFire Amor Blue Shark8.40
New ProductMU10088    (stock in 19/07/2018) MuMeiSha Cleanger Aerosol, 860ml | Aerosol Cleaner15.80
New ProductNTP01-NS-DR    (stock in 17/01/2019) Non-Slipping T Plug, Deans compatible, 1 Pair, Male & Female, Dark Red2.00
New ProductNTP01-NS-DR-2M    (stock in 17/06/2019) Non-Slipping T Plug, Deans compatible, 2 Male, Dark Red for ESC side2.00
New ProductOPTIMA 6 Triple Pack (PN29431)    (stock in 06/07/2018-HIT) Hitec OPTIMA 6 2.4Ghz AFHSS Telemetric 6 Channel Full Range Aircraft Receiver (Triple Pack) | #optima6triplepack142.20
New ProductORING-SET90    (stock in 14/12/2018) High Temperature Up to 90 degree NBR O-Ring Set, 200pcs | ORING6.60
New ProductOS8    (stock in 29/03/2019) OS 8 Glow Plug (For all 2 stroke engines) | OS8 | #OSGP8.00
OSA3    [PROMO NETT PRICE] OS A3 Glow Plug (Japan)(For 2 stroke engines - Mainly for small size engines of 0.10-0.46, For running-in beginners (rich needle setting) & sports, For every applications - airplane, helicopter, car) | OSA3 | #OSGP | (Usual Price=SGD6.80, Now SGD5.10 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.6.80
New ProductPA45-1P    (stock in 14/05/2018) PA45 Connectors Male & Female (4pcs/set)2.50
New ProductPGY-110    PGY-TECH 110cm Landing Pad Mini Portable Fast-fold for DJI Phantom 3,4, Inspire, Mavic or other drones35.00
PL0404    Pine Ledge 4x4x1000mm0.90
PLY01    Model Plywood 46x46x0.3cm | Thickness 3mm x Width 460mm x Length 460mm13.90
PLY03    Model Plywood 46x23x0.3cm | Thickness 3mm x Width 460mm x Length 230mm9.90
New ProductPN16222    [PROMO NETT] [Bonus Receiver Package!!] Hitec LYNX 4S 2.4GHz 4-Channel Pistol Grip Surface Computer Radio System: Includes LYNX 4S Tx, Axion 4 Rx (2pcs), Tx Battery, Charger & English User Manual. - Excellent for controlling all kinds of R/C cars, boats, crawlers, or 1:5 scale. | lynx4s (Usual Price=SGD349.00, Now SGD289.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30-JUN-2019.349.00
New ProductPNC003    (stock in 12/12/2018) Iron-On Kote - Transparent White, 0.64x1metre {10 metres - 10% off $43.20} {30 metres -19% off $116.64} | Pre-cut in 2, 10 or 30 metres. Pls note minimum order is 2 metres.6.00
New ProductPricelist - Bob Smith Accelerator / CA Glue / Epoxy / Remover    (Please do not add this to cart, click in to see details) Pricelist of Bob Smith Accelerator / CA Glue / Epoxy / Remover -
Pricelist for KZ Toys products    (Please do not add this to cart, click in to see details) Pricelist for KZ Toys products [Quadcopters] -
New ProductPRO1652-R    (Low stock) PROLUX Fast Fueller Hand Fuel Pump (Red), for Nitro/Glow fuel and gasoline | Hand Crank Fuel Pump | Hand-Crank Fuel Pump25.00
New ProductRC4GS-R6FG    (stock in 24/10/2018) RadioLink 2.4GHz 4-Channel RC4GS FHSS Pistol Grip Radio Transmitter System with R6FG Gyro receiver for RC Car or Boat99.00
RCD3063    RCDevice Magic Mirror Helicopter Optical Tachometer with Battery, RPM Measurement Range 800~4200RPM65.00
New ProductRL-MINI-PIX-GPS    (Low stock) RadioLink Mini PIX F4 Flight Controller with TS100 Mini M8N GPS Module | Pixhawk | Mission Planner required105.00
New ProductS1J-AJ4-10    (stock in 08/01/2019) [Popular Item!] SFC-Tools S1J-AJ4-10 180W 6-Speed Mini Grinder With Plastic Carry Case, 230V | suitable for aluminum alloy, copper, metal, plastic and wood | Rotary Tools | #tool75.00
New ProductSANKI-0.5    (stock in 21/01/2019) JAPAN SANKI 0.5mm Lead Solder Wire, 250g, Sn60/Pb40 soldering wick welding wire | #soldering14.00
New ProductSB-6122-220V    (stock in 13/02/2019) SUPER 6V / 12V Lead Acid Automatic Battery Charger (Input AC 220V/50Hz 24W; Output DC 6V/12V 2Amp) | 6V/12V Lead Acid Battery Charger32.00
New ProductSE-30D1225C    (Released in 2018) [NETT PRICE $99, USUAL PRICE $128.00] Sense Hobby ESS-AIR+2017 Engine Sound Simulation for RC Electric Airplane99.00
New ProductSI-15S1215C    (Released in 2018) [NETT PRICE $85.00, USUAL PRICE $108.00] Sense Hobby ESS-ONE+2017 Engine Sound Simulation for 1/14 scale to 1/5 scale RC Electric Car, Crawler, Buggy and Truck.85.00
SQUARE3    FUN-KEY Quality Square Balsa Stick 3x3x910mm0.90
New ProductSZ001-00301    GEMINI MODEL RC Airplane Air Pressure Gauge for Retracts28.20
New ProductT6020A    (stock in 12/11/2018) Low-noise Tube Grease for RC Hobby Heli/Car Plastic Gear, Inkjet Printer, Engraving machine, Sliding door and Window, Gym equiment, 10g, THICK2.00
New ProductTK115-M2    (Low stock) TKKJ TK115 2.4G 4-Channel Mini Fly Car 2 in 1 RC Drone Altitude Hold Quadcopter, Black & Orange, Ready-to-Fly, RTF, Mode 245.00
TM-CD100    [NETT PRICE] TERMA Stainless Steel Digital Vernier Caliper 0-100mm +/-0.01mm20.00
New ProductTM-U5-KV400    (Low stock) [Waterproof Dirt Resistant] T-MOTOR U5 V2.0 400KV Professional Brushless Motor for Multi-copter (3-8s) | (2kg - 2.5kg of thrust) | Take-off Weight of Hexacopter 9kg, Octocopter 12kg | #T-Motor | #tmotor | Tiger Motor180.00
New ProductTOH17    (stock in 02/04/2018) [For Intermediate / Advanced Flyer] TechOne Hobby DLG-1000 EPO Unpowered Glider, Plug-and-Play PNP + UBEC 3A + 3.7g servo x 4pcs, EPO Foam, Wingspan 995mm, Length 812mm, DLG1000 | TOH#A158.00
TT3834    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] THUNDER TIGER MD500 (Hughes 500D) Scale Fiberglass Fuselage (Bodyshell), Military Green Scheme. Specially designed for Thunder Tiger Raptor 60 / 90 Helicopter mechanism. | (Usual Price=SGD523.00, Now SGD418.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31-MAR-2019.523.00
New ProductTT5549-R / L / Y    (Low stock) (Updated 14/11/2018: Only Blue color in stock now) THUNDER TIGER Naulantia 1M Americas Cup Racing R/C Electric Yacht Kit (Assembly Required, DIY) (Without Radio Control System & Battery) With Black Anodized Aluminium Display Stand Included. | [Length: 39.4"(1000mm) | Beam: 6.75" (160mm) | Mast Height: 51.4" (1306mm) | Sail Area: (39.9dm2) | Overall Height: 67" (1580mm) | Overall Weight: 7.7Ib (3.5kg) ] | Range of Color Scheme: Red(R), Blue(L) or Yellow(Y). | Sailboat | TT#BOAT311.00
New ProductTT5550-K40    THUNDER TIGER Challenger 800 RC Electric Yacht (Assembly Required, DIY) (Without Radio Control System & Battery; sold separately) | TT#BOAT280.00
New ProductTX-CASE    (stock in 17/06/2019) Splashproof Zipper Transmitter Bag / Carrying Case for Futaba / RadioLink / DJI / JR and most standard transmitter use25.00
New ProductV742-5-PNP    [For intermediate/advanced flyer] [Plug-and-Play] Volantex Phoenix Evolution X 2.6M Electric Giant Size Glider, EPO with 2-in-1 Interchangeable Wings (Wingspan 2600mm & 1600mm) + 2815/1050KV Brushless Motor (Pre-installed) + 30A ESC (Pre-installed) + 6pcs Servo (Pre-installed) | SLM#A225.00
New ProductV747-4A-RTF-2    (Low stock) [Suitable for beginner] Volantec 2.4G Trainstar Electric Airplane, RTF with 2.4GHz 5 Channel Remote Control with receiver + Brushless Motor B4023 850KV + Pre-installed Brushless ESC 30A + Pre-installed 9g Servo x 4pcs + 11.1V 1800mAh LiPo Battery + LiPo Charger, Wingspan 1400mm, EPO, Red, Mode 2 | SLM#A270.00
New ProductV759-2-PNP    (Low stock) (stock in 01/10/2018-VLX) [Suitable for Beginner to Intermediate Flyer] Phoenix V2 2-metre RC Brushless Electric Sport Glider, Airplane, No Remote Control, Plug-and-Play, PNP207.00
New ProductV765-2-RTF-2    (Low stock) [90% assembled] [Suitable for Beginner] Volantex 2.4G V765-2 Super Cub Park Flyer Sport Cub with 4-Channel Transmitter, Wingspan 750mm, EPO, Ready-to-fly, RTF, Mode 2163.00
New ProductV798-2-PNP    (stock in 01/09/2018-VLX) VOLANTEX [Up to 88km/h] VOLANTEX ANGRY SHARK (Vector PRO) 80cm Auto Roll-Back Function, High speed ABS Unibody Boats Brushless Electric Speed Boat w/ (Pre-installed 40g servo + Water-cooled 1800KV brushless motor + Brushless ESC + Upgraded Metal Parts) Plug and Play | PNP258.00
New ProductWL-K969-LIPO2    (stock in 17/09/2019) (Please note that battery may not sit straight in the battery tray due to larger capacity and longer length) Wltoys 7.4V 450mAh LiPo Battery, 20C, JST, White Balance Connector, 50x17x15mm, 25.3g for K969 / K979 / K989 / P929 / P939. Code: WL-K969-LIPO212.00
New ProductXT60-4F-CAP    (stock in 04/06/2018) 3D Printed XT60/XT60U/XT60H Female Connector Protection Cover, Yellow, 4 pieces3.90

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