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We specialize in Radio Controlled (R/C) Quadcopters, Drones, Model Helicopters, Planes, Cars, Monster Trucks, Yacht, Power Boats, Tanks, Submarines, Turbine Jets, Robots, Servo Motors, accessories & more!

Assembly and Repair services available.
Terms & Conditions apply.

We operate both Retail and Web Store.
Serving all our customers with utmost sincerity and competitive pricing.

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Solar Equipment

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Rotor New Arrivals & Information

01Feb2016: WALKERA Limited Stock! FURIOUS 320 RTF w/ DEVO10 GPS, F210 RTF w/ DEVO7, RUNNER R Basic 1 w/ DEVO7 GPS, Spares for RUNNER 250 & RUNNER R
30Jan2016: Matek Mini Power Distribution Board (PDB) BEC 5V & 12V(2S-6S) for QAV250 / ZMR250 auadcopter or multicopter
Heng Long RC Tugboat & (Limited Stock) 1/16 RC US Sherman Smoking Tank (Metal Tracks, Wheels, Gears)
28Jan2016: Cheerson CX-10 Mini Quadcopter restock - Blue, Green, Orange and Pink
LPB Lithium Polymer (LiPo Battery) in stock now - 7.4V / 11.1V / 14.8V / 22.2V
27Jan2016: JJRC H9D-4 FPV 2MP Quadcopter, H12C-5 5MP Quadcopter, V915 Lama Heli and Spares
JXD806 Mini RC Motorbike
Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Drone available
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Solar Equipment
13Oct2015: Solar Flood Lights in stock | All with Daylight Sensor - 60LEDs, 60LEDs with Remote Control, 60LEDs Motion Sensor, 108LEDs. Colours: White or Warm White
22Apr2015: Solar Weatherproof Lighting System in stock | All with Daylight Sensor - 60LEDs, 60LEDs with Remote Control, 60LEDs Motion Sensor, 108LEDs. Colours: White or Warm White
02 Mar 2015: Solar Lightings for sale (Watch video)

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ImageCodeProductUnit SGD$Qty
New Product! 5127-F11G/Y    (stock in 11/01/2016-TT) (Speed Info: 75+ km/h / 47+ m/h) THUNDER TIGER Olympian Electric Extreme Offshore Racing Powerboat (Ready-To-Run: RTR) (Length ~1M) with Radio Control System (Battery & Charger NOT included). | Range of Color Scheme: Green(F11G) or Yellow(F11Y). | TT#BOAT749.00
New Product! DJI-P3-4K    (stock in 30/01/2016-DJI) [photo & info coming soon] [NETT PRICE] DJI Phantom 3 4K Drone | #phantom3 | ^FPV1,200.00
New Product! F210-D7-M2    (stock in 01/02/2016-WKR) [NETT PRICE, Limited Stock!] [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer] (Ready to Fly) Walkera F210 Racing Quadcopter w/ DEVO 7 Remote MODE 2, PRE-INSTALLED (OSD x 1 + 700TVL Camera + Receiver DEVO-RX713 + Main Controller FCS-F210(F3) + Brushless Motor 2500KV CW x 2, CCW x 2 + Brushless ESC CW x 2, CCW x 2), Propeller CW x 4, CCW x 4 | RTF580.00
New Product! FR-X9D-C    (Low stock) (stock in 05/11/2015-FRSKY) [With 2015/2016 NEW Aluminium Carry Case] FrSKY 2.4GHz ACCST 16 Channel Taranis X9D Plus Combo Digital Telemetry Radio System/Transmitter, Mode 2 + X9R 8 Channel or 16 Channel Receiver + EU 2-pin charger + Neckstrap | State-of-the-art open source software (openTX) | Support Quadcopter using CC3D and Naze32 Flight controller or similar (Suitable for RC Airplanes, Gliders, Helicopters, Multicopters)375.00
New Product! FURI320-D10-M2    (stock in 01/02/2016-WKR) [NETT PRICE, Limited Stock!] (Ready to Fly) [Suitable for Beginner] WALKERA FURIOUS320 Racer w/ DEVO10 Transmitter MODE2, PRE-INSTALLED (GPS + OSD + 1080P HD Camera + Receiver DEVO-RX712 + Main Controller FCS-FURIOUS 320(C) + Brushless Motor 1700KV CW x 2 CCW x 2 + Brushless ESC CW x 2 CCW x 2), Propeller CW x 4 CCW x 4 | RTF865.00
New Product! PN16204 / LYNX 4S + Axion 4    Hitec LYNX 4S 2.4GHz 4-Channel Pistol Grip Surface Computer Radio System: Includes LYNX 4S Tx, Axion 4 Rx, Tx Battery, Charger & English User Manual. - Excellent for controlling all kinds of R/C cars, boats, crawlers, or 1:5 scale. | lynx4s349.00
New Product! RH50E07XT    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 500L Dominator Super Combo Electric Helicopter ( T-REX 500L DOMINATOR Set + Gpro Flybarless System X 1 set + 425 Carbon Fiber Blades X 1 + 500MX Brushless Motor(1600KV) X 1 + DS515M Digital servo X 3 + DS525M Digital servo X 1 + RCE-BL70G Brushless ESC X 1) | (Usual Price=SGD1,100.40, Now SGD917.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.1,100.40
New Product! RH60E11XT    [NETT PRICE] T-REX 600L Dominator Super Combo (Gpro Flybarless System X 1 set, Castle EDGE HV 80 Brushless ESC x 1, 750MX Brushless Motor(530KV) x 1, BL815H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 3, BL855H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 1, T-REX 600L DOMINATOR Set x 1 set, 600 Carbon Fiber Blades x 1 set, 95 Carbon Fiber Tail Blade x 1 set, 750MX Brushless Motor(530KV) x 1, BL815H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 3, BL855H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 1, Castle EDGE HV 80 Brushless ESC x 1, Gpro Flybarless System x 1 set)1,499.00
New Product! RL-AT9-M2.    (stock in 02/01/2016-RL) [Support Futaba S-BUS Protocol] RadioLink AT9 9-Channel DSSS Transmitter with R9D Receiver, Mode 2 | Radio Set | Suitable for flying airplane, glider, helicopter and racing drones, quadcopters | Operating distance: 900M on ground and 1.5KM air | Signal PWM or SBUS | s.bus189.00
New Product! RUNNER-R-D7-B1    (stock in 01/02/2016-WKR) [NETT PRICE] [Suitable for Beginner] WALKERA RUNNER 250 R, RTF/Basic 1 (DEVO-7 radio/800TVL camera/OSD/GPS/battery/charger included) Backpack package, Mode 2570.00
New Product! V747-1B-RTF-2    (stock in 03/06/2015-VLX) [Suitable for beginner] Volantex Cessna 2.4G Electric Airplane RTF with 2.4GHz 5 Channel Remote Control with receiver + Pre-installed Brushless Motor 2812/1250KV + Pre-installed Brushless ESC 20A + 9g Servo x 3pcs (2pcs pre-installed) + 11.1V 1000mAh 20C LiPo Battery + LiPo Charger, Wingspan 940mm, EPO, Red, Mode 2 | SLM#A197.00
New Product! V747-3-R    (stock in 03/06/2015-VLX) [Suitable for Beginner/Intermediate Flyer] Volantex Cessna 182 Skylane 1.56M Electric Airplane Kit, EPO, Red | SLM#A133.00
New Product#13210    (stock in 02/10/2015-H) [Suitable for beginner/Intermediate Flyer] Hitec Sky Scout Plug-In To GO (P2GO) Glider, Wingspan: 54.5 in. (1366mm) | (Content Includes: SkyScout Airframe made of ELAPOR foam + All Plastic Components + Pre-Installed electronic components: HS-55 Servos + 235-watt Brushless Outrunner Motor + 18 amp ESC)208.00
*Pricelist - Align Canopy & Fuselage    Pricelist of Align Canopy & Fuselage -
.H6975C [60-91 & UP Class]    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY ROTOR TECH 60-91 & UP Class Precisely Balanced Carbon Fiber Composite Rotor Blades, Length 695mm, Width 60mm (Graphite Carbon, Precisely Balanced, Grip:>=12mm, Hole:4-5mm, Air foil:Semi-Symmetrical w/ 3?washout, Tip:Swept) | Range of Color Scheme: Black or Black/White. | Please state in Remarks which Color Scheme you prefer. | (Usual Price=SGD168.00, Now SGD113.90 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.168.00
.H7001C [60-91 & UP Class] / 700mm    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY ROTOR TECH 60-91 & UP Class Precisely Balanced Carbon Fiber Composite Main Rotor Blades, Length 700mm, Width 61.5mm (Graphite Carbon, Precisely Balanced, Grip:>=14mm, Hole:4-5mm, Air foil:Symmetrical, Tip:Aerobatics) | Suitable for all 60-91 size heli. | (Usual Price=SGD148.00, Now SGD108.80 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.148.00
New Product.TT8311    (stock in 11/01/2016-TT) THUNDER TIGER ACE RC Cougar GP3 2.4GHz iFHSS+ 3-Channel Digital Radio System (Transmitter + TRS403SS Receiver)(Pistol Type), for RC Cars / Boats / surface use. | Eg. for [5128] Atlantic Motor Yacht / [5129] Avanti OBL / [5130] Madcat OBL / [6400] EB-4 G3 / [6401] MT-4 G3.89.90
[JR04790] / formerly known as 0105    JR Propo Rx Antenna Lead With Bush Rubber (1000mm) | Receiver Antenna Lead1.40
15630 (OS55HZ Hyper Ring)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] O.S. ENGINES: OS MAX-55HZ Hyper Ringed High Performance Heli Engine with 40L carburetor | OS55HZ Hyper Ring | #OSENGH | (Usual Price=SGD396.00, Now SGD339.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.Click To View Product Brochure396.00
New Product19167    (stock in 22/01/2016) [Able to charge between 2 cell and 6 cell] 2-6S Charging and Balance Adapter Board, T Plug | 2S to 6S15.00
35920 (OSFS91SII )    [PROMO NETT PRICE] O.S. ENGINES: OS FS91SII Engine with Silencer/Muffler | OSFS91SII | #OSENGFS | (Usual Price=SGD605.00, Now SGD514.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.605.00
3876B / 3876R    (Updated 19/01/2016: Only BLUE in stock; RED is out of stock) THUNDER TIGER AGUSTA A109K2 1/15 Scale Body (painted) for mini Titan E325 | Range of Color Scheme: Red(R) or Blue(L). | NOTE: NOT SUITABLE FOR E325 V2.150.00
4791K10 (4791-K10) (E720) (90G4) Flybarless    [PROMO NETT PRICE] THUNDER TIGER Raptor G4 Series - Raptor E720 FL 90-Class Electric Version Flybarless RC Helicopter Kit | (Usual Price=SGD1,062.80, Now SGD889.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.1,062.80
4857K10 (4857-K10)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] THUNDER TIGER Titan X50 FL Nitro Flybarless Torque Tube Version RC Helicopter Kit + 600mm Carbon Main Rotor Blade | (Usual Price=SGD575.00, Now SGD405.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.575.00
New ProductAS40    MuMeiSha Spray Paint 180ml, Translucent Pink | #MMST6.00
New ProductBALSA15    FUN-KEY Quality Balsa Sheet 1.5x100x910mm3.60
New ProductBC01-1    (stock in 27/01/2016) (stock in 27/01/2016) Walkera White Plug to JST 2 Pin (Female) with 50mm cable for charging 1 cell LiPo Battery | one cell | #1CELLCHGR-ACC1.00
New ProductBC15    [Charge up to 5 cells simultaneously] 5 * 1S 3.7V LiPo Battery Charger with USB Connector | Suitable for Hubsan H107, H107L, H107C, H107D, Wltoys Quad, Syma X5C, UDI U818A, JXD385, 388, 395 or similar | one cell | lithium polymer charger | #1CELLCHGR12.00
New ProductBC31S06    (Low stock) (stock in 20/11/2015-HT) [Charge up to 6 cells simultaneously] HobbyTiger 6 * 1S 3.7V LiPo Charger with 100-240V AC Adapter | USB Output: 5V, 3A | 1-Cell LiPo Charger | BC-1S06 | BC1S06 | one cell | #1CELLCHGR36.60
New ProductBS403T-OR    (stock in 21/11/2015-BSD) [With Electrical Gyro Balance System!] BSD RACING 1/4th scale Brushless Off-road Electric Motorbike, Rider with Orange & Black Outfit, with 2.4Ghz Radio System, 4300KV Brushless motor, 45A Brushless ESC | #BSDEM369.00
New ProductBS810T    (stock in 21/11/2015-BSD) BSD RACING Off-road 1/8th scale 4WD Electric Brushless Monster Truck UTOR 8E, BLUE, Twin 15kg Servo, 2.4Ghz Transmitter, 4S Li-Po Battery, RTR | #BSDEC612.00
BSI101 (BSI-101)    (stock in 17/12/2015-BSI) BSI-101 Bob Smith Insta-Cure (Super Thin) (0.5oz / 14.2g / 14.8ml) 1-3 sec | BSI101 Insta Cure5.40
New ProductBSI201 (BSI-201)    BSI-201 Bob Smith Quick-Cure Epoxy (5 Mins) (4.5oz / 128g / 133ml) | BSI201 Quick Cure11.70
New ProductBSI302 (BSI-302)    BSI-302 Bob Smith Extra Fine CA Extended-Tips (6pcs) | BSI3024.30
New ProductCC3D-ATOM-S    (stock in 01/02/2016-CC3D) CC3D Atom (Mini CC3D) Flight Controller, Straight Pin (Horizontal Pin)27.00
CP30H    (stock in 04/11/2015-M) MORGAN Cool Power High Performance 30% Nitro Heli Fuel and 23% Oil (1bottle = 1gallon = 3.78Litres) | Suitable for airplane engine | glow fuel | coolpower30Click To View Product Brochure67.90
New ProductDJI-P3-2    (Low stock) (stock in 12/12/2015-DJI) [NETT PRICE] DJI Part 2 Phantom 3 Propeller Guard - For Phantom 3 Series - Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced, Professional | #phantom327.00
DTS003740-M2    [Stock Clearance] [50%+ Off] [PROMO NETT PRICE] [Suitable for beginner] E-SKY 2.4G Ready-to-Fly 6CH Coaxial EC130 Hunter Electric Helicopter, Red, Mode 2 | ESKY-H^ | (Usual Price=SGD224.00, Now SGD109.20 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.224.00
DTS003741-M2    [Stock Clearance] [50%+ Off] [PROMO NETT PRICE] [Suitable for beginner] E-SKY 2.4G Ready-to-Fly 6CH Coaxial 300 Lama Electric Helicopter, Blue, Mode 2 | ESKY-H^ | (Usual Price=SGD212.00, Now SGD105.60 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.212.00
DZ140    [PROMO NETT PRICE] YS ENGINES DZ140 Direct Injection Dingo (without mount) | For serious aerobatic competition and large IMAC style aircraft | #YSENGA | (Usual Price=SGD960.00, Now SGD672.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.960.00
E2114    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] FORCE ENGINE Car Engine: 21R Turbo SG Rear Exhaust | .21 car engine | (Usual Price=SGD307.20, Now SGD199.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.307.20
E2116    (Low stock) [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] FORCE ENGINE Car Engine: 21R ABC Rear Silver Head SG 4P | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.175.00
New ProductEC2    (stock in 22/01/2016) EC2 2mm Connector (1 pair) with Banana connector | Blue connector | Suitable for Hubsan H501S or similar1.50
EK2-0404B..    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] [Now With Free FMS simulator cable!] E-SKY 4CH Transmitter only (w/mix) for airplane (Set A: 35Mhz, Mode 1 | Set B: 35Mhz, Mode 2 | Set C: 40Mhz, Mode 1 | Set D: 40Mhz, Mode 2 | Set E: 41Mhz, Mode 1 | Set F: 41Mhz, Mode 2 | Set G: 72Mhz, Mode 1 | Set H: 72Mhz, Mode 2) (Please choose Set A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H) | (Usual Price=SGD55.00, Now SGD33.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 DEC 2016.Click To View Product Brochure55.00
New ProductEnya3 (can replace OS8)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ENYA #3 Glow Plug (Japan) | Enya No.3 hot (1.5~1.3 Volt) | #ENYA3 | [Info: ENYA3 can be a suitable replacement for OS8 Glow Plug.] | (Usual Price=SGD7.20, Now SGD5.40 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.7.20
New ProductERINVX400- (ER-INVX-400-)    [27/01/2016: CNY Promo: $495/- Nett, while stock last] (For Intermediate/Advanced Flyer) EncoreRC INVERTIX 400 3D Multirotor Kit (Assembly Required) - Invertix Frame Type:G10 Fiberglass ; MultiWii Configuration: External Receiver(Futaba, Hitec, JR etc.) | Range of Color Scheme: Fluorescent Orange(FO), Fluorescent Red(FR) or Fluorescent Green(FG). | Pls state your preferred color. | #invertix400550.00
New ProductERNEO3D8V2B (ER-NEO-3D8V2B)    [NETT Price] EncoreRC NEO 8in 3D Propeller Set (V2) (Black), for INVERTIX 400 | #invertix40017.90
New ProductEROLESC25A3D (ER-OLESC-25A3D)    [NETT Price] EncoreRC Outlaw Power Reverse3D 25A Opto ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), for INVERTIX 400 | #invertix40050.60
EX1086-4    EXCELLENCE Silicone Fuel Tube, Length = 1 Metre (Outer 5.0mm, inner 2mm - Blue) | fuel tubing3.60
EX1101    EXCELLENCE 2.0x1000mm Carbon Rod (Solid) (1 pc) | 2x1000mm Carbon Rod (Solid) | EX#CR2.00
New ProductEX1111    EXCELLENCE 2.5x150x350mm Carbon Fiber Plates / Board | 0.25x15x35cm | EX#CB53.70
EX1164-1    EXCELLENCE Starter Rubber Insert (Dimension: Dia.1.42xH1.18in / Dia. 36xH30mm), Yellow, for 12V Power Starter use | Spinner Rubber5.30
EX1198    EXCELLENCE Loctite Blue #242, 2ml / 0.07fl oz - Removable Medium Strength Thread Sealing and Threadlocking, For Metal Parts3.00
EX1201-W    Light Bulb for RC Kite use, White (5pcs) | LED/L.E.D1.50
New ProductEX1236    EXCELLENCE 3.0mm Gold Plated Spring Connector (2 pairs)1.70
EX1377    EXCELLENCE 0.6x10x1000mm Carbon Strip (1 pc) | EX#CS4.00
New ProductEX1460    (stock in 06/09/2015) [Flight Simulation on a PC for beginner] EXCELLENCE FMS Simulator Cable for Hitec, E-SKY, Walkera transmitter use13.00
New ProductEX1478    (stock in 07/09/2015-EX) EXCELLENCE Wireless Connector Female T-Plug to XT-60 Male Adapter | TPlug | T Plug | XT603.40
New ProductF182P-R    (stock in 28/12/2015-JJRC) [Suitable for Beginner] [Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Flying] JJRC 2.4GHz 4CH F182P Super Scorpio Quadcopter, Red, Mode 283.70
New ProductF3DAC14-B    460 class Helicopter Aluminium Case with Transmitter compartment, 76.5x18x29cm, Black (generic sponge for customisation, pinch off)80.00
FKH8202K (FKH-8202K)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY Bell 222 30 Kit, Unpainted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | unpainted version | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.216.00
FKH8403A-R4    FUN-KEY Painted Top Cover, RED, for Bell 222 50 Deluxe ARF55.00
FKH8409A (FKH-8409A)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY NH-500E Deluxe 50 ARF Painted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | pls choose Army Green(AG), Army Desert(AD) or Camouflage(CAMF). [Suitable for Century Scale SE 50 / Hirobo Sceadu / Hirobo Sceadu SDX / Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 / Thunder Tiger Titan 50 / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Belt / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Shaft / Align T-REX 600 ESP / Kyosho Caliber 5] | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.618.00
FKH8602A (FKH-8602A)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY Bell 222 Deluxe 60 ARF Painted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | pls choose Red(R), Blue(BL) or Green(G). [Suitable for Century Predator 60-90 class / Hirobo Freya 60-90 class / Thunder Tiger Raptor 60-90 class / Align T-REX 700N / Align T-REX 700E] | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.Click To View Product Brochure786.00
FKH8603A (FKH-8603A)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY Long Ranger Deluxe 60-90 ARF Painted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | pls choose Red(R) or Blue(BL). [Suitable for Century Predator 60-90 class / Hirobo Freya 60-90 class / Thunder Tiger Raptor 60-90 class / Align T-REX 700N / Align T-REX 700E] | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.Click To View Product Brochure701.00
FKH9652    FUN-KEY Retract Mechanism Set With Gear Wire, for Airwolf/Bell 222 30/50 Class | retract unit77.70
New ProductFKH9656    FUN-KEY Retract Mechanism Set (95 degrees) With Gear Wire (Diameter 3.49mm Black), for Bell 222 60 Class | retract unit102.40
New ProductFM-L037    [PROMO NETT PRICE] Discus-711 Slope Glider, Wingspan 4-Metres with Fiberglass Fuselage | #eglider | (Usual Price=SGD398.50, Now SGD345.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.398.50
FM-M032    [PROMO NETT PRICE] Mini Angel E-Glider, Wingspan 2.6 Metres with Fiberglass Fuselage | | (Usual Price=SGD256.70, Now SGD139.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.256.70
FPV-FB (replace HS-RC800-FB)    Monitor Folding Bracket Mount | #FPV23.00
New ProductGLM503-RTF-M2    [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer] [90% Assembled] GUANLI MODEL 2.4G RTF Accipiter Badius Airplane (Airplane Kits + 2.4G 4CH Transmitter + Pre-installed 2.4G 6CH Receiver + Pre-installed C2410 Brushless Motor + 20A Electronic Speed Control + Pre-installed Servo x 2pcs + Servo x 1pc + 11.1V 1000mAh LiPo Battery + LiPo Battery Wall Charger 100-240V), Mode 2210.00
New ProductGTBB31    G.T. Power Li-Polymer/Li-Fe Battery Balancer 3-in-1 (Balance/Discharge) | Lipo / Life balancer35.00
New ProductGTDPG    (Low stock) G.T. Power Digital Pitch Gauge (Suitable for 200~800mm main blades) | Suitable blade width: 20-74mm40.00
New ProductGTLPC01    (stock in 20/10/2015-GT) G.T. Power AC 110-240V or DC 10-15V LiPo Charger Balance Charger for 2-3 cells (7.4V or 11.1V LiPo Battery) | BLPC2-3^27.00
GWAEO010A    [PROMO NETT PRICE] (Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer) GWS PT17 Stearman Slope Glider Electric Airplane Kit, White (NO POWER SYSTEM), Wingspan 962mm, PT-17 | (Usual Price=SGD46.20, Now SGD23.10 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.46.20
GWEP10472PC (GW/EP1047/2P/C)    GWS 2 Blade Electric Propeller: EP1047 - 10x4.7", 254x119mm (2pcs), Gray5.20
GWZEROEPS400CGS (GW/ZERO-EPS400C/GS)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] (Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer) GWS Zero Fighter Electric Airplane w/EPS400C Foam Fuselage, Wings, Stabilizer and Fin painted in Green except Silver underneath of wing | (Usual Price=SGD73.90, Now SGD36.95 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.73.90
H0571C [EP Class / Lepton / T-REX 450]    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY Electric Power (EP) Class Carbon Tail Blades, Length 57mm, Width 17-20mm (Graphite Carbon, Precisely Balanced, Grip:>=2.5mm, Hole:2mm, Air foil:Symmetrical) | For Lepton or ALIGN T-REX 450 | (Usual Price=SGD19.90, Now SGD10.80 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.19.90
New ProductH12C-5-W    (stock in 27/01/2016-JJRC) (Suitable for Beginner) JJRC 2.4GHz 4CH 6 Axis H12C-5 Quadcopter with 1080p 5.0MP Camera, White, Mode 1 & Mode 2 Interchangeable | Drone size: 31x31x8.5cm | RC Drone | JJRC^Q125.00
H45037T    ALIGN Tail Boom for T-REX 450 Pro10.90
New ProductH9D-4-GOLD    (stock in 27/01/2016-JJRC) (Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer) [95% Assembled] JJRC 2.4GHz 4 Channel 6-Axis H9D-4 Quadcopter + Transmitter + 5.8GHz Video Transmission + FPV function + 2MP 720P HD Camera + Propeller Guard, Gold, Mode 2 | Drone size: 23x23x13cm | RC Drone | ^FPV | JJRC^Q180.00
HAT640 (#640)    [Stock Clearance][50% Off] [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hatori HAT640 Muffler for 4C-60.70 | #640 | (Usual Price=SGD94.50, Now SGD47.30 NETT) While stocklast! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.94.50
HAT937 (#937)    [Stock Clearance] [50% Off] [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hatori HAT937 Muffler, 90FS-3D Front head YS91ST like Raptor 90 | #937 | (Usual Price=SGD255.50, Now SGD127.80 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.255.50
HAT991 (#991)    [Stock Clearance][50% Off] [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hatori HAT991 Muffler, Raptor Freya YS 90HNS-2 | #991 | (Usual Price=SGD247.50, Now SGD123.80 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.247.50
New ProductHC5122T    ALIGN 500L Dominator Painted Canopy for T-REX 500L | CNP#500L72.30
New ProductHF-i3-R    (stock in 09/09/2015) [2015 Xmas Gift!] Pioneer Story Hand Launch Glider, Red, EPP Foam, Wingspan: 480mm, Length: 410mm | HF-i3-R | For Children aged 10+ | #handthrownglider #handthrown11.00
New ProductHF5505T    ALIGN 550L Speed Fuselage C Red for T-REX 550L234.00
HFSSTQ03T    ALIGN Starter Shaft for Helicopter (Replacement for HFSSTQ01T/HFSSTQ06T Super Starter STQ100)33.20
New ProductHLT3918-1 PROX    (stock in 04/09/2015-HLT) [With MZ Version: - Drive Gearbox (zinc alloy gear) + Metal Caterpillar + Metal Wheel] [Emulation Music and Action Effect + Realistic Smoking Function] Heng Long 2.4GHz 1/16 American M1A2 Abrams Smoking Tank (Realistic Tank + 2.4GHz Remote Control System + 7.4V 1700mAh Ni-Cd Battery Pack + 220-240V Wall Charger + Aerosol (for creating smoking effect) + BB Bullets + Some plastic accessories + English & Chinese language manual) | rc tank | rc smoke tank360.00
New ProductHM-FPV100-DF4-M2    (Low stock) [Suitable for beginner] WALKERA FPV100 Co-Axial Mini Lama Electric Helicopter + Devo F4 Transmitter + Camera for 5.8GHz Real-time Image Transmission, Mode 2 | WKR-H^FPV235.00
New ProductHM-V100D03BL-Z-12 (V100D03BL-Z-12).    WALKERA 3.7V 350mAh Li-Po Battery, 25C, 39x19x7mm, 10.7gm, for V100D03BL / Ladybird FPV7.10
New ProductHS1000SGT (HS-1000SGT)    [Industry First-ever Ultra Giant Super Powerful Servo!] Hitec HS-1000SGT Digital High Voltage (14.8V) Ultra Giant Torque Servo Motor (Steel Gear) [Torque at 11.1/14.8V -] [Speed at 11.1/14.8V - 0.26sec/60�/ 0.19sec/60] [Bearing - Dual BB][Dimensions(HxWxL) - 64x33x73mm] [Weight - 363g] [For special RC industrial usage; Giant Scale R/C Aircraft, Helicopters, Cars or Boats] | Lipo 3-4cell Compatible (11.1-14.8V) | HV Giant Torque539.00
New ProductHS430BH (HS-430BH) | #31430    Hitec HS-430BH High Voltage 7.4V Analog Budget Servo Motor for all mighty usages [Torque at 6.0V/7.4V - 4.1/][Speed at 6.0V/7.4V - 0.16/0.14sec/60] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 40.6x19.8x36.6mm] [Weight - 45.5g] [For Aircraft 20-60 Class; All EP & GP 30 Class Helicopters; Car Steering & Throttle; Trucks & Boats] | HV Standard Deluxe | HS430BH | #3143016.20
New ProductHS5646WP (HS-5646WP) | #35646    Hitec HS-5646WP Digital Programmable High Voltage (HV) Water Proof High Torque Servo Motor (Industry First Waterproof Servo!)(Metal Gear) [Torque at 6.0V/7.4V - 11.3/][Speed at 6.0V/7.4V - 0.2/0.18sec/60] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 41.8x21.0x40.0mm] [Weight - 61g] | [For 1/10-1/8 Cars; 1/5-1/4 Quater Scale Cars; EP & GP Boats; Other applications for water proof usage] | HS5646WP | #3564664.10
New ProductHUBSAN-H501S    (Low stock) (stock in 22/01/2016-HUBSAN) (Hottest New 2016) [NETT PRICE] [*** INTERNATIONAL FULL VERSION ***] [For Beginner] [Up to 300 metres] HUBSAN H501S X4 FPV Brushless Aerophotographic Quadcopter (White colour) with 1080P HD Camera / 5.8GHz & 2.4GHz / GPS / Headless Mode / Automatic return / Altitude Mode / Follow Me Function / 20mins Flight time | Mode 2 can be changed to Mode 1 upon request. Default: Mode 2 | ^FPV535.00
New ProductHW-EZRUN60ASLV2    (stock in 25/11/2015-HW) HOBBYWING EZRUN 60A Brushless Electronic Speed Controller, Input: 2-3S LiPo or 4-9 cells NiMh, BEC: 6V/1.5A Linear mode built-in BEC, Suitable for 1/12 and 1/10 on-road and off-road sport | 60A ESC70.00
HY028-090    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] [30% off] (For Intermediate/Advanced Flyer) Global Hawk Foam Electric Airplane (White/Unpainted), Wingspan 768mm | (Usual Price=SGD99.50, Now SGD60.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.Click To View Product Brochure99.50
New ProductJ6685    (Low stock) (stock in 03/02/2016) JX TOYS 2.4GHz 4-Channel Space Battleship Helicopter, Ready-to-Fly (RTF) with Transmitter69.90
JR RS10DS (29 / 35 / 36 / 40 / 72 MHz)    (Updated 05/01/2016: We have 35, 36, 40mhz in stock; 72mhz is out of stock) [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] JR Propo RS10DS PLL-Synthesized Dual Conversion 10-Channel SPCM Receiver | Frequency Range: 29, 35, 36, 40 or 72 MHz, pls specify in Remarks which MHz you after. | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.263.70
New ProductJSTXH-2S    (stock in 19/12/2015) 2S Balance Adapter JST-XH with 10cm 24AWG Silicon Cable | balance extension lead for 7.4V | JST XH connector2.00
New ProductJXD806-B    (stock in 27/01/2016-JXD) JXD 1/16th scale JXD806 RC Electric Motorbike with 4-Channel Pistol Radio, Blue - easy driving with sophisticated gyro39.00
KX0160NPA    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 600 Nitro Pro Kit With White Fiberglass Canopy (T-REX 600 Nitro Pro Kits Set X 1 set (Without Main Blade) + Painted fiberglass canopy + Fuel tube +Fuel filter + Fuel tube clip (A) + Fuel tube clip (B) + New landing skid) | (Usual Price=SGD828.40, Now SGD499.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.828.40
KX0160NPTH1    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 600 Nitro Super Pro Combo w/Red Fiberglass Canopy without Engine (T-REX 600 Nitro Pro Kits Set + 600D Carbon Fiber Blades/3K + 50 High Performance Muffler + 2 In 1 Voltage Regulator Combo + RCE-G600 Governor + Painted fiberglass canopy + Fuel tube + Fuel filter + New Fuel tube clip(A) + New Fuel tube clip(B) + Frame brace + Switch mount + Mixture servo mount) (Usual Price=SGD945.00, Now SGD890.50 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.945.00
New ProductKX019011AT    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 250 PRO DFC Super Combo Electric Helicopter (T-REX 250 PRO Kit Set + 250DFC Main Rotor Head Upgrade Set + 3GX Programmable Flybarless System + 205 main blades + 205D Carbon main blades + RCE-BL15X 15A Brushless ESC (Build-in 5~6V adjustable BEC) +RCM-BL250MX(3600KV) Brushless motor + Motor ponion gear 15T + DS425M Digital servo + DS415M Digital servo x 3 + Clip + #00 Philips screw driver + 0.9mm Hex head wrench + 1.3mm HSS Hexagon screw driver) (Usual Price=SGD610.00, Now SGD540.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.578.00
KZ0880101A / KZ0880101TA    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ALIGN AGUSTA A-109 450 Scale Fuselage for ALIGN for T-REX 450 Helicopter | Agusta bodyshell | A109 | FL#450 | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.96.40
New ProductLPB3S3C2500-1    (stock in 28/01/2016-LPB) [Suitable for Hitec/Futaba/Walkera/JR Transmitter use] LPB 11.1V 2500mAh LiPo Battery, 3S, 3C, 3 cell, 98x30x20mm, 120g17.80
New ProductLPB3S45C2200    (stock in 28/01/2016-LPB) LPB 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo Battery, 3S, 45C, 3 cell, T Plug, 108x35x27mm, 200gm38.00
New ProductMAGNET-D82    (Low stock) (stock in 03/11/2015) Heavy Duty Round Magnet, Diameter x Height - 8x2mm, 4pcs | Neodymium rare eath magnet (NdFeB)3.90
New ProductMN2214-KV920-V3    ::: Ask for CASH&CARRY special price ::: [Suitable for Phantom 3 Advanced / Phantom 3 Professional / Phantom 1 / 2 / 2 Vision / 2 Vision+] [NEW! VERSION 3] T-MOTOR MN2214 920KV Antigravity Brushless Motor (4pcs) for Multi-copter (3-4S) | #T-Motor | #tmotor | Tiger Motor235.00
New ProductMN4120-KV465    ::: Ask for CASH&CARRY special price ::: T-MOTOR MN4120 465KV Brushless Motor for Multi-copter (4-8s) with 73cm cable length and soldered 3.5mm gold connectors | #T-Motor | #tmotor | Tiger Motor161.10
New ProductOSF    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] OS F Glow Plug (Japan) for 4 stroke engine (Especially for 4 stroke engines, for sport & competition - airplane & car use) | OSF | #OSGP | (Usual Price=SGD11.20, Now SGD8.40 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.11.20
PLY01    Model Plywood 46x46x0.3cm | Thickness 3mm x Width 460mm x Length 460mm12.00
New ProductPN55830 HTS-SS NITRO Full Telemetry Combo Pack    [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hitec HTS-SS NITRO Full Telemetry Combo Pack - Includes: Sensor Station x 1, RPM Sensors (O&M) x 2, Temperature Sensor x 4, GPS Sensor x 1 & Fuel Sensor x 1 | 2.4GHz Telemetry System | (Usual Price=SGD167.10, Now SGD128.90 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.167.10
PNC093    Iron-On Kote - Bright Red, 0.64x1metre {10 metres - 10% off $54} {30 metres -19% off $145.80} | Pre-cut in 2, 10 or 30 metres. Pls note minimum order is 2 metres.6.00
New ProductPricelist - Bob Smith Accelerator / CA Glue / Epoxy / Remover    Pricelist of Bob Smith Accelerator / CA Glue / Epoxy / Remover -
New ProductPRO1361A-220V (PRO1361A220V)    PROLUX Thermal Sealing Iron (Teflon coated), 220V - Perfect for any iron-on kote, heat shrink film or fabric covering. | Heat Sealing Iron | #tool43.90
PS22    TAMIYA Racing Green Spray Paint, 100ml9.80
RH45E01XT-1    [PROMO NETT PRICE] [Suitable for Beginner] ALIGN BTF Bind-To-Fly T-REX 450 Plus DFC Electric Helicopter Super Combo (T-REX 450 Plus DFC Kit Set + 3GX MR Flybarless System + 325D 3G Carbon blades + RCE-BL35P 35A Brushless ESC + 450MX Brushless motor (3400KV) + DS415M (Metal Gear) Digital servo X3pcs + DS425MDigital servo + 3S1P 11.1V 2200 mAh/30C Li-polymer Battery + Lithium Battery Balance Charger RCC-3SX + 1.5V AA Zinc-Carbon Battery X4pcs) | (Usual Price=SGD708.00, Now SGD590.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.708.00
RH70E07AT    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 700E PRO DFC Super Combo (T-REX 700E PRO DFC Kits Set x 1set + 3GX Flybarless system x 1 + 700 3G Carbon Fiber Blades x 1set + DS615 digital servos x 3 + DS655 Digital servo x 1 + Aluminum Tail Boom x 1 + 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom x 1 + 800MX Brushless Motor(520KV) x 1 + Castle EDGE HV 120 Brushless ESC x 1 + 6A External BEC w/ 5.1V Two-way Step-down voltage regulator x 1 + 105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades x 1set) | (Usual Price=SGD2,000.00, Now SGD1,878.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.2,000.00
New ProductRUNNER-C-D7    (Low stock) [NETT PRICE] [Suitable for Intermediated/Advanced Flyer] WALKERA RUNNER 250 C, Ready to fly (DEVO-7 radio/800TVL camera/CC3D Main control board/OSD/battery/charger included) Box package, Mode 2445.00
New ProductRUNNER250-Z-30    (stock in 01/02/2016-WKR) WALKERA Battery Anti-slip Mat2.50
New ProductRUNNER250-Z-31    (stock in 01/02/2016-WKR) WALKERA Buzzer9.70
New ProductRZC80382-R    (Low stock) PC TOYS R/C Speed Boat, RACING BOAT Hovercraft, RED w/ Remote Control, 12V 700mAh Ni-Cd Battery, Charger, Runs on both Land & Sea! Size: 37 x 30 x 18cm | RTR70.30
New ProductS1J-AJ4-10    [Popular Item!] SFC-Tools S1J-AJ4-10 Mini Grinder With Plastic Carry Case, 230V | suitable for aluminum alloy, copper, metal, plastic and wood | Rotary Tools | #tool76.00
New ProductSK-200015    (Low stock) (NETT PRICE) SKYRC eFUEL Mega Power 1200W 50A AC/DC Switching Power Supply (Input: AC 100-240V) | Adjustable Output Voltage 15-30V316.00
SQUARE3    FUN-KEY Quality Square Balsa Stick 3x3x910mm0.90
New ProductSU27-LRB-PNP    (stock in 22/10/2015-KTB) [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer] KT BOARD SU27 Fighter Electric Airplane, Red & Blue, PNP | #KTB130.60
New ProductSW16    (stock in 04/11/2015-M) MORGAN SideWinder Race Blend 16% Nitro Car Fuel and 12% Oil (1gallon=3.78Litres) | World Championship Fuel | sidewinder16Click To View Product Brochure41.20
TET1281    TETTRA Rod Stopper 1.2mm (metal light weight type)5.80
TET1405    TETTRA Special Poly-Hinge (L) (12 pcs)9.60
TET1611    TETTRA Oil Proof Rubber Band (S) 6mm X 140mm, Gray, 12pcs | oil-proof rubber band 6x140mm6.40
TET1612    TETTRA Oil Proof Rubber Band (L) 10mm X 180mm, Gray, 6pcs | oil-proof rubber band 10x180mm6.40
TET4401    TETTRA Nozzle Cap use with 3mm (10pcs)3.20
TET4515    TETTRA Oil Injector 5cc 6.40
New ProductTM-9030CF-W    ::: Ask for CASH&CARRY special price ::: [Suitable for Phantom 1 / 2 / 2 Vision / 2 Vision+] T-MOTOR Professional Anti-gravity Carbon Fiber Propeller 9x3", White, cw+ccw (1 pair) | Weight: 5.2g/sheet | Bore: 8mm | #T-Motor-CF-Prop | #tmotor | Tiger Motor55.70
New ProductTS830-A380-1    (Low stock) [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer] Tian Sheng The largest jetliner in the sky - Airbus A380 Electric Airplane, Wingspan 1520mm with Electric Ducted Fan, EPO foam210.00
New ProductTS833-R    [Suitable for Beginner Flyer] Tian Sheng N9258 Cessna 182 Electric Airplane, Wing Span 1410mm, EPO Foam, Red115.00
New ProductTW742-6    [For intermediate/advanced flyer] Lanyu Model Phoenix 1.6M Glider Kit, EPO, Wingspan 1600mm | SLM#A99.00
TZ60DELUXE    [PROMO NETT PRICE] TZ60 Deluxe Nitro Model Helicopter (ARTF) 50% Assembled | (Usual Price=SGD722.70, Now SGD389.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.722.70
TZ90DELUXE    [PROMO NETT PRICE] TZ90 Deluxe Nitro Model Helicopter (ARTF) 50% Assembled | (Usual Price=SGD749.80, Now SGD409.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.749.80
New ProductV747-4A-RTF-2    (stock in 03/06/2015-VLX) [Suitable for beginner] Volantec 2.4G Trainstar Electric Airplane, RTF with 2.4GHz 5 Channel Remote Control with receiver + Brushless Motor B4023 850KV + Pre-installed Brushless ESC 30A + Pre-installed 9g Servo x 4pcs + 11.1V 1800mAh LiPo Battery + LiPo Charger, Wingspan 1400mm, EPO, Red, Mode 2 | SLM#A270.00
New ProductV796-1-Y    (stock in 31/12/2015-VLX) VOLANTEX [Max Speed 25km/h] 2.4GHz 2-Channel Volantex Tumbler Auto-roll-back Mini Pool Racer, Yellow | Length: 26cm | Electric Boat | 2CH75.00
New ProductV797-1-Y    (stock in 31/12/2015-VLX) VOLANTEX [Up to 40km/h] Vector 40 (cm) Deep-V High Speed Racing Boat Ready-to-Run (RTR) with Brushless Motor, ABS Unibody made, Length: 40cm, Yellow137.00
VERTEX15    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] VERTEX 15: High Performance .15 Racing Car Engine | #VTENGC | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.198.00
WL-A949-28...    (stock in 30/12/2015-WLT) Wltoys 16g Servo Motor for A949, A959, A969, A979 -
New ProductWL-A949-B    (stock in 30/12/2015-WLT) [Suitable for Professional] [Up to 50KM/H] Wltoys 2.4GHz 1/18th scale 4-Channel Vortex Electric 4WD A949 Topspeed Race Car, Red | WLTOYS^C121.00
New ProductWL-A959-B    (stock in 30/12/2015-WLT) [Suitable for Professional] [Up to 50KM/H] WLTtoys 2.4GHz 1/18th scale 4-Channel Vortex Electric 4WD A959 Topspeed Race Buggy Car, Blue | WLTOYS^C121.00
New ProductWL-L202-G    (stock in 31/07/2015-WLT) [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Racer] [Up to 60km/h] Wltoys 1/12th scale 2.4GHz 2-Channel 2WD L202 Wave Runner RC Cross Country Brushless Off-road Racing Buggy Car, Green | Newer Edition of L959 | WLTOYS^C210.00
YS91ST    [PROMO NETT PRICE] YS ENGINES YS 91ST 2-Stroke Engine for R/C Helicopter | YS91ST | #YSENGH | (Usual Price=SGD468.00, Now SGD339.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 MAR 2016.468.00

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