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We specialize in Radio Controlled (R/C) Quadcopters, Drones, Model Helicopters, Planes, Cars, Monster Trucks, Yacht, Power Boats, Tanks, Submarines, Turbine Jets, Robots, Servo Motors, accessories & more!

Assembly and Repair services available.
Terms & Conditions apply.

We operate both Retail and Web Store.
Serving all our customers with utmost sincerity and competitive pricing.

- Other Things we do: -
| Paragliding | Solar Equipment |

Wide Range of Remote-Controlled products to choose from:
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Rotor New Arrivals & Information

22Apr2014: Walkera Master CP compatible with Futaba, QR X350 PRO with DEVO F7/10, G-2D Brushless Gimbal, ILOOK 5.8G Camera
19Apr2014: Hitec Telemetry system & accessories Promotion now on!
19Apr2014: G.T.Power Balance Chargers, Digital Pitch Gauge, JST-XH Adapter and Voltage Alarm in
Latest WALKERA QR X350 PRO with Devo F7 with iLook camera or Devo 10 & other accessories now in stock
04Apr2014: FSD Brushless Motors & Motor Shafts
03Apr2014: DJI Flamewheel F550 Kit, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal, P2V LiPo Battery, Motor CW, Motor CCW, Propeller in
29Mar2014: Hitec servos & acc in
27Mar2014: Mini Air Compressors, Airbrush Set, Air Hose
27Mar2014: Hitec Product Catalog 2014 (soft copy) is now available for your viewing:
Features new products at the Nuremburg Toy Fair 2014.

[ News Archive ]

Solar Equipment
24Mar2014: Solar Lawn Lights, Portable Lamp, 4V 3.5Ah Lead-acid Batteries
25Feb2014: 100LEDs Butterfly/Dragonfly Fairy Lights, 200LEDs Fairy Lights, 60LEDs Flood Lights, Replacement Batteries
12Feb2014: 500W Household Solar Generator, 300W Portable Solar Generator, 10W Solar Lighting System
25Oct2013: Flood Light, Lighting System in
10Sep2013: RP-SOLAR Product such as Column Light, Lawn Light, Portable Lamp, Spot Light, 7LED or 10LED Torch Light in stock
18May2013: Solar Lightings for sale (Watch video)

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Electric Helicopter Nitro Boat Servo Motor Electric Airplane Electric Boat Electric Yacht Electric Tank Electric Motorbike Nitro Helicopter Nitro Airplane Nitro Car/Truck Turbine Jet Lithium Polymer Battery Brushless Motor Electronic Speed Control Electric Quadcopter Electric Buggy/Car/Truck FPV Aircraft (Firstv-Person-View)

ImageCodeProductUnit SGD$Qty
New Product! 5130-F11R / F11Y    (stock in 11/01/2014-TT) (Only RED in stock) THUNDER TIGER Madcat Off-Shore Electric Powered Catamaran (Ready-To-Run: RTR) (Battery & Charger NOT included.) | Length: 690mm | Range of Color: Red(R) or Yellow(Y). | TT#BOAT318.00
New Product! 6243F (F111/F112/F113/F114)     (Updated 23/04/2014: Only F114 available now; F111/F112 coming in May/Jun 2014 shipment) THUNDER TIGER EB-4 S2.5 Pro 1/8th Scale 4WD Off-Road Nitro Powered Buggy (Ready-To-Run: RTR) Complete with ACE RC 3Ch 2.4GHz Cougar GP3 Radio Control, servos and Pro-21BX-R Pull-Start Engine pre-installed. | Range of Color Scheme: F111(Orange/Yellow); F112(Blue/Yellow); F113(Fluorescent Green/Black); F114(Red/Black). | Pls advise which color scheme you prefer. | EB4 | EB-4-S2.5 PRO | TT#NB448.00
New Product! DJI-IOSDMINI    (stock in 14/04/2014-DJI) [NETT PRICE] DJI iOSD Mini Onscreen Display Module89.00
New Product! DJI-P2V    (stock in 10/04/2014-DJI) [NETT PRICE] DJI 5.8GHz Phantom 2 Vision Drone with Transmitter + GPS Autopilot system + Integrated High End HD 1080p Video Camera or 14 megapixel camera + support FPV smart phone (iOS / Android) thru Wi-Fi + Radar position and Return home feature, Mode 2 | Aerial photography | Live Video | ^FPV1,460.00
New Product! G400-GPS-D7-M2    (stock in 15/01/2014-WKR) [Suitable for beginner] [GPS Altitude Hold for safe hovering] WALKERA G400 GPS Electric Helicopter with Devo 7 Transmitter, Mode 2 | WKR-H^465.00
New Product! HS40 (HS-40) | #31040    (stock in 29/03/2014-HIT) Hitec HS-40 Economy Nano Servo Motor (Nylon Gear) | HS40 | #3104011.90
New Product! HS53 (HS-53) | #31053    (stock in 29/03/2014-HIT) Hitec HS-53 Economy Feather Servo Motor (Nylon Gear) | HS53 | #3105310.30
New Product! HS8360TH (HS-8360TH) | #38360    (stock in 29/03/2014-HIT) Hitec HS-8360TH High Response Ultra Speed Servo Motor (Titanium Gear) | HS8360TH | #38360159.90
New Product! PN192252 / Aurora9x + Optima9 M2    (PROMOTIONAL NETT PRICE) Hitec Aurora 9X 9-Channel 2.4GHz Aircraft Computer Radio System (2.4GHz Transmitter + 9Ch Optima Receiver + Rechargable Transmitter NiMH Battery & AC Charger) (Mode 2: Throttle on Left) | aurora9x + optima9 | (Usual Price=SGD630.00, Now SGD479.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 June 2014.630.00
New Product! PN58494    (stock in 29/03/2014-HIT) Hitec Transmitter Tray System (Tray + Strap) for Aurora 9 Series Radios - Exclusively designed Aurora 9 or 9X transmitter tray with palm rest for pilots comfort during extended flights. | Aurora 9 Tray Set | aurora9 | aurora9x130.00
New Product! QR-X400-DF7-M2    (stock in 15/01/2014-WKR) [NETT PRICE] WALKERA X400 Quadcopter + DV04 HD Camera + Devo F7 Transmitter + Aluminium Case, Mode 2 | Live Video | WKR-H^FPV790.00
New Product! RCT01/2014 [RC Turbine 2014]    (stock in 01/01/2014-RCT) RC Turbine Magazine 2014 (Jets & Helicopters) - 116 pages, bilingual (German / English), with more than 300 illustrations of jets and helicopter models and accessories.22.40
New Product! RH45E09AT    [PROMOTION NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 450 Plus DFC BTF (Bind-to-Fly) Electric Helicopter (T-REX 450 Plus DFC Kit Set + 3GX MRS Flybarless System + 325D 3G Carbon blades + RCE-BL35P 35A Brushless ESC + 450MX Brushless motor (3400KV) + DS415M (Metal Gear) Digital servo x 3 + DS425M Digital servo) | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 December 2014700.00
New Product! RH45E11XT    [PROMOTION NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 450L Dominator Kit Electric Helicopter (6S) (Heli Set + 360 3G Carbon Fiber Blades + 460MX Brushless Motor(1800KV)) | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 December 2014565.00
New Product! S1J-AJ4-10 (S1JAJ410)    (Carry Case is now in Green color instead of Blue) [Popular Item!] S1J-AJ4-10 Mini Grinder With Plastic Carry Case, 230V | Rotary Tools75.00
New Product! UMT-AC10-B    (Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer) UNIQUE MODEL TECH AC-10 Gyroplane, Red | Length of Fuselage: 940mm | Width 530mm | AC10 | Gyrocopter747.00
*Pricelist - Align Canopy & Fuselage    Pricelist of Align Canopy & Fuselage -
*Pricelist - FUN-KEY Nitro Painted Heli Fuselages    Pricelist of FUN-KEY Nitro Painted Heli Fuselages (Top Quality!) -
New Product*Pricelist - Hobby Lord    Pricelist of Hobby Lord Quad-copters and Spare Parts -
*Pricelist - THUNDER TIGER Electric Painted Heli Fuselages    Pricelist of THUNDER TIGER Electric Painted Heli Fuselages (Top Quality!) -
New Product. EX1198    (stock in 02/01/2014-EX) EXCELLENCE Loctite Blue #242, 2ml / 0.07fl oz - Removable Medium Strength Thread Sealing and Threadlocking, For Metal Parts3.00
New Product. HS5646WP (HS-5646WP) | #35646    (stock in 10/02/2014-HIT) Hitec HS-5646WP Digital Programmable High Voltage (HV) Water Proof High Torque Servo Motor (Industry First Waterproof Servo!)(Metal Gear) [Torque at 6.0V/7.4V - 11.3/][Speed at 6.0V/7.4V - 0.2/0.18sec/60░] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 41.8x21.0x40.0mm] [Weight - 61g] | [For 1/10-1/8 Cars; 1/5-1/4 Quater Scale Cars; EP & GP Boats; Other applications for water proof usage] | HS5646WP | #3564664.10
.HS7965MG (HS-7965MG) | #37965S    (PROMOTIONAL NETT PRICE) Hitec HS-7965MG High Speed Coreless Programmable Digital Servo (Metal Gear), 2nd generation(G2) programmable circuitries [Torque at 4.8/6V -] [Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.13sec/60░ / 0.10sec/60░] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 40x20x37mm] [Weight - 62.0g] [For High Performance Aircraft to 1/4 Scale, 30 and larger Helicopters, Steering & Throttle for 1/10 & 1/8 On-Road & Off-Road Car, Truck, Boat] | (HS-7965MG replaces the discontinued HS-5965MG.) | HS7965MG | #37965S | (Usual Price=SGD79.90, Now SGD66.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 June 2014.79.90
New Product.HS7966HB (HS-7966HB) | #37966    Hitec HS-7966HB High Speed Karbonite Coreless Digital Servo [Torque at 4.8/6V -][Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.10sec/60░ / 0.08sec/60░][Bearing - Dual Ball Brg][Dimensions(HxWxL) - 40x20x37mm] [Weight - 53g][For Aircraft 20-60, 60size Heli, Steering & Throttle Servo, for Car, Truck and Boats] | HS7966HB | #3796648.70
New Product.PRO1361A-220V (PRO1361A220V)    (stock in 11/04/2014) PROLUX Thermal Sealing Iron (Teflon coated), 220V - Perfect for any iron-on kote, heat shrink film or fabric covering. | Heat Sealing Iron43.90
New Product[Info Only] FUN-KEY Heli Fuselage - Mechanism Compatibility Chart    [Info Only, pls click for info] Mechanism Compatibility Chart for FUN-KEY R/C Helicopter Fuselages -
New Product2674 (TT2674)    (stock in 21/01/2014-TT) THUNDER TIGER 12V DC DELUXE 90 Hi-Torque Starter | Model Engine Starter | Power Starter (Can fit into [1262] or [1264] Thunder Tiger Carry Case)57.80
New Product4381SZ (TT4381SZ)    [For Intermediate to Advanced Pilots] THUNDER TIGER SKYZONE Micro COMET Park Flyer SC (Super Combo) (100% Assembled) (Ready-To-Fly: RTF) (Wingspan: 17.6"/ 448mm) Complete with Radio Control system, Coreless Motor, Propeller & Lipo battery.120.30
New Product4717A13 (4717-A13)    THUNDER TIGER mini Titan E360 Flybarless Electric Helicopter (Factory Pre-assembled) (Almost-Ready-to-Fly: ARF) + Performance OBL/29-27 Brushless Motor + 50A Speed Controller + Hi-Torque Digital Servos + Precise Metal Parts + Pre-set GT5.1 3-axis Gyro + 350 mm Carbon Rotor Blades.629.00
New Product4793K10 (4793-K10)    (stock in 11/01/2014-TT) [NETT PRICE] THUNDER TIGER Raptor E820 FBL/Flybarless Electric Powered R/C Helicopter Kit1,140.00
New Product5129-F11L / F11O    (stock in 11/01/2014-TT) [Only Blue in stock] THUNDER TIGER Avanti Off-shore Deep Vee Electric Powered Racing Boat (Ready-To-Run: RTR) (Battery & Charger NOT included.) | Length: 740mm | Range of Color: Blue(L) or Orange(O). | TT#BOAT318.00
New Product6229F (F111/F112)    [Recommended for Intermediate to Expert user] THUNDER TIGER 2.4G iFHSS+ 1/8th Scale 4WD Off-Road Nitro Powered MTA-4 Sledge Hammer S50 SE Monster Truck Special Edition (Ready-To-Run: RTR) Complete with ACE RC 3-Channel 2.4GHz iFHSS+ Cougar GP3 Radio Control, Pro-50BK Engine mounted and PRO-START Engine Starter included. Comes with forward & reverse function. | Batteries & Charger are NOT included. | MTA4 S50 SE | Range of Color Scheme: Red(F111) or Blue(F112). | TT#NT799.00
New Product6400-F111 / F112    (stock in 11/01/2014-TT) THUNDER TIGER EB4 G3 E-Buggy (Brushless)(Ready-To-Run: RTR): 1/8 Scale 4WD Off-Road Electric Powered Racing Buggy - Complete with ACE RC 3-Channel 2.4GHz Cougar GP3 Radio Control, IBL40/20 Powerful 2000KV Brushless Motor, BLC-80C Performance Electronic Speed Control (ESC) & ACE RC DS1510 Metal Gear Steering Servo pre-installed. (Battery & Charger are NOT included.) | Range of Color Scheme: F111=Yellow/Black; F112=Blue/Black. | EB-4 G3 | TT#EB569.00
New Product6403-F (F111/F112/F113)    [Up to 100+km/h] [Recommended for Intermediate to Expert user] THUNDER TIGER 2.4G iFHSS+ 1/8th Scale 4WD Off-Road Electric Powered eMTA Monster Truck (Ready-To-Run: RTR) Complete with ACE RC 3-Channel 2.4GHz Cougar GP3 Radio Control, IBL40/20 2000KV Monster Brushless Motor System + BLC-150 Speed Control + DS2008MG Waterproof Digital Servo Installed. | Batteries & Charger NOT included. | Range of Color Scheme: Red(F111), Yellow(F112) or Green(F113). | e-MTA | TT#ET699.00
New Product732    (Low stock) DESIGN MASTER Super Silver Spray Paint (12oz/340g)13.80
New ProductAC-18B    (stock in 27/3/2014-VT) Veta 1/5HP, Mini Air Compressor with regulator/water trap, 220-240v/50hz (European plug)126.00
New ProductAIRB03    [Special Offer!] (PROMOTIONAL NETT PRICE) Remote Control Flying Angry Bird | RC Angry Bird | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 December 201435.00
New ProductAR816    (stock in 09/04/2014) IntellSafe Electronic Anemometer - Measures Wind Speed (in mph, ft/min, km/h, m/s, knots or Beaufort wind scale bar graph) & Temperature (in Celsius/Fahrenheit) [CR2032 3.0V Lithium Battery Included!] | also has Wind Chill display49.50
New ProductAS06KB-ABK (WD-138)    (stock in 27/3/2014-VT) Veta Single Action Airbrush Kit20.00
AS550-601    [Stock Clearance] (PROMOTIONAL NETT PRICE) Eurocopter Fennec AS550 Fiberglass Fuselage, 600 size, Camouflage color (Suitable for ALIGN TREX 600 ESP, Thunder Tiger 50SE) | (Usual Price=SGD486.90, Now SGD319.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 December 2014486.90
New ProductATG1238-GY    (Low stock) ATG 12x3.8" Propeller (Rotating & Counter-Rotating), Grey (1 pair)6.50
New ProductBC31S06    (stock in 08/04/2014) [Charge up to 6 cells simultaneously] 6 * 1S 3.7V LiPo Charger with 100-240V AC Adapter35.00
New ProductBSI116 (BSI-116)    (stock in 03/02/2014-BSI) BSI-116 Bob Smith Insta-Cure IC-GEL 0.7oz / 20gm - Excellent putty for plastic models; great for the underwater bonding of corals to rock. | Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Gel | Aquarium Coral Frag Glue | BSI116 Insta Cure8.50
New ProductBSI201 (BSI-201)    (stock in 03/02/2014-BSI) BSI-201 Bob Smith Quick-Cure Epoxy (5 Mins) (4.5oz / 128g / 133ml) | BSI201 Quick Cure11.70
New ProductBUGEFUN-B    Bug E-Fun Hand Launch Glider, EPO Foam, Blue | Suitable for kids of all ages! | bug efun10.00
New ProductBXM76000    BeastX Microbeast Version 3.0.8-6.1 3 Axis Mems Gyro System for RC-model Aircraft | #GYRO269.00
New ProductDJI-F550-KIT    (stock in 03/04/2014-DJI) [NETT PRICE] DJI F550 Flame Wheel Hexacopter Kit65.00
New ProductDJI-F550ARF    (stock in 03/04/2014-DJI) [NETT PRICE] DJI F550 Flamewheel Hexacopter ARF (Flamewheel + Brushless motor 2212/920KV x 6 sets + 30A OPTO ESC * 6 sets + Propeller 1038 & 1038R x 4 pairs + Propeller 8045 & 8045R x 4 pairs + screws )420.00
New ProductDJI-LK24-BT    (stock in 19/02/2014-DJI) [NETT PRICE] DJI iPad iOS Ground Station With Wireless Data Link 2.4Ghz Bluetooth | Datalink | Portable Mobile Control Platform designed for BVR Flight250.00
New ProductDJI-P2-H3-2D    (stock in 03/04/2014-DJI) [NETT PRICE] DJI 2.4GHz Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal + Transmitter (Suitable for GoPro Hero3 or Hero3+ Camera) | Aerial photography1,180.00
New ProductDJI-P2V-01    (stock in 03/04/2014-DJI) [NETT PRICE] DJI 11.1V 5200mAh (57.72Wh) LiPo Battery for Phantom 2 / Phantom 2 Vision200.00
DPG-010 (also known as SK-600059-01)    (Low stock) SKYRC DPG-010 Digital Pitch Gauge (Suitable for 250 to 700 size helicopters)40.00
New ProductDTS003741-M2    [Suitable for beginner] E-SKY 2.4G Ready-to-Fly 6CH Coaxial 300 Lama Electric Helicopter, Blue, Mode 2 | ESKY-H^212.00
New ProductEFD-AV001    Aviation Scale Lighting System, suitable for 30-60 size scale model helicopters and aeroplanes (Easy to use, Simulated LED System)Click To View Product Brochure12.00
New ProductES9906-D    (Low stock) [Suitable for beginner/intermediate flyer] EasySky Yak 12 Electric Airplane Kit Only, EPO Foam66.00
EX1096    EXCELLENCE 4.0x2.5x1000mm Carbon Tube (Hollow) (1 pc) | 4x2.5x1000mm | EX#CT4.20
EX1101    EXCELLENCE 2.0x1000mm Carbon Rod (Solid) (1 pc) | 2x1000mm Carbon Rod (Solid) | EX#CR2.00
EX1164-1    (stock in 11/04/2014) EXCELLENCE Starter Rubber Insert (Dimension: ě1.42xH1.18in / ě36xH30mm), Yellow, for 12V Power Starter use | Spinner Rubber5.30
New ProductEX1193    (stock in 12/04/2014-EX) EXCELLENCE 1.0x1000mm Carbon Rod (Solid) (1 pc) | 1x1000mm | EX#CR1.50
New ProductEX1200    Excellence 7.4V Night Flying Lighting Set (2 Red, 2 Green & 4 White LED) with step down resistor and power supply wire for RC Kite, Helicopter use | LED/L.E.D light bulb set10.50
New ProductEX1205    EXCELLENCE Cross Wrench (4, 5, 5.5, 7mm)3.00
New ProductEX1290    (stock in 19/06/2012-EX) Curved Model Lexan Scissor, Stainless Steel | Curved Scissor6.00
New ProductEX1460    [Flight Simulation on a PC for beginner] EXCELLENCE FMS Simulator Cable for Hitec, E-SKY, Walkera transmitter use13.00
New ProductEX1469 (replaces EX1081)    (stock in 11/04/2014) [New Design!!] EXCELLENCE Complete 4-Piece Hex Driver Set (1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm)(Double-sided Tip) | Weight: 160g only | [EX1469 replaces discontinued EX1081 Hex Driver Set.]53.00
New ProductEX1476    EXCELLENCE 6.0mm Banana Connector (Male & Female), 2 Pairs, Length: 15mm | 6mm3.50
New ProductEX1478    EXCELLENCE Wireless Connector Female T-Plug to XT-60 Male Adapter | TPlug | T Plug | XT602.90
New ProductEX1480Y    (stock in 19/03/2014-EX) EXCELLENCE ANTI-SPARK Safety Protection 7mm Banana Connector (Male & Female), 1 Pair, Length: 23mm (Suitable for soldering onto ESC cable or Charging Cable)6.00
New ProductF3DAC01-B    450 Class Helicopter Aluminium Case with Transmitter compartment, 71.5x18x29.5cm, Black | alum case59.00
New ProductF3DAC02    (Low stock) Aluminium Case for Futaba/JR transmitter or others as well | Dimension: 38.5x17x26.5cm | Color: Gold70.00
New ProductF3DAC07-1    Futaba Aluminium Case for Twin transmitters | Dimension: 45x26x21cm (Suitable for all standard transmitter)65.00
New ProductF3DAC13    250 class Helicopter Aluminium Case with Transmitter compartment, 47x23x18cm, Silver | Suitable for T-REX 250 Heli or T-REX 150 Heli | #AC25043.00
FKH8202K (FKH-8202K)    (PROMOTION NETT PRICE) FUN-KEY Bell 222 30 Kit, Unpainted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | unpainted version | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 December 2014216.00
FP1272    FirstPower« 12V Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery 7.2Ah/20Hr, Non-Spillable (2.4kg) | 12V 7200mAh Battery | 12V Lead Acid Battery | 12V Battery26.00
FPS9202    [Stock Clearance] (PROMOTION NETT PRICE!) Futaba S9202 Coreless High Torque Analog Servo [Torque at 4.8/6.0V: 4.0/5.0][Speed: 0.27/0.22 sec/60░][Size: 40.5x20x35.5 mm][Weight: 50g] | Suitable for EP/Nitro Boat; Small Airplanes; Nitro Airplanes; Nitro Helicopters. | While stock last! Promotion ends 30 June 2014.Click To View Product Brochure95.00
New ProductG-2D    (Low stock) (stock in 22/4/2014-WKR) WALKERA G-2D High Precision Hyper Stable Brushless Gimbal - Designed for aerial photographers extraordinarily. Support iLook / Gopro Hero3 / Sony camera. Support 350 size and above drones. | G2D | #QRX350PRO132.00
New ProductGH7670    (stock in 11/04/2014) GLOW HOBBY 12V Electric Fuel Pump, for Glow fuel only | 12V Fuel Pump27.50
New ProductGLM503-RTF-M2    [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer] [90% Assembled] GUANLI MODEL 2.4G RTF Accipiter Badius Airplane (Airplane Kits + 2.4G 4CH Transmitter + Pre-installed 2.4G 6CH Receiver + Pre-installed C2410 Brushless Motor + 20A Electronic Speed Control + Pre-installed Servo x 2pcs + Servo x 1pc + 11.1V 1000mAh LiPo Battery + LiPo Battery Wall Charger 100-240V), Mode 2210.00
New ProductGRP-GR01A    GRP Tyres 1:5 Bike - WMS - RINGS SET - A Light Front and Rear Complete Set/Orange Color. Plastic Box with 24 Screws. #GRPT61.80
New ProductGRP-GR01B    GRP Tyres 1:5 Bike - WMS - RINGS SET - B Heavy Front and Rear Complete Set/Grey Color. Plastic Box with 24 Screws. #GRPT61.80
New ProductGRP-GRY20B    GRP Tyres 1:5 BIKE - SLICK Rear - B Medium - Mounted on Carbon Black Wheel Y-TT - 1 Piece with Screws [New Line REVO 2014] #GRPT64.80
GTBC    G.T. Power 6S Lithium Polymer Battery Checker (Read up to a maximum of 6 cells) | LiPo Battery Meter7.40
New ProductGTC607D    (stock in 19/04/2014-GT) [Fresh supply comes with Built-In Battery Internal Resistance Testing System] G.T. Power C607D 7A/80W AC/DC Rapid Balance Charger/Discharger| Dual Input Power (AC/DC) | Input AC:100-240V | Input DC: 11-18V (for Lilo/LiPo/LiFe Battery 1-6 cells (3.7V to 22.2V) | NiMH/NiCD Battery 1-15 cells (1.2V to 18V) | Lead Acid Pb Battery 2-20V) | Lipo charger/Lipo balance charger78.00
New ProductGTDPG    (stock in 19/04/2014-GT) G.T. Power Digital Pitch Gauge | Suitable blade width: 20-74mm40.00
New ProductGTPD403    [Able to charge 2 sets of 7.4V battery simultanously] G.T. Power PD403 2 - 4 cells (7.4V-14.8V) LiPo/LiFe AC/DC Balancer Charger | For charging 2S x 2pcs, 3S or 4S LiPo or LiFe| DC Input: 10-18V | AC Input: 100-240V | Support JST-XH2.5 ConnectorClick To View Product Brochure58.00
New ProductGTVTBA-1    (stock in 19/04/2014-GT) G.T. Power 2-in-1 LiPo Battery Voltage Tester (use for 1-8s LiPo/Li-Ion/LiMn/LiFe) & Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm | Battery Checker9.90
New ProductH15B001XXT    (stock in 22/01/2014-AL) ALIGN 150 Main Frame Set for T-REX 15016.30
New ProductH15Z003XXT    (stock in 07/03/2014-AL) ALIGN 150 Carry Box, Yellow for T-REX 15052.80
New ProductH25090T.    ALIGN T-REX 250 Helicopter Aluminium Case, one side transparent for T-REX 250 (Dimension: 455x175x105mm) | alum case | #AC25042.70
New ProductHBP02501T    (stock in 07/03/2014-AL) ALIGN 2S1P 7.4V 250mAh 30C Battery for T-REX 15025.80
New ProductHBP12501T    (stock in 22/01/2014-AL) ALIGN 6S1P 22.2V 1250mAh 45C LiPo Battery for T-REX 450 6S system48.70
New ProductHBP52004T    (stock in 22/01/2014-AL) ALIGN 6S1P 22.2V 5200mAh 60C LiPo Battery205.00
New ProductHLT3889-1X    (stock in 06/04/2014-HLT) [Emulation Music and Action Effect + Realistic Smoking Function] Heng Long 1/16 R/C German Leopard 2 A6 Smoking Tank (Realistic Tank + 2.4Ghz Remote Control System + 7.4V 1700mAh Ni-Cd Battery Pack + 220-240V Wall Charger + Aerosol (for creating smoking effect) + Pre-cut Decal + some accessories) | rc tank | rc smoke tank232.00
New ProductHM V120DQ02 (HM-V120DQ02)    (Low stock) (PROMOTION NETT PRICE) WALKERA 2.4G V120DQ02 Airwolf Micro 3D Flybarless Electric Helicopter w/Machine Guns w/WK2603 6CH Transmitter (Complete Set*) (Choose either Mode 1 or Mode 2) | WKR-H^385.00
New ProductHM-LB-V2-M2 (Ladybird V2)    (stock in 26/03/2014-WKR) [Suitable for beginner] WALKERA 2.4G QR Ladybird V2 (Ready-To-Fly: RTF) with DEVO4 Transmitter, Green, Mode 2 (Complete Set*) | WKR-H^86.00
HM-MASTERCP-Z-27    WALKERA 11.1V 1000mAh LiPo Battery 25C, 70x35x18mm, 100gm for Master CP38.00
New ProductHM-MINICP-BNF    (stock in 26/03/2014-WKR) [Suitable for 3D Aerobatic Flight] WALKERA Mini CP Electric Helicopter without Transmitter [Compatible with DEVO series transmitter] | WKR-H-BNF^140.00
New ProductHM-PW-AL-D7-M1    [Cash or Nets: $560 NETT] [For Intermediate / Advanced Pilot] Walkera 6-Axis Pandora Warrior Dual-copter with Devo 7 and Aluminium Case, Mode 1 | WKR-H^560.00
New ProductHM-SUPERCP-BNF    (stock in 26/03/2014-WKR) WALKERA Super CP Electric helicopter Bind & Fly without Transmitter (Compatible with DEVO-6/7/7E/8S/10/12S) | WKR-H-BNF^130.00
New ProductHM-V120D02S-Z-24    (stock in 26/03/2014-WKR) WALKERA 3.7V 600mAh LiPo Battery, 20C, 41x24x9mm, 20g, JST | BEC for V120D02S / NEW V120D02S / QR Spacewalker / HM 4G6 / HM 4G6S / HM V120D01 / HM V120D028.00
New ProductHOT00010T    (stock in 07/03/2014-AL) ALIGN 150 Main Blade Balancer for T-REX 150/250 Main Blades17.20
New ProductHS-RC800    (stock in 08/02/2014-HLS) 5.8G Wireless 32Ch Receiver & DVR 7" FPV Monitor | 7 inch | #FPV270.00
HS5645MG (HS-5645MG) | #35645    (stock in 26/02/2014-HIT) Hitec HS-5645MG High Torque Programmable Digital Servo Motor (Metal Gear) [Torque at 4.8/6V -] [Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.23sec/60�/ 0.18sec/60░] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 40.6x19.8x37.8mm] [Weight - 60g] [For Airplane, Glider, Heli, Car, Truck, Boat] | HS5645MG | #3564551.90
HS785HB (HS-785HB) | #33785    (stock in 29/03/2014-HIT) Hitec HS-785HB Quarter Scale Winch Sail Servo Motor, Karbonite Gears, Dual Ball Bearings, Sail Winch (3.5 turn) [Torque at 4.8/6V -] [Speed at 4.8/6V - 1.68sec/60░ / 1.38sec/60░] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 59x29x50mm] [Weight - 110.0g] [For Yacht] | HS785HB | #33785Click To View Product Specification  46.00
New ProductHS7954SH (HS-7954SH)    (stock in 29/03/2014-HIT) Hitec HS-7954SH High Voltage Super Torque Digital Programmable Servo Motor, G2 Ultra Torque, Steel Gear w/ New High Precision Aluminum Heatsink Case, 7.4 volt ~ 2Cell LiPo Compatible [Torque at 6.0/7.4V -] [Speed at 6.0/7.4V - 0.15sec/60░ / 0.12sec/60░] [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 40x20x37mm] [Weight - 68g] [For Gasoline Aircraft 20-120 Class; All EP 600-700 & GP 30-90 Class Helicopter; 1/10-1/4 Scale Car Steering & Throttle; GP & Gasoline Boats]107.80
New ProductILOOK    (stock in 22/4/2014-WKR) WALKERA iLook Camera 1280x720P (HD resolution/High Performance), supports wireless Video link to 5.8G radio / OSD device / iPhone / iPad. | FPV camera | #QRX350PRO158.00
New ProductJAT03    Training Kit for Walkera V120D02S, V120 series, 4G6 RC Helicopter | Training Bar5.00
New ProductJLR-PE5-100    (stock in 12/02/2014-JLR) JLR Portable Multifunction 500W Household Solar Energy Photovoltaic Silent Generator | Dual Input: By Solar or AV 220V) | Rated Output Voltage DC12V+AC220V | 500Watt1,642.20
New ProductKX017015T    (Low stock) (PROMOTION NETT PRICE) ALIGN T-REX 500E PRO Super Combo (T-REX 500E PRO Kits Set + Aluminum Tail Boom + 425 Carbon fiber blades + 500MX Brushless Motor + DS510M Digital servo X3pcs + DS520 Digital servo + GP900 Head Lock Gyro + RCE-BL70G Brushless ESC) | (Usual Price=SGD1122.00, Now SGD893.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 December 20141,122.00
New ProductKX018E05T    (Low stock) (PROMOTION NETT PRICE) ALIGN T-REX 700E Combo Electric Helicopter (3K Carbon Fiber Frame Helicopter + Aluminium Tail Boom + 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom + 690D Carbon Fiber Blades + DS610 Digital Servo x 3pcs + DS650 Digital Servo + GP780 Head Lock Gyro + 700MX Brushless Motor 510KV + 6A External BEC w/5.1V Two-way Step=down voltage regulator + 105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades) (Usual Price=SGD1685.80, Now SGD1346.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends ---1,685.80
New ProductLPB3S3C2500    (stock in 27/03/2014-LPB) [Suitable for Futaba/JR Transmitter use] LPB 11.1V 2500mAh LiPo Battery, 3S, 3C, 3 cell, White Plug, Futaba/JR Plug, 100x31x20mm, 108g17.60
New ProductLPB3S45C3300    (stock in 27/03/2014-LPB) LPB 11.1V 3300mAh LiPo Battery, 3S, 45C, 3 cell, T Plug, 140x43x23mm, 300gm58.00
New ProductLPB4S60C5200-C    [For R/C Car - HARD CASING] LPB 14.8V 5200mAh LiPo Battery, 4S, 60C, 4 cell, T Plug, 138x48x49mm, 580gm112.00
New ProductM424003XXT    (stock in 22/01/2014-AL) ALIGN M424 Rotor Blade for M424 Quadcopter - Orange8.70
New ProductMASTERCP-BNF-F    (stock in 26/03/2014-WKR) [Suitable for beginner] WALKERA Master CP V1 Flybarless Electric Helicopter Bind & Fly without Transmitter [Compatible with DEVO6/7/8s/10/12s and Futaba S-FHSS radio] | WKR-H-BNF^228.00
New ProductMASTERCP-D7F-1    (stock in 22/4/2014-WKR) [Suitable for beginner] WALKERA Master CP Flybarless Electric Helicopter, with DEVO7, Mode 1 (Complete Set*), Also compatible with Futaba T6J, T8J and 14SG Transmitters | WKR-H^305.00
PN54603J    6" Heavy Duty Servo Extension (Gold Pin Connector), Futaba type | Cable | Wire6.70
PN54604J    12" Servo Extension (Gold Pin Connector), Futaba | Cable | Wire6.90
PN54610J    12" Twisted Extension Wire (Gold Pin Connector), Futaba type | Cable | Wire7.90
PN58312    (Stock in 08-JAN-2014) Hitec Neck Strap (Black), New Version - Adjustable & cotton textured Hitec neck strap gives you a comfortable feeling during flight. | hitec neckstrap9.30
New ProductPN58450    Hitec Universal Servo Lubricant or Servo Grease (2.5g), for use with all manufacturers servos3.80
PNC102    Iron-On Kote - Yellow, 0.6x1metre {10 metres - 10% off $54} {30 metres -19% off $145.80} | Pre-cut in 2, 10 or 30 metres. Pls note minimum order is 2 metres.6.00
PNC151    Iron-On Kote - Black, 0.64x1metre {10 metres - 10% off $54} {30 metres -19% off $145.80} | Pre-cut in 2, 10 or 30 metres. Pls note minimum order is 2 metres.6.00
PRO1421B    (stock in 11/04/2014) PROLUX 4.8V Lipo Regulator, 5A with Casing (Input voltage 6V-25V; Output 4.8V)19.00
PRO1422B / formerly known as PRO1422A    (stock in 11/04/2014) PROLUX 6V Lipo Regulator, 5A with Casing (Input voltage 7V-25V; Output 6V)19.00
New ProductPRO1652R (PRO1652-R)    (stock in 11/04/2014) PROLUX Fast FuellerÖ : Hand Fuel Pump (Red), for Nitro/Glow fuel and gasoline | Hand Crank Fuel Pump | Hand-Crank Fuel Pump25.00
New ProductPSU60ADE (also known as SK-200011)    SKYRC eFUEL 60A Power Supply, 1200W, AC 200-240V | Total Output Power: 1200Watts | Voltage: 200- 240V AC | Input AC Frequency:50Hz/60Hz | Output Voltage: 15-24V DC+-1V | Output Current: 60A+-3A @ 20V DC, 50A+-3A @ 24V DC279.00
New ProductQR-W100S-BNF-AA    (stock in 26/03/2014-WKR) WALKERA QR W100S WiFi Quadcopter with FPV HD Camera (Compatible with Android phone, Apple iPhone, iPad, and Devo Series Transmitter)| WKR-H-BNF^150.00
New ProductQR-X350P-D10-1    (stock in 22/4/2014-WKR) [ PROMO: FREE 2nd BATTERY!! ] WALKERA QR X350 PRO + DEVO 10, Mode 1, GPS, MainControl, Receiver, Gimbal | ^FPV | #QRX350PRO820.00
New ProductQR-X350P-D10-2    (stock in 22/4/2014-WKR) [ PROMO: FREE 2nd BATTERY!! ] WALKERA QR X350 PRO + DEVO 10, Mode 2, GPS, MainControl, Receiver, Gimbal | ^FPV | #QRX350PRO820.00
New ProductQR-X350P-DF7-1 (FPV Pro)    (stock in 22/4/2014-WKR) [ PROMO: FREE 2nd BATTERY!! ] WALKERA QR X350 PRO + DEVO F7 Mode 1 [with iLook camera, 5.8G Antenna, Brushless Gimbal G-2D, battery, charger] | ^FPV | #QRX350PRO1,120.00
New ProductQR-X350P-DF7-2 (FPV Pro)    (stock in 22/4/2014-WKR) [ PROMO: FREE 2nd BATTERY!! ] WALKERA QR X350 PRO + DEVO F7 Mode 2 [with iLook camera, 5.8G Antenna, Brushless Gimbal G-2D, battery, charger] | ^FPV | #QRX350PRO1,120.00
New ProductQRX350PRO-Z-14    (stock in 22/4/2014-WKR) WALKERA 11.1V 5200mAh 15C 3S LiPo Battery, for QR X350 PRO | #QRX350PRO66.20
New ProductRCD3063    RCDevice Magic Mirror Helicopter Optical Tachometer with Battery, RPM Measurement Range 800~4200RPM95.00
New ProductRH15E01XT    (stock in 07/03/2014-AL) [NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 150 DFC Combo (Bind-to-Fly) (T-REX 150 DFC Set + Main Blades x 2set + Tail Blades + 150M Main Motor + 150M Tail Motor + DS150 micro Servo x 2 + DS155 micro Servo + Bind Plug + Remote Extension + 7.4V Li-Po 250mAh Li-Polymer Battery) (Compatible with ALIGN T6 or Futaba S-FHSS 2.4G Transmitter or JR DSM2/DSMJ/DMSS, Spektrum DSM2/DSMX 2.4GHz Transmitter)315.00
New ProductRH60E01XT    (Low stock) (PROMOTION NETT PRICE) ALIGN T-REX 600E PRO DFC Super Combo (T-REX 600E PRO DFC Kits Set + 600 3G Carbon fiber blades + 600MX Brushless Motor(510KV) + DS615 Standard servo X3 + DS655 Specialized servo + 3GX Flybarless System + Castle ICE HV 80 Brushless ESC + 6A External BEC w/ 5.1V Two-way Step-down voltage regulator) | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 December 20141,490.00
New ProductRH70E07AT    (Low Stock) (stock in 22/01/2014-AL) [PROMOTION NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 700E PRO DFC Super Combo (T-REX 700E PRO DFC Kits Set x 1set + 3GX Flybarless system x 1 + 700 3G Carbon Fiber Blades x 1set + DS615 digital servos x 3 + DS655 Digital servo x 1 + Aluminum Tail Boom x 1 + 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom x 1 + 800MX Brushless Motor(520KV) x 1 + Castle EDGE HV 120 Brushless ESC x 1 + 6A External BEC w/ 5.1V Two-way Step-down voltage regulator x 1 + 105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades x 1set)1,878.00
New ProductRH80E03XT-1    [PROMOTION NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 800E PRO DFC Super Combo (excludes 3GX system) (T-REX 800E PRO DFC Kits Set + 780 Carbon Fiber Blades + BL800H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 3 + BL850H High Voltage Brushless Servo + 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom + 850MX Brushless Motor(490KV) + Castle EDGE HV 160 Brushless ESC + 115mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades) | While stock last! Promotion ends 31 December 20142,487.00
RP-5306WW    (stock in 24/3/2014-RP) RP-SOLAR RP-5306 Solar Lawn Light, Warm White [Power source: 0.5W LED lamp beads, Solar panel: 0.7W imported polysilicon]70.00
SLT-TB-01    [HOT DEALS] (PROMOTIONAL NETT PRICE) [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer] RCLander Thunder Blade Electric Ducted Fan Airplane w/Fixed Landing Gear, Wingspan 780mm, Red/White, EPO Material | (Usual Price=SGD171.50, Now SGD77.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 31 December 2014171.50
New ProductST001-NZL-GPS (Bumblebee-C ARF w/Naza M Lite)    (stock in 6/1/2014-ST) Hobby Lord, Shenzhen Shengtian Model, Bumblebee-C ARF w Naza M Lite + GPS | Quad-Rotor Electric Aircraft (Kit + Naza Lite w/GPS + Propeller: 1038 x 2pcs + 1038P x 2pcs + 3512 Brushless Motor 930KV x 4pcs + 20A Brushless High Speed ESC x 4pcs) | Bumblebee-C ARF w Naza M Lite + GPS | #HLQ615.00
New ProductST800-KIT-M (ST018)    (Low Stock) (stock in 6/1/2014-ST) Hobby Lord, Shenzhen Shengtian 6-Axis Hexacopter Electric Aircraft (Frame + ST4708 360KV Brushless Motor x 6 + Carbon Fiber Propeller CW x 3, CCW x 3) | Payload Capability: 2kg | #HLH739.00
SW16    (stock in 17/04/2014-M) MORGAN SideWinder Race Blend 16% Nitro Car Fuel and 12% Oil (1gallon=3.78Litres) | World Championship Fuel | sidewinder16Click To View Product Brochure37.00
SW25    (stock in 17/04/2014-M) MORGAN SideWinder Race Blend 25% Nitro Car Fuel and 12% Oil (1gallon=3.78Litres) | World Championship Fuel | sidewinder25Click To View Product Brochure49.90
TET1404    TETTRA Special Poly-Hinge (S) 12pcs8.80
TET1611    TETTRA Oil Proof Rubber Band (S) 6mm X 140mm, Gray, 12pcs | oil-proof rubber band 6x140mm6.40
New ProductTET4100    TETTRA Slim Fuel Filter (S)8.00
TET4401    TETTRA Nozzle Cap use with 3mm (10pcs)3.20
New ProductTOH10-2    [For Intermediate/Advanced Flyer] TechOne Hobby Mini PopWing Electric Airplane, Colour Scheme 2 + T1306 Brushless Motor 3200KV, EPP Foam, Wingspan 600mm | TOH#A63.00
New ProductTS800    Tian Sheng Mini Hand Launch Glider, EPO foam | Length: 490mm, Wingspan: 600mm11.00
New ProductTS802    TS802 FOX Tian Sheng Mini Hand Launch Glider, EPO foam | Length: 415mm, Wingspan: 600mm12.00

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