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We specialize in Radio Controlled (R/C) Quadcopters, Drones, Model Helicopters, Planes, Cars, Monster Trucks, Yacht, Power Boats, Tanks, Submarines, Turbine Jets, Robots, Servo Motors, accessories & more!

Assembly and Repair services available.
Terms & Conditions apply.

We operate both Retail and Web Store.
Serving all our customers with utmost sincerity and competitive pricing.

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All you need is sunlight!
Solar Equipment

Grow your own vegetables?
Mini Aeroponics Pot

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Rotor New Arrivals & Information

04Aug2017: XK Innovations A600 Electric Airplane | Spare parts for K100, K110, K123, K124
25Jul2017: Hitec servos and accessories
DJI Spark Alphine White Standard Set, Remote Controller, and Spare Battery in stock
ALIGN T-REX 470LM Dominator Super Combo, T-REX 500X Super Combo, T-REX 500X Combo & spare parts
24Jun2017: 60 types of APC Propellers from San Franciso, USA
23Jun2017: BAO NIU HC630 4CH Mini Probing Quadcopter in-built Camera, Ready-to-Fly, WiFI control available (Apple & Android)
22Jun2017: JJRC H-31 Hi-Performance Waterproof Electric Drone Ready-to-Fly in GREEN or WHITE

[ News Archive ]

Solar Equipment
07Jul2017: Solar Lights 20LEDS with Day/Night Sensor (White or Warm White)
27Apr2016: Solar Lights 20LEDS with Day/Night Sensor (White or Warm White), with Motion Sensor (White)

Mini Urban Gardens
06Jul2017: Mini Home Aeroponics Pot with Seeds

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ImageCodeProductUnit SGD$Qty
! RH60E01AT-1    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ALIGN T-REX 600E PRO DFC Super Combo (WITHOUT 3GX GYRO) (T-REX 600E DFC Kits Set + 600 3G Carbon Fiber Blades + 95 Carbon Fiber Tail Blade + 750MX Brushless Motor(530KV) + DS615 Digital servo x 3 + DS655 Digital servo + Castle ICE2 HV 80 Brushless ESC + 6A External BEC w/ 5.1V Two-way Step-down) | While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.1,410.00
New Product! RH60E11XT    [PROMO NETT PRICE] T-REX 600L Dominator Super Combo (Gpro Flybarless System X 1 set, Castle EDGE HV 80 Brushless ESC x 1, 750MX Brushless Motor(530KV) x 1, BL815H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 3, BL855H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 1, T-REX 600L DOMINATOR Set x 1 set, 600 Carbon Fiber Blades x 1 set, 95 Carbon Fiber Tail Blade x 1 set, 750MX Brushless Motor(530KV) x 1, BL815H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 3, BL855H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 1, Castle EDGE HV 80 Brushless ESC x 1, Gpro Flybarless System x 1 set) | While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.1,499.00
New Product! RUNNER250P-D7-M2    [Low stock](stock in 24/04/2017-WKR) WALKERA RUNNER 250 PRO Ready-to-Fly with [DEVO-7 + Brushless Motors x 4 + Brushless ESC x 4 + GPS Module + OSD + 800TVL Camera + Battery + Charger] Mode 2 | RTF556.00
New Product! VAZS1200-RTF-M2    (stock in 13/04/2017-VLX) FIRELANDS Electric Airplane Ready-to-Fly ARES GAMMA 370 with [ Kit + 6-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter MODE 2 + 1000mAh 2S 7.4V LiPo Battery + Brushless Outrunner 1250KV Motor + 6-Channel Receiver + Brushless ESC 20-Amp + 9g Sub-micro Servos x 2 + Charger] | RTF197.00
New Product! BN-HC630-M2    (stock in 23/06/2017-BN) BAO NIU 2.4G 4CH Mini Probing Quadcopter with in-built Camera (Video & Photo), Ready-to-Fly, Mode 2 Remote Control, WiFI control available (Apple & Android compatible) | RTF65.00
New Product! D16-B-M2    (stock in 23/06/2017) D16 Pilot 4CH Folding Drone BLACK Mode 2, 2MP Camera, with WIFI options [Apple & Andriod Compatible] | D160- | RTF66.00
New Product! DJI-MAVIC-PRO-C    (stock in 19/05/2017-DJI) [NETT PRICE] [Free Landing Pad PGY-110 worth SGD35.00] [Total 3 Batteries] DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo with Remote Control1,899.00
New Product! DJI-SPARK    (stock in 07/08/2017-DJI) [NETT PRICE] DJI SPARK Intelligent Drone / Quadcopter, STANDARD, Alpine White750.00
New Product! LT1602WH-W    (stock in 13/06/2017-LXT) Linxtech 1602WH Wifi 0.3MP Camera FPV Quadbox Remote-Controlled Drone with Altitude Hold with transmitter, WHITE, Ready-to-Fly | ^FPV68.00
New Product! PN176265 / flash8 + optima9 M1 [Bonus Receiver Package!!]    [Bonus Receiver Package!!] Hitec Flash 8 8-Channel 2.4GHz Aircraft Computer Radio With 2pcs of Optima 9 Receiver (Mode1) | Signal PWM mode | #flash8 + optima9399.00
New Product! RH50E17XT    (Low stock) (stock in 06/07/2017-AL) ALIGN T-REX 500X Super Combo [1 x T-REX 500X KIT Set + 1 x Microbeast PLUS Flybarless System Set + 1 x 470 Carbon Fiber Blades + 1 x 78 Tail Rotor Blade + 1 x 520MX Brushless Motor (1600KV/3527) + 3 x DS530M Digital servo + 1 x DS535M Digital servo + 1 x RCE-BL80X Brushless ESC]1,100.00
New Product! RH50E18XT    (stock in 06/07/2017-AL) ALIGN T-REX 500X Combo [1 x T-REX 500X KIT Set + 1 x Microbeast PLUS Flybarless System Set + 1 x 470 Carbon Fiber Blades + 1 x 78 Tail Rotor Blade + 1 x 520MX Brushless Motor (1600KV/3527) + 3 x DS530 Digital servo + 1 x DS535 Digital servo + 1 x RCE-BL80X Brushless ESC]987.00
! SPE-43Z (SPE43Z)    [NETT PRICE] [20% off] SPE-43Z Melody 43cc Gas Engine for Airplane | #SPE43Z | (Usual Price=SGD338.00, Now SGD270.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.Click To View Product Brochure338.00
New Product! UMT-XC142-PNP    (stock in 27/04/2017-UMT) UNIQUE MODEL TECH Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV) XC-142 Tilt-wing Experimental RC Aircraft Airplane Plug-N-Play, Kit with [5 x 2212 550KV Motor, 5 x Propeller, 5 x Servo, 5 x ESC, 1 x UBEC] | PNP)553.00
New Product! WL-K969    (stock in 17/08/2016- WLT) [Speed up to 30km/h] Wltoys 1/28th scale 4WD K969 Electric Racing Drift Car, Ready-to-Run (RTR) | WLTOYS^C85.00
! XK-X100-M2    (Low stock) [Suitable for Beginner/Advanced Flyer] XK INNOVATIONS 2.4GHz DEXTERITY X100 RC Quadcopter, 3D and 6G Mode, Mode 2 | XKI#Q77.00
*Pricelist - Align Canopy & Fuselage    (Please do not add this to cart, click in to see details) Pricelist of Align Canopy & Fuselage -
. Laser4 Tx Rx only (No Servo Version) [LASER 4 FM 29]    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] [Economical Radio Control Set for controlling R/C Planes or Boats] Hitec Laser 4 FM 4-Channel Transmitter + HFS-06MT 6-Channel FM Receiver + PN58101 Transmitter Battery Case (for 8pcs of AA batteries use) + Transmitter&Receiver Crystals included. | Please state your preferred frequency: 29, 35, 40 or 72 MHz; and please choose Mode 1 or 2. | #laser4 | (Usual Price=SGD180.00, Now SGD40.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017. | *Further bulk discount available for 20 sets and above.180.00
.H6975C [60-91 & UP Class]    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY ROTOR TECH 60-91 & UP Class Precisely Balanced Carbon Fiber Composite Rotor Blades, Length 695mm, Width 60mm (Graphite Carbon, Precisely Balanced, Grip:>=12mm, Hole:4-5mm, Air foil:Semi-Symmetrical w/ 3?washout, Tip:Swept) | Range of Color Scheme: Black or Black/White. | Please state in Remarks which Color Scheme you prefer. | (Usual Price=SGD168.00, Now SGD113.90 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.168.00
.H7201C [60-91 & UP Class] / 720mm    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY ROTOR TECH 60-91 & UP Class Precisely Balanced Carbon Fiber Composite Main Rotor Blades, Length 720mm, Width 61.5mm (Graphite Carbon, Precisely Balanced, Grip:>=14mm, Hole:4-5mm, Air foil:Symmetrical, Tip:Aerobatic) | (Usual Price=SGD158.40, Now SGD113.90 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.158.40
New Product.HS-646WP    Hitec HS-646WP Analog High Voltage Water Proof Ultra Torque Servo Motor (Industry First Waterproof Servo!)(Metal Gear) [Torque at 6.0V/7.4V - 9.6/][Speed at 6.0V/7.4V - 0.2/0.17sec/60degree [Bearing - Dual Ball Brg] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 41.8x21.0x40.0mm] [Weight - 60g] | [For 1/10-1/8 Cars; 1/5-1/4 Quater Scale Cars; EP & GP Boats; Other applications for waterproof usage] | HV Waterproof Ultra Torque | (hitec-waterproof-servo) | HS646WP | #3264652.90
New Product13210    [Suitable for beginner/Intermediate Flyer] Hitec Sky Scout Plug-In To GO (P2GO) Glider, Wingspan: 54.5 in. (1366mm) | (Content Includes: SkyScout Airframe made of ELAPOR foam + All Plastic Components + Pre-Installed electronic components: HS-55 Servos + 235-watt Brushless Outrunner Motor + 18 amp ESC)208.00
13211    (stock in 24/05/2017-H) Hitec Sky Scout Kit, Wingspan: 54.5 in. (1366mm) | (Content Includes: SkyScout Airframe made of ELAPOR foam + All Plastic Components)112.00
15550 (OS50SXH Ring)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] O.S. ENGINES: OS MAX-50SX-H Ring Hyper Engine (Suitable for Raptor 50SE) | OS50SXH Ring | #OSENGH | (Usual Price=SGD292.00, Now SGD248.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.Click To View Product Specification  292.00
15630 (OS55HZ Hyper Ring)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] O.S. ENGINES: OS MAX-55HZ Hyper Ringed High Performance Heli Engine with 40L carburetor | OS55HZ Hyper Ring | #OSENGH | (Usual Price=SGD396.00, Now SGD339.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.Click To View Product Brochure396.00
4856K10 (4856-K10)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] THUNDER TIGER Titan X50 Heli Kit, Torque Tube Version (Nitro-Powered) + 600mm Carbon Main Rotor Blade | Torque-tube Version (4856K10) | (Usual Price=SGD625.00, Now SGD438.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.625.00
New Product5123-A23G    (Low stock) (stock in 29/05/2017-TT) [Up to 35km/h] THUNDER TIGER OUTLAW JR. OBL Electric Boat - Off-Shore Deep Vee (Combo Plus) (Radio Control System, Battery & Charger NOT included.) | Range of Color: Green(G). | TT#BOAT269.00
New Product5126-F11L / F11G    (Update 01/02/2017: Only Green color in stock) THUNDER TIGER Desperado JR. OBL Electric Speed Boat (Ready-To-Run: RTR) - With one-piece blow-molded hull , Complete with Pre-painted ABS Blow-Moulded Hull, Water Cooled Motor OBL29/19-15M Motor, Water Cooled BLC-40M Speed Controller and 2.4G COUGAR GP3 3-Channel Radio Control System installed. (Battery & Charger are NOT included.) | Length: 690mm | Range of Color Scheme: Blue(L) or Green(G). | TT#BOAT289.00
New Product5127-F11G/Y    [Speed Info: 75+ km/h / 47+ m/h] THUNDER TIGER Olympian Electric Extreme Offshore Racing Powerboat (Ready-To-Run: RTR) (Length ~1M) with Radio Control System (Battery & Charger NOT included). | Range of Color Scheme: Green(F11G) or Yellow(F11Y). | TT#BOAT #5127749.00
New Product5129-A23L / A23O    (stock in 29/05/2017-TT) THUNDER TIGER Avanti Off-shore Deep Vee Electric Powered Racing Boat (Combo Plus) (Radio Control System, Battery & Charger NOT included.)| Length: 740mm | Range of Color: Blue(L) or Orange(O). | TT#BOAT263.00
New Product5130-F11R / F11Y    (Updated 22/01/2017: Only RED in stock) THUNDER TIGER Madcat Off-Shore Electric Powered Catamaran (Ready-To-Run: RTR) (Battery & Charger NOT included.) | Length: 690mm | Range of Color: Red(R) or Yellow(Y). | TT#BOAT323.00
New Product5222-F03S / F03V    [PROMO NETT PRICE] THUNDER TIGER TTRobotix SEAWOLF Sport Submarine (Underwater Exploration) (For Fresh Water Operation only) (Ready-To-Run: RTR) (Operation Depth: 5M Max) Radio Control system, battery & charger are included - Revolutionary Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for professional and amateur underwater viewing needs. | Version: F03S(40Mhz). | TT#BOAT #TTSUBM | (Usual Price=SGD1,628.00, Now SGD1,469.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.1,628.00
New Product6406-F111-S / F112-S    (Low stock) [PROMO NETT PRICE] [GoPro/Camera Compatible] [Up to 100km/h] THUNDER TIGER 2.4GHz K-ROCK MTA G5 Electric Monster Truck 1/8 Scale 4WD (Ready-To-Run: RTR) | Battery & Charger not included. Note: No Engine Sound System (No ESS). | Range of Color Scheme: Black(F111-S) or Iron-Gray(F112-S). | #KROCK #MTAG5 | TT#ET | (Usual Price=SGD895.00, Now SGD729.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.895.00
New ProductAEROSIMRC    (stock in 07/04/2017) [Up to 30 models - airplanes / gliders / helicopters / quadcopters / multicopters & FPV ] AEROSIM RC Radio Control Flight Simulator System for PC - Windows 10* / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP [Including mono jack for JR / Spektrum / Walkera / Turnigy / Hitec Aurora series / Graupner mz & mx / FrSky Taranis X9D]115.00
New ProductAIBAO-DF8E-M2    (Low stock) [NETT PRICE] [Compatible with Apple iOS/Android] WALKERA AIBAO Remote-Controlled Drone with [DEVO-F8E Radio Transmitter + 7.6v 5200mAh 5C 2S LiPo Battery + 4K Camera + Pre-installed Motors, ESCs & Propellers + Charger] MODE 2599.00
New ProductAM-1005    (stock in 03/05/2017) Amass NEW TYPE 5.5mm Gold-Plated Banana Connector, Male & Female, 2 pairs4.00
New ProductBALSA15    FUN-KEY Quality Balsa Sheet 1.5x100x910mm5.00
New ProductBC15    [Charge up to 5 cells simultaneously] 5 * 1S 3.7V LiPo Battery Charger with USB Connector | Suitable for Hubsan H107, H107L, H107C, H107D, Wltoys Quad, Syma X5C, UDI U818A, JXD385, 388, 395 or similar | one cell | lithium polymer charger | #1CELLCHGR12.00
New ProductBC31S06    [Charge up to 6 cells simultaneously] HobbyTiger 6 * 1S 3.7V LiPo Charger with 100-240V AC Adapter | USB Output: 5V, 3A | 1-Cell LiPo Charger | BC-1S06 | BC1S06 | one cell | #1CELLCHGR30.00
New ProductBUZZER1-8S    (stock 16/06/2017) 1-8S LiPo Battery Voltage Tester Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm / Cell display / Cell Checker6.00
New ProductBX100    (stock in 17/06/2017) HOTRC 1-8S Li-Po Battery Voltage Tester low Voltage Buzzer Alarm for Lipo/Li-ion/LiMn/Li-Fe battery8.50
New ProductCAMOU-BP    (Low stock) DJI-Compatible Weatherproof Shoulder Camouflage Backpack for Phantom 3 Series90.00
CMP050    CMPro P-40E Warhawk (50 size ARF), Wingspan 1357mm [Warbird Series]302.40
CP20H    USA MORGAN FUEL Cool Power High Performance 20% Nitro Heli Fuel and 23% Oil (1bottle = 1gallon = 3.78Litres) | Suitable for airplane engine | glow fuel | coolpower30Click To View Product Brochure58.90
New ProductD645MW (D-645MW) #36645    (stock in 23/03/2017-HIT) Hitec D-645MW Digital Super Torque Metal Gear Programmable Servo Motor | D Series servos (32-Bit, Ultra Response and Wide voltage operation: DC 3.5-8.4V) | #D645MW56.40
New ProductDY8953-PNP    [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer] DYNAM F4U Corsair Electric Airplane with Retract Landing Gear, EPO, Wingspan 1270mm, Plug-and-Play (PRE-INSTALLED: Brushless Motor KV500 + ESC 40A + Servo 9g x 4 + Navigation Lights) | 3-Bladed 13x7" Propeller | #DY-PNP256.00
New ProductDY8963    [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Pilot] DYNAM Messerschmitt BF-110 Electric Airplane with Retract Landing Gear, EPO, Wingspan 1500mm, Kit | 3-Bladed 10x7" Propeller | BF110 | #DY-KIT201.00
New ProductDY8971-PNP    (stock in 26/04/2017-DYNAM) [Suitable for Beginner/Intermediate Flyer] DYNAM Primo V2 1.45M Electric Airplane with flap, Wingspan 1450mm, Plug-and-Play | #DY-PNP274.00
New ProductERINVX400- (ER-INVX-400-)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] [Stock clearance] (For Intermediate/Advanced Flyer) EncoreRC INVERTIX 400 3D Multirotor Kit (Assembly Required) - Invertix Frame Type:G10 Fiberglass ; MultiWii Configuration: External Receiver(Futaba, Hitec, JR etc.) | Range of Color Scheme: Fluorescent Orange(FO), Fluorescent Red(FR) or Fluorescent Green(FG). | Pls state your preferred color. | #invertix400 | (Usual Price=SGD550.00, Now SGD289.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.550.00
New ProductEV-PEAK-C4    (stock in 10/08/2017-EV-PEAK) EV-PEAK C4 100-240V 80Watt 8Amp AC/DC Programmable Battery Balance Charger, LiPo/Li-ion/LiFe/NiCd/NiMH/Pb85.00
New ProductEX1111    EXCELLENCE 2.5x150x350mm Carbon Fiber Plates / Board | 0.25x15x35cm | EX#CB53.70
New ProductEX1236    EXCELLENCE 3.0mm Gold Plated Spring Connector (2 pairs)1.40
EX1279    [PROMO NETT PRICE] EXCELLENCE RC Laser-cut Wooden Carrying Case with Beautiful Epoxy Fuel-Proof Finishing - It allows you to transport all your field essentials in this durable case. | (Approx. Dimension LxWxH: 45x23x32cm / 17.7x9.1x12.6in) (Approx. Weight: 4.0KG) | wooden box | wooden case | carry case | While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.135.00
EX1377    EXCELLENCE 0.6x10x1000mm Carbon Strip (1 pc) | EX#CS4.00
New ProductEX1384-3    (stock in 12/01/2017-XKI) ::: New & Improved ::: Excellence EVA Airplane Foam Stand 590x300x360mm, Blue34.00
New ProductEX1460    [Flight Simulation on a PC for beginner] EXCELLENCE FMS Simulator Cable for Hitec, E-SKY, Walkera transmitter use13.00
New ProductEX1495    (stock in 14/03/2017) EXCELLENCE 8.0x6.0x1000mm Carbon Tube (Hollow) (1 pc) | 8x6x1000mm Carbon Tube (Hollow) | EX#CT8.00
New ProductF182P-R    (stock in 10/04/2017) [Suitable for Beginner] [Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Flying] JJRC 2.4GHz 4CH F182P Super Scorpio Quadcopter, Red, Mode 283.70
New ProductF3DAC14-B    460 class Helicopter Aluminium Case with Transmitter compartment, 76.5x18x29cm, Black (generic sponge for customisation, pinch off)80.00
FKH8202A (FKH-8202A)    (Updated 03/07/2017: Only GREEN in stock; all other Colors are out of stock) [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY Bell 222 Deluxe 30 ARF Painted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | Range of Color Scheme: Red(R), Green(G) or Blue(BL) | While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.468.00
FKH8207K (FKH-8207K)    [PROMO NETT PRICE] FUN-KEY Jet Stream 30 Kit, Unpainted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | unpainted version | (Usual Price=SGD173.00, Now SGD121.10 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.173.00
FKH8411A (FKH-8411A) (Silver Series/Weather Camf)    (Updated 03/07/2017: Only Color: SG & WC in stock. SR and SB are out of stock.) (PROMO NETT PRICE) FUN-KEY AS350 Ecureuil (A-Star) Deluxe 50 ARF Painted Fiberglass Bodyshell / Fuselage | Range of Color Scheme: Silver Red(SR), Silver Blue(SB), Silver Green(SG), Weathered Camouflage(WC). [Suitable for Century Scale SE 50 / Hirobo Sceadu / Hirobo Sceadu SDX / Thunder Tiger Titan 50 / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Belt / Align T-REX 600 (Nitro) Shaft / Align T-REX 600 ESP / Kyosho Caliber 5] | Usual Price=SGD664.00, Now SGD464.80) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.664.00
FM-L031    [PROMO NETT PRICE] Mini Angel Slope Glider, Wingspan 2.6-Metres With Fiberglass Fuselage | (Usual Price=SGD246.50, Now SGD132.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.246.50
New ProductFM-L037    [PROMO NETT PRICE] Discus-711 Slope Glider, Wingspan 4-Metres with Fiberglass Fuselage | #eglider | (Usual Price=SGD398.50, Now SGD345.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.398.50
GRPRO100CCT    [NETT PRICE] [20% off] GRPRO Model GRPRO100CCT 100cc Gas Engine (Twin) | (Usual Price=SGD995.00, Now SGD796.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.995.00
GRPRO150CCT    [NETT PRICE] [20% off] GRPRO Model GRPRO150CCT 150cc Gas Engine (Twin) | (Usual Price=SGD1981.00, Now SGD1584.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.1,981.00
New ProductGTBB31    G.T. Power Li-Polymer/Li-Fe Battery Balancer 3-in-1 (Balance/Discharge) | Lipo / Life balancer35.00
New ProductH107-1S25C500    (stock in 03/07/2017) Upgraded 3.7V 500mAh LiPo Battery, 25C, 47x19x8mm, 14g for Hubsan X4 H107C / H107D / H107L7.90
New ProductH107C-A23    Hubsan H107C Motor (4pcs) (2CW + 2CCW), Diameter 8.5x20mm24.00
New ProductH12W-O    (Low stock) (Suitable for Beginner) JJRC 4CH 6 Axis Gyro H12W Quadcopter with 2.0MP (2 Megapixel) Camera, ORANGE, Mode 1 & Mode 2 Interchangeable, WIFI FPV Realtime Video and Photo viewing (Android & IOS) | Drone size: 31x31x8.5cm | RC Drone | JJRC^Q | ^FPV133.00
New ProductH502-B    HUBSAN 7.4V 610mAh LiPo Battery, 15C, 4.5Wh, with JST connector for H502E/H502S drone use | H502-16 | H502-B15.00
HAT937 (#937)    [Stock Clearance] [50% Off] [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hatori HAT937 Muffler, 90FS-3D Front head YS91ST like Raptor 90 | #937 | (Usual Price=SGD255.50, Now SGD127.80 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.255.50
HAT998 (#998)    [Stock Clearance] [50% Off] [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hatori HAT998 Muffler, Fury Vigor OS91SX/SZ YS91ST | #998 | (Usual Price=SGD208.00, Now SGD104.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.208.00
New ProductHF5505T    ALIGN 550L Speed Fuselage C Red for T-REX 550L234.00
New ProductHLT3810    (stock in 09/01/2017-HLT) Heng Long Super Detailed RC Seaport Work Boat / Electric Tugboat + 27mHz Pistol Gun + 9V Battery + 9.6V 1000mAh Ni-Cd Battery + 220-240V AC Charger + Display Stand | Length: 600mm108.00
New ProductHOTRC-B3-20W    (stock in 18/05/2017) HOTRC B3 20W FAST CHARGING LiPo AC Balance Charger with 250V EU 2 Pin or US 2 Pin Wall Adapter | for 2s / 3s / 7.4V / 11.1V LiPo Battery20.00
New ProductHS-322HD    Hitec HS-322HD Deluxe Heavy Duty Servo Motor (Karbonite & Nylon Gear) [Torque at 4.8/6V] [Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.19sec/60�/ 0.15sec/60] [Bearing - Nylon][Dimensions(HxWxL) - 40x20x37mm] [Weight - 43.0g] [For Airplane, Glider, Car, Boat] | HS322HD | #3332215.10
New ProductHS-422    (Stock In 11/08/2017: HS-422 available without box) Hitec HS-422 Deluxe Standard Servo Motor (Nylon Gear) [Torque at 4.8/6V -] [Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.21sec/60�/ 0.16sec/60] [Bearing - Dual Oilite] [Dimension(HxWxL) - 40x20x36mm] [Weight - 45.5g] [For Airplane, Glider, Car, Boat] | HS422 | #3142213.90
HS311 (HS-311) | #31311    (stock in 24/07/2017-HIT) Hitec HS-311 Standard Servo Motor (Nylon Gear) [Torque at 4.8/6V -] [Speed at 4.8/6V - 0.19sec/60�/ 0.15sec/60] [Bearing - Nylon] [Dimensions(HxWxL) - 40x20x37mm] [Weight - 43.0g] [For Airplane, Glider, Car or Boat] | HS311 | #3131111.00
New ProductHW-902HS-B    (stock in 25/05/2017-HWY) HeliWay 2.4GHz 902HS DIY Building Blocks / Lego-like Drone 1MP Camera Altitude Hold Wifi FPV with Transmitter, Blue | ^FPV99.00
KZ0880101A / KZ0880101TA    [PROMO NETT PRICE] ALIGN AGUSTA A-109 450 Scale Fuselage for ALIGN for T-REX 450 Helicopter | Agusta bodyshell | A109 | FL#450 | (Usual Price=SGD96.40, Now SGD51.90 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.96.40
New ProductLG-29-23    (stock in 25/05/2017) LiPo Battery Guard Fire Protection Bag, 29x23cm, BLACK10.00
New ProductLP04033E-B4    APC Propellers 4x3.3E (2) & 4x3.3EP (2) Quad-copter Bundle for Electric Motor | 4x3.3inch10.00
New ProductLP09045MRP    APC Propellers 9x4.5" (229x114mm) Multi-Rotor Propeller, Pusher (not for gas engine)3.80
LP20015C    [PROMO NETT PRICE] APC Propellers 20x15" (508x381mm) Carbon Fiber Propeller (1pc)Click To View Product Brochure85.00
New ProductLPB1S20C200-PH2.0    (stock in 23/06/2017-LPB) LPB 3.7V 200mAh 20C LiPo Battery with JST PH2.0 (4.5x6.2x3.5mm) connector, Battery size~26x17x8mm, ~5.7g for BN-HC630 drone or similar4.80
New ProductMN2214-KV920-V3    ::: Ask for CASH&CARRY special price ::: [Suitable for Phantom 1 & Phantom 2 only] [NEW! VERSION 3] T-MOTOR MN2214 920KV Antigravity Brushless Motor (4pcs) for Multi-copter (3-4S) | #T-Motor | #tmotor | Tiger Motor235.00
New ProductMN4120-KV465    ::: Ask for CASH&CARRY special price ::: T-MOTOR MN4120 465KV Brushless Motor for Multi-copter (4-8s) with 73cm cable length and soldered 3.5mm gold connectors | #T-Motor | #tmotor | Tiger Motor161.10
New ProductMSD03-05-10W-W    MINGSHOU ELECTRONIC TECH 18V, 10W Solar Panel with 5.5W 108LEDs Flood Light, White182.00
New ProductPGY-110    (stock in 17/04/2017) PGY-TECH 110cm Landing Pad Mini Portable Fast-fold for DJI Phantom 3,4, Inspire, Mavic or other drones35.00
PL0404    Pine Ledge 4x4x1000mm0.90
PLY04    Model Plywood 92x92x0.3cm | Thickness 3mm x Width 920mm x Length 920mm38.80
PN1514    THUNDER TIGER Muffler Gasket (2pcs), for Thunder Tiger GP-28/GP-40/GP-42/Pro-25/Pro-36/Pro-36H/Pro-39H or OS Max 25LA-S/40LA-S/46LA-S/40FP/32F-H/32SX-H2.90
PN1515    THUNDER TIGER Muffler Gasket (2pcs), for Thunder Tiger Pro-40/Pro-46/Pro-50H/RL-53H or OS Max 40SF/46SF/50SX-H Engines | Note: This item may come in blue or black color.2.90
New ProductPN16222    [Bonus Receiver Package!!] Hitec LYNX 4S 2.4GHz 4-Channel Pistol Grip Surface Computer Radio System: Includes LYNX 4S Tx, Axion 4 Rx (2pcs), Tx Battery, Charger & English User Manual. - Excellent for controlling all kinds of R/C cars, boats, crawlers, or 1:5 scale. | lynx4s349.00
PN192245 / Aurora9x + Maxima9 M2.    [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hitec Aurora 9X 9-Channel 2.4GHz Aircraft Computer Radio (2.4GHz Transmitter + 9Ch Maxima Micro Receiver + Rechargable Transmitter NiMH Battery & AC Charger) (Mode 2: Throttle on Left) | Signal PWM mode | #aurora9x + maxima9 | (Usual Price=SGD545.00, Now SGD499.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.545.00
PN192252 / Aurora9x + Optima9 M2    (Low stock) (stock in 03/07/2017-HIT) [PROMO NETT PRICE] Hitec Aurora 9X 9-Channel 2.4GHz Aircraft Computer Radio System (2.4GHz Transmitter + 9Ch Optima Receiver + Rechargable Transmitter NiMH Battery & AC Charger) (Mode 2: Throttle on Left) | Signal PWM mode | #aurora9x + optima9 | (Usual Price=SGD578.00, Now SGD529.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.578.00
New ProductPN27526 Maxima SL    Hitec Maxima SL 2.4GHz AFHSS Single Line System Receiver - Designed to work with most S-Bus compatible flybarless systems, Hitec Aurora 9X and Flash radios. | S.BUS | #maximaSL #aurora9x #sbus62.00
PN57346J    24" Aileron Extension, Futaba type | Length=24" (609.6mm) servo extension | Cable | Wire6.00
PNC091    Iron-On Kote - Dark Red, 0.64x1metre {10 metres - 10% off $54} {30 metres -19% off $145.80} | Pre-cut in 2, 10 or 30 metres. Pls note minimum order is 2 metres.6.00
New ProductPricelist - Bob Smith Accelerator / CA Glue / Epoxy / Remover    (Please do not add this to cart, click in to see details) Pricelist of Bob Smith Accelerator / CA Glue / Epoxy / Remover -
Pricelist for KZ Toys products    (Please do not add this to cart, click in to see details) Pricelist for KZ Toys products [Quadcopters] -
PV0802 (replaces PV0704)    THUNDER TIGER Hardened Main Shaft (2pcs), for [4710] mini Titan E325 Option Part / [4711] mini Titan E325 SE / [4712] mini Titan E325 V2 / [4713] mini Titan V2 SE (Torque-tube version) / [4717-] mini Titan E360 FBL ARF | [Note: PV0802 replaces the discontinued PV0704.]23.90
PV1099    THUNDER TIGER Expert ICS Main Control Unit, Innovator EXPERT | EXP ICS Main Control Unit420.70
Ranger2N (AM).    [Stock Clearance] [PROMO NETT PRICE] [Economical Radio Control Set for controlling R/C Cars or Boats or Yacht] [For Surface use] Hitec Ranger 2N - 2 Stick 2-Channel AM Surface Radio System (Includes Ranger II N Transmitter with 2-Channel AM Receiver, Tx & Rx crystal, HS-311 Standard Servo x 2pcs, AA Receiver Battery Case With Switch Harness and English manual) | Pls choose your preferred frequency: 27 or 40mhz. | Ranger2N | Ranger 2N | RangerIIN | (Usual Price=SGD85.50, Now SGD42.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.85.50
New ProductRL-R6DSM    Radiolink R6DSM (1g) 2.4G 10CH DSSS FHSS SBUS Receiver for AT9, AT9S, AT10, AT10II Transmitter | Lightweight receiver for racing drone25.00
New ProductS1J-AJ4-10    [Popular Item!] SFC-Tools S1J-AJ4-10 Mini Grinder With Plastic Carry Case, 230V | suitable for aluminum alloy, copper, metal, plastic and wood | Rotary Tools | #tool76.00
New ProductSI-15S1215C    (stock in 04/08/2017-SH) [NETT PRICE] Sense Hobby ESS-ONE PLUS Engine Sound Simulation for 1/14 scale to 1/5 scale RC Electric Car, Crawler, Buggy and Truck108.00
SLT-F9F-OPT4    RCLander Removeable Wing Parts for F9F24.70
New ProductSM-2P-10    SM Black Connector with 10cm silicone wire (Red & Black), 1 pair | SM-2P-101.50
SQUARE3    FUN-KEY Quality Square Balsa Stick 3x3x910mm0.90
New ProductSW16    USA MORGAN FUEL SideWinder Race Blend 16% Nitro Car Fuel and 12% Oil (1gallon=3.78Litres) | World Championship Fuel | #sidewinder16Click To View Product Brochure44.30
New ProductT6020A    (Low stock) (stock in 10/04/2017) Low-noise Tube Grease for RC Hobby Heli/Car Plastic Gear, Inkjet Printer, Engraving machine, Sliding door and Window, Gym equiment, 10g, THICK2.00
TET4321    TETTRA Mini Cock type ST for Branch (3 Way Fuel Shut Off) | Mini Cock ST23.40
New ProductTM-9030CF-W    ::: Ask for CASH&CARRY special price ::: [Suitable for Phantom 1 / 2 / 2 Vision / 2 Vision+] T-MOTOR Professional Anti-gravity Carbon Fiber Propeller 9x3", White, cw+ccw (1 pair) | Weight: 5.2g/sheet | Bore: 8mm | #T-Motor-CF-Prop | #tmotor | Tiger Motor55.70
New ProductTM-U5-KV400    (stock in 20/07/2017) [Waterproof Dirt Resistant] T-MOTOR U5 V2.0 400KV Professional Brushless Motor for Multi-copter (3-8s) | (2kg - 2.5kg of thrust) | Take-off Weight of Hexacopter 9kg, Octocopter 12kg | #T-Motor | #tmotor | Tiger Motor180.00
New ProductTOH20    [For Advanced Pilot only!] [Flight Speed up to 240km/h ::: Super Fast :::] [Suitable for Advanced Flyer] TechOne Hobby Kraftei ME 163 Electric Airplane, Plug-and-Play PNP + AS2212 Brushless Motor + 30A ESC + 8g servo x 2pcs + 5050 Propeller, Wingspan 702mm, Length 470mm | TOH#A208.00
New ProductTRAXXAS-CON    TRAXXAS Connector, Male & Female (1 pair)3.00
New ProductTS833-B    [Suitable for Beginner Flyer] Tian Sheng N9258 Cessna 182 Electric Airplane, Wing Span 1410mm, EPO Foam, Blue115.00
New ProductTT5128-F11    (Up to 34km/h) THUNDER TIGER Atlantic Motor Yacht (Ready-To-Run: RTR) Complete with GP3 3-Channel Radio system + Water Cooled Motor OBL29/19-15M + Water Cooled BLC-40M Speed Controller + Mini Servo pre-installed. (Battery & Charger NOT included) | TT#BOAT389.00
New ProductTT5548    (stock in 29/05/2017-TT) THUNDER TIGER Volans Trimaran 1M Racing Yacht Kit (Assembly Required, DIY) (Without Radio Control System & Battery) | [Length:39.3"(998mm) | Beam:24.3"(617mm) | Mast Height:46.2"(1,173mm) | Overall Height:58.3"(1,480mm) | Overall Weight:4.8lbs(2.2 kg)] | Sailboat | TT#BOAT427.00
New ProductTT5549-R / L / Y    (stock in 29/05/2017-TT: Only Blue color in stock now) THUNDER TIGER Naulantia 1M Americas Cup Racing R/C Electric Yacht Kit (Assembly Required, DIY) (Without Radio Control System & Battery) With Black Anodized Aluminium Display Stand Included. | [Length: 39.4"(1000mm) | Beam: 6.75" (160mm) | Mast Height: 51.4" (1306mm) | Sail Area: (39.9dm2) | Overall Height: 67" (1580mm) | Overall Weight: 7.7Ib (3.5kg) ] | Range of Color Scheme: Red(R), Blue(L) or Yellow(Y). | Sailboat | TT#BOAT311.00
New ProductTW742-6    [For intermediate/advanced flyer] Lanyu Model Phoenix 1.6M Glider Kit, EPO, Wingspan 1600mm | SLM#A99.00
TZ0139    JS Model / TZ One Way Clutch Shaft, 60-90 size heli7.80
New ProductUBILL-MAINS    [With Valid Safety Mark 140677-12] UBILL Mains Plug 3-Pin UK 250V 5A to Plum Tail 2.5A Power Cable or Power Adapter, 1.5Metres long5.00
New ProductUMT-P51 (P51b)    (Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Flyer) UNIQUE MODEL TECH Mustang P-51 Electric Airplane with PRE-INSTALLED Electric Retractable Landing Gear + PRE-INSTALLED Brushless Motor 800KV + PRE-INSTALLED Brushless 30A ESC + Servo (9g x 4pcs: 2pcs Pre-installed on Fuselage, 2pcs for wing installation required), Wingspan 1200mm, Length: 1065mm, EPO Foam, Red & Silver, Marie, PNP | P51228.00
New ProductV742-5-PNP    [For intermediate/advanced flyer] [Plug-and-Play] Volantex Phoenix Evolution X 2.6M Electric Giant Size Glider, EPO with 2-in-1 Interchangeable Wings (Wingspan 2600mm & 1600mm) + 2815/1050KV Brushless Motor (Pre-installed) + 30A ESC (Pre-installed) + 6pcs Servo (Pre-installed) | SLM#A225.00
New ProductV747-4A-RTF-2    [Suitable for beginner] Volantec 2.4G Trainstar Electric Airplane, RTF with 2.4GHz 5 Channel Remote Control with receiver + Brushless Motor B4023 850KV + Pre-installed Brushless ESC 30A + Pre-installed 9g Servo x 4pcs + 11.1V 1800mAh LiPo Battery + LiPo Charger, Wingspan 1400mm, EPO, Red, Mode 2 | SLM#A270.00
New ProductV747-6-PNP    (stock in 13/04/2017-VLX) [Suitable for Beginner/Intermediate Flyer] Volantex Trainstar Exchange Airplane with 2 sets of wings 3CH & 4CH, Wingspan 1100mm, EPO, & Plastic, Plug-and-Play163.00
New ProductV761-1-RTF-2    [95% assembled] [For Beginner / Intermediated Flyer] Volantex Mini Trainstar Airplane, Wingspan 400mm, EPP, Ready-to-Fly, Mode 296.00
New ProductV765-2-RTF-2    [90% assembled] [Suitable for Beginner] Volantex 2.4G V765-2 Super Cub Park Flyer Sport Cub with 4-Channel Transmitter, Wingspan 750mm, EPO, Ready-to-fly, RTF, Mode 2163.00
New ProductV796-1-R    (stock in 06/06/2017-VLX) VOLANTEX V796-1 [Max Speed 25km/h] 2.4GHz 2-Channel Tumbler Auto-roll-back Mini Pool Racer, Red | Length: 26cm | Electric Boat | 2CH75.00
New ProductWL-A949-B    (stock in 24/07/2017) [Suitable for Professional] [Up to 50KM/H] Wltoys 2.4GHz 1/18th scale 4-Channel Vortex Electric 4WD A949 Topspeed Race Drift Car, Red | WLTOYS^C121.00
New ProductWL-K969-LIPO2    (stock in 30/05/2017-WLT) Wltoys 7.4V 450mAh LiPo Battery, 20C, JST, White Balance Connector, 50x17x15mm, 25.3g for K969 / K979 / K989 / P929 / P93912.00
New ProductWL-L212-R    [Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced Racer] [Up to 60km/h] Wltoys 1/12th scale 2.4GHz 2 Channel 2WD L212 Terminator RC Cross Country Brushless Off-road Racing Truggy car, Red | Newer Edition of L969 | WLTOYS^C215.00
X08    Ripstop Fabrics, Smoke Purple (1.5x1 metre - 59x39 inch) for RC Kite use | #RcKite14.40
X14    Ripstop Fabrics, Orange (1.5x1 metre - 59x39 inch) for RC Kite use | #RcKite14.40
New ProductXCUBE6S40C1800    SLS Germany XCUBE 22.2V 1800mAh 40C+/80C Lithium Polymer with XT60U, 6S | LiPo | for T-REX 470L, SAB380 or similiar78.00
New ProductXK-A600-M2    (stock in 04/08/2017-XKI) XK INNOVATIONS [Suitable for Beginner/Advanced Flyer] [Compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS] XK INNOVATIONS 2.4G 5-Channel 3D6G DHC-2 Beaver A600 Electric Airplane with X4 Transmitter, Ready-to-Fly version (some assembly required), Mode 2 | 5CH | XKI#A155.00
New ProductXK-K123-B-PNP    (stock in 08/06/2017-XKI) [Compatible with Futaba S-FHSS] XK INNOVATIONS 2.4G 6-Channel 3D6G AS350 K123 Brushless Electric Helicopter, PNP | XKI#H180.00
New ProductXX8-W-M2    (stock in 10/04/2017-KZT) KZ Toys Flying Car, Hybrid Drone XX8, Air-ground Dual-mode, Four-axis Drone WHITE [4 x PRE-INSTALLED propellers (CW & CCW) + 2 x extra Propellers (CW & CCW) + 1 x 3.7V 750mAh LiPo Battery + 1 x 2.4Ghz Remote Control + 1 x USB Charging Cable] Mode 2 | RTF | KZ Toy^D60.00
New ProductYH1008    [PROMO NETT PRICE] High-Tech Permanent Magnetic Suspensible Flying Disk | (Usual Price=SGD14.00, Now SGD6.00 NETT) While stock last! Promotion ends 30 SEP 2017.14.00

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