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27Aug2018: HS-40, HS-65MG, HS-645MG, HS-485HB, HS-5065MG, HS-5665MH servo motors in stock
VOLANTEX Vector 30 Brushed Racing Boat in RED and BLACK, Vector SR48 Brushless Racing Boat, Auto-roll back features!
Servo motors HS-70 / HS-5055MG / HS-5585MH / Hitec HFP-30 Digital Servo Programmer & Universal Servo Tester (Tester for all servo brands)
HS-5496MH, HS-5645MG, HS-5685MH Servo motors and Optima 7 Receiver in stock
Hitec Optima 6 Receivers, Minima 6E Receivers HPP-21 PLUS, HS-53, HS-82MG, HS-85MG servo motors in stock
LPB Batteries - 2S / 3S / 4S in stock
27Jun2018: HUINA TOYS RC Dump Truck, Metal Excavator, Crane (low stock), Drill Excavator (low stock) in stock | ALL METAL RC Excavator Sold out.
24Jun2018: XIN YI Water-based Environmental Friendly Spray Paint for for PVC foam boards, walls, hardware parts, wood, glass, ABS plastics
30May2018: LPB Batteries - 7.4V 4200mAh 60C Hard Casing, 7.4V 5200mAh 60C Hard Cashing, 11.1V 850mAh T Plug, 11.1V 850mAh, JST
12May2018: HENG LONG RC Seaport Tug/Work Boat, RC Military Tank ARMY GREEN
11May2018: Hitec HFP-30 Digital Servo Programmer & Universal Servo Tester, HPP-21 PLUS PC & Field Programmer for Hitec Digital Servo, HS-430BH HS-5055MG, HS-5085MG, HS-7955TG, Minima 6E receiver available
10May2018: LPB Lithium Polymer 16 types in stock
09May2018: FlyColor 10A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A Electronic Speed Controller in stock
08May2018: JXD515W INVADERS Mini FPV 2.4G 4CH 4 Axis RC Quadcopter 0.3MP Camera MODE 2
07May2018: XK INNOVATIONS FIGHTER X520 RTF Mode 2, K110 PNP, Spare parts of K100, K110, k120, K123
06May2018: EV-PEAK CQ3 and C4 Chargers

05May2018: MINGSHUO Solar Powered Light, White LEDs (Outdoor Waterproof, Day/Night Sensor) WHITE & WARM WHITE
11Apr2018: LPB Batteries LPB3S25C110, LPB2S20C850-1, LPB4S45C1500, LPB4S60C5200-C-1, LPB3S25C1500-1, LPB2S20C500-1
04Apr2018: Hitec Servo Motors in stock - HS-311, HS-765HB, HS-5065MG, HS-5070MH, Optima 9 Triple Pack
27Mar2018: Prolux Glow Starter/Heater, Hand Crank Fuel Pump, Easy-Glow
26Mar2018: ALIGN T-REX 470LM, 470LT and 500X Top Combo & Spare parts
13Mar2018: With 3 Batteries, MakerFire 2.4GHz 6-Channel 6-Axis Gyro Micro F04 Lite Tiny Whoop Quadcopter or Drone, FPV compatible, VR008 Pro Goggles and Spares
Hitec Servo Motors are availale - HS-82MG, HS-85MG, HS-325HB
HSDJETS Electric Airplane PNP P51 Mustang/ T28 Trojan/ F4U Cosair
01Feb2018: Hitec RCD Servo motors in stock - HS-65HB, HS-81, HS-85BB+, HS-225BB, HS-645MG, HS-5085MG, HS-5087MH, HS5665MH
26Jan2018: Air Flown in from California, USA Premium Adhesives CA Glues and Epoxies available
SYMA X8HG 8MP HD Camera Drone, X15W 1MP Camera Drone, X22W 1MP Camera Drone and Spares in
12Jan2018: Back by popular demand. Hubsan H501A X4 AIR Pro Waypoints Drone with relay, H501A X4 AIR Pro Waypoints with FPV Transmitter, H502S X4 Desire and H507A X4 STAR PRO Waypoints
Hitec Servo Motors in - HS-311, HS-322HD, HS-422, HS-7950TH, HS-7954SH
Gens Ace Top Performancing Lithium Polymer/LiPo Batteries - 7.4V / 11.1V / 14.8V / 18.5V / 22.2V
WALKERA Rodeo 150 Black, White with DEVO-7 RTF, MasterCP with DEVO-7 RTF, F210 3D SPECIAL OFFER SETS! & spare parts
13Nov2017: VOLANTEX Vector 80 & Vector 28 Electric Boat, Cessna Airplane Plug-N-Play
12Nov2017: EV-PEAK CQ3 110-240V 100Watt 10Amp AC/DC Multi Charger 4 x 100W with Built-in Balance
11Nov2017: XK INNOVATIONS 2.4G 3-Channel A700 Skydancer Electric Airplane with X4 Transmitter
21Oct2017: FreeWing Electric Ducted Fan Airplanes - Mirage 2000, A-4E/F Skyhawk, F-16 V2 Fighting Falcon, F-35Lightning II V2, Seagull, Stinger
13Oct2017: OCTOBER AVIATION CLUB Discus Launch Gliders Kit and PNP
12Oct2017: Hitec Flash 7 Radio System with Bonus receiver package, HFP-30 Digital Servo Programmer & Universal Servo Tester (Tester for all servo brands), HPP-21 PLUS PC & Field Programmer for Hitec Digital Servo - Servo Tester for All Servo Brands
12Oct2017: TIAN SHENG Ready-to-Fly Fighter Aircraft Sets with Remote Control: P51 MUSTANG, P47 THUNDERBOLT,GRUMMAN F6F HELLCAT
12Oct2017: OCTOBER AVIATION CLUB Discus Launch Gliders PNP and Kits
11Oct2017: JOYSWAY Freeman V3 Glider PNP, Huntsman V2 Gliders PNP, YELLOW or RED
10Oct2017: LPB 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V, 22.2V Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Batteries
09Oct2017: HuiNa 15 Channel 2.4G 1/12th scale RC Metal Excavator, HNT550
09Oct2017: JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone, White or Green
14Sep 2017: TechOne Hobby DLG-1000, Thunder 180, Revolution, Extra 800, Yak54 1100 Electric Airplane in stock
08Sep 2017: ALIGN T-REX 500XT Top Combo | Spare parts for T-REX 450, 470, 800, 600
07Sep2017: PROLUX Heavy Duty 12V Power Starter, Thermal Sealing Iron, Easy-Glow Ignitor, 4.8V LiPo Regulator, 6V LiPo Regulator, Starter Rubber Insert
Hitec Aurora 9X 9Ch Radio, HFP-30 Digital Servo Programmer Tester, Minima 6T, Minima 6E, HS645MG and spares in stock
Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Drone (300M/1KM), H501A X4 Air Pro Waypoint FPV Drone (300M/1KM), H502S FPV Drone (200M), H507A Wifi Smartphone Drone (100M)
26Aug2017: TIAN SHENG Plug & Play (PNP) Electric Aiplanes: A10 Warthog, A380 Airbus, Cessna 182 & Sky Pilot
25Aug2017: HuiNa Toys RC Metal Bulldozer, RC Metal Dump Truck and RC Metal Exavator
24Aug2017: EV PEAK Chargers C4, E3 and CQ3
18Aug2017: RadioLink AT9S 10CH Radio, R9DS receiver, R12DS receiver, R4FG receiver, PRM-01 telemetry
XK Innovations A600 Electric Airplane | Spare parts for K100, K110, K123, K124
25Jul2017: Hitec servos and accessories
DJI Spark Alphine White Standard Set, Remote Controller, and Spare Battery in stock
06Jul2017: ALIGN T-REX 470LM Dominator Super Combo, T-REX 500X Super Combo, T-REX 500X Combo & spare parts
24Jun2017: 60 types of APC Propellers from San Franciso, USA
23Jun2017: BAO NIU HC630 4CH Mini Probing Quadcopter in-built Camera, Ready-to-Fly, WiFI control available (Apple & Android)
22Jun2017: JJRC H-31 Hi-Performance Waterproof Electric Drone Ready-to-Fly in GREEN or WHITE
13Jun2017: Linxtech 1602WH Altitude Hold Quadbox Wifi FPV Drone and R26273 Smart Drone with special protection guard
08Jun2017: XK INNOVATIONS K123 PNP & K124 PNP Electric Helicopter
07Jun2017: BIGAOLE V3 3-Axis Gyro Flybarless System for RC Helicopter
02Jun2017: Thunder Tiger TTRobotix SEAWOLF Sport Submarine, 100km/h 1/8th scale K-ROCK Monster Truck, DIY Volans Trimaran 1M Racing Yacht Kit, DIY Naulantia 1M Americas Cup Racing R/C Electric Yacht Kit, Challenger 800 RC Electric Yacht, OUTLAW JR. OBL Electric Boat - Off-Shore Deep Vee (Combo Plus), Avanti Off-shore Deep Vee Electric Powered Racing Boat (Combo Plus), Atlantic Motor Yacht Ready-To-Run
09May2017: BAO NIU 2.4G 4CH Mini Probing Quadcopter with in-built Camera (Video & Photo), Ready-to-Fly, Mode 2 Remote Control, WiFI control available (Apple & Android compatible)
08May2017: XK Innovations K100 Falcon Mini Helicopter, K110 Blast Mini Helicopter, K120 Shuttle Mini Helicopter, A430 Electric Airplane, A1200 Electric Airplane Standard and FPV version
06May2017: Heng Long German Panther, Russia T-90 Standard and Russian T-90 MZ version Smoking Battle Tank
24Apr2017: FURIOUS 215 RTF Mode 2 w/ DEVO7, Furious 215 Bind-N-Fly, MasterCP w/ DEVO7 | Spare parts for F210, FURIOUS 215, MASTERCP, RODEO 110
17Apr2017: EXCELLENCE Cap Screw 2.5x20mm, Tappered Head Screw 3X6mm, Cap Screw 2.5x8mm, Cap Screw 2.5x10mm | Walkera White Plug to JST PH 2.0 | 110cm Portable Landing Pad
13Apr2017: VOLANTEX Trainstar PNP, Vector 80 Speedboat ARTR, Compass Sailboat RTR, ARES GAMMA 370 Plane RTF and spares
12Apr2017: BSD RACING Electric Motorbikes, Brushless Drift Cars, Brushed Truggy, Rock Crawler, Monster Truck and more
11Apr2017: HXK LED Lights 300LEDs Red, Green, Warm White, RGB in 5m*1cm or 1m*1cm / 300 LEDs Green, Red in 5m*5mm or 1m*5mm / 600 LEDs White, Warm White in 5m*5mm or 1m*5mm
10Apr2017: JJRC H12W WIFI FPV Drone / H31 Waterproof Drone / F182P Scorpio Quadcopter / XX8 Flying Car
28Mar2017: EV-PEAK E3 (2-4S LiPo) Charger and CQ3 100W Charger (able to charge 4 x LiPos at one go)
23Mar2017: Aurora 9X 9-Channel radio with optima9 receiver, Optima 6 triple pack receiver, Optima D micro receiver for racing drone, HFP-30 Servo Programmer, D-625MW, HS-430BH, HS-45HB, HS-5035HD, HS-5485HB, HS-5495BH, HS-5645MG, HS-5646WP, HS-5685MH, HS-65MG, HS-645MG, HS-646WP, HS-755HB, HS-765HB, HS-7945TH, HS-7950TH, HS-7954SH, HS-7955TH, HS-805BB and accessories
JOYSWAY J6103V3 Freeman Glider ARTF | J6108 Huntsman Glider ARTF Yellow or Reddish Orange
18Mar2017: HAPPY SUN TOYS 2.4G SMART Drone with WiFI camera, WHITE or BLACK
17Mar2017: XK Innovations K100, K120, K123, K124, A430, A700, A1200 available
16Mar2017: Wingsland S6 Selfie Pocket Drone Latest Edition is back by popular demand
FreeWing Model F-5 Tiger II 80mm EDF Jet, Yak-130 70mm EDF Jet 6S, Seagull 64mm EDF Airplane, Stinger 64mm Airplane 3S, P-51 Mustang (old crow) Airplane, Flight Design CTLS Airplane, Moray Sport Racer available / (sold out) F-35 V2 70mm EDF
LPB 3.7V / 7.4V / 11.1V / 14.8V Lithium Polymer (LiPo Battery) in stock
10Mar2017: EV-PEAK C4 Battery Balance Charger / CQ2 Multi Charger
09Mar2017: Volantex V761-1 Trainstar Plane / V795-1 Vector 28 / V796-1 Auto-roll-back Tumblr / V750-1 T-45 Plane PNP / AX601 / Spares for Trainstar, Tumblr, Vector 80
07Mar2017: Hubsan H107C HD X4 Camera Quadcopter / H502S Desire FPV Drone available
03Mar2017: Walkera RODEO 110 w/ DEVO-7 / RODEO 110 BNF / F210 BNF / MASTERCP DEVO-7 / Spare parts for F2103D, F210, MASTERCP, RODEO 110, RODEO 150, RUNNER 250 & RUNNER 250 R
21 Feb2017: Bob Smith Adhesive - CA Glue, Accelerator, Epoxy (Made in USA)
14Feb2017: RadioLink AT9S 10-Channel Remote Control Set / Pixhawk with GPS / R6DS receiver / R9DS receiver in stock
13Feb2017: [Back by popular demand] 1/16th scale JXD806 Remote Controlled Motorbike / XQ 1/6th scale Ducati 1199 Panigale Remote Controlled Motorbike
07Feb2017: Wltoys Electric Cars & Trucks K969, K989, L212 Green/Red, P929 Blue/Red & New Rock Crawler 18428-B Green/Orange
24Jan2017: Phantom 4 Pro with FREE SILVER WRAP PACK and Phantom 3 Standard drones in
19Jan2017: WALKERA RODEO 110 w/ DEVO 7 MODE 2, RODEO 110 BNF | RODEO 150 BNF WHITE & BLACK, RODEO 150 BLACK w/ DEVO 7 MODE 2 | Spare parts of F210, RODEO 110, 150 & RUNNER 250
18Jan2017: JOYSWAY J8901 Alpha Deep Vee Speedboat RED & YELLOW ARTR | J6103V3 Freeman Glider PNP | J6108 Huntsman Glider PNP Yellow & Reddish Orange | Spare parts
14Jan2017: 360° flyback foam airplane (for kids)
9Jan2017: HENG LONG RC Tug Boat HLT3810, 2.4G 1/16th Scale British Challenger 2 Smoking Tank HLT3908-1X & Spare parts
08Jan2017: LPB Batteries in stock - 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V, 22.2V
30Dec2016: XK INNOVATIONS K100, K110, K120, K124 Helicopter, A600 Beaver Airplane, A700 Sky Dancer Glider and DFD F182P-R Quadcopter in stock
23Dec2016: ALIGN T-REX 470LM Dominator Super Combo BNF | Spare parts for T-REX 470L, 450DFC & 700X
15Dec2016: Balsa sheets and balsa sticks in
09Dec2016: DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone in stock / Volantex Vector 80 Boat / Mini trainstar / Accessories in stock
SP Racing F3 Flight Controller - ACRO / DELUXE in stock
23Nov2016: LiPo Fire Protector Bag / Servo Tester and other spares in
07Nov2016: WALKERA AIBAO with DEVO-F8E / Spare parts for AIBAO, RODEO 150, RUNNER 250 R & NEW V450D01
01Nov2016: ALIGN T-REX Dominator Super Combo 470LM, 470LP, 470LP Kit, 550X Super Combo | Spareparts for T-REX 450, 470L, 500L, 550L, 550X, 700X and more
27Oct2016: JJRC H8D FPV Monitor RC drone / H12W FPV Phone RC Drone / F180 RC Drone / F182P-R Beginner Drone / V915 Lama RC Helicopter
26Oct2016: ALIGN T-REX 470LM, T-REX 470LP, T-REX 700XP | T-REX 250,450,470,500,600,700 spare parts
24Oct2016: WALKERA AIBAO w/ DEVO-F8E, RUNNER 250 R BNF, F210 3D w/ DEVO 7, F210 3D BNF, F210 BNF, RODEO 150 w/ DEVO 7 BLACK & WHITE and spares
20Oct2016: GEMINI MODEL Nylon Hinge (Flat,Pivot) / Adjustable Pushrod Connectors / Control Horn / Retracts Air Pressure Gauge / Metal Steering Arm / Cable Clip / Wheel Shaft
19Oct2016: KZ Toys XX8 Flying Car Blue & white and spares
19Oct2016: JJRC Spare Parts for V915 Lama
19Oct2016: Jaqi Remote Controlled Transformer / Changeable Cars
18Oct2016: WL Toys Spare parts | K969 LiPo Battery
18Oct2016: Training Bar/Skid for Walkera Master CP, CB100, 4#3 RC Helicopter
17Oct2016: XK INNOVATIONS RC Helicopters XK-K110-M2, XK-K120-B-PNP & Car-Drone Hybrid XX8-M2 & Spare parts
17Oct2016: JXD806 Blue & Orange RC Motorbike
17Oct2016: EXCELLENCE 3.5", 4", 4.5", 5" Rubber Wheels
14Oct2016: LPB LiPo Batteries in stock
16Sep2016: EV-PEAK C4 AC/DC Charger, CQ2 AC/DC Charger / LiPo / Li-ion / LiFe / NiCd / NiMH / Pb
Thunder Tiger K-ROCK Monster Truck, Kaiser Monster Truck, Kaiser XS Crawler, Challenger 800 Yacht and Spares in stock
DJI Phantom 4 drones available
WALKERA RUNNER250 R BNF, RODEO150 BLACK & WHITE RTF, F210 & F210 3D RTF, GOGGLE4 | F210, F2103D, RODEO150, RUNNER250 spareparts
01Sep2016: FlyColor 10A / 20A / 30A / 40A-60A Electronic Speed Controller
30Aug2016: Claymore 26, Claymore 50 Racing Boat, Compass RG65 class Yacht, Tumbler Auto-rollback Mini Pool Racer and Vector Speed Boat in stock
CREATE TOYS 1/20th Scale NS8012 Allegro 2.4G RC Mini Moto Racing Car Motorcycle
LPB Batteries in - 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V
ALIGN 6S1P 22.2V 5200mAh 60C LiPo Battery
23Aug2016: Hitec Sky Scout, Lynx 4S radio, HFP-30 Programmer, HS-77BB / HS-81 / HS-82MG / HS-311 / HS-322HD / HS-422 / HS-430BH / HS-635HB / HS-645MG / HS-755HB / HS-815BB / HS-5055MG / HS-5125MG / HS-5245MG / HS-5485HB / HS-5655MH / HS-5685MH / HS-7950TH / HS-7954SH / HS-7985MG / Servos & in
22Aug2016: 4WD Electric Truggy, Monster Truck, Buggy | Spare parts for BS203T, BS403T, BS909T, BS709T, BS711R
21Aug2016: 2-6S Charging and Balance Adapter Board, Banana connector, Nylon Nut, XT60 or T Plug, JST connectors, Cap Screws, Self-tapping screws
20Aug2016: DJI Phantom 4 in stock
XK INNOVATIONS Blast K110, Shuttle K120 Heli, DHC-2 Beaver Airplane, Skydancer Glider
Wltoys Drift Cars, Racing Cars, Truggy, Truck - A949 / A959 / A969 / A979 / K969 / K979 / K989 / P929 / P939 / L202
Bob Smith Industries Adhesives Glue, CA Glue & Epoxy
15Aug2016: CX-10WD-TX drone and spares
RadioLink R6D receiver, 6V/12V 220AC Lead Acid Charger, Traxxas connector in stock
OS8 Glow Plug, Japan GOOT Soldering Paste, Japan SANKI 1.0 welding wire, GaoJie 100W Soldering Iron available
APC Propellers in stock
WALKERA BNF for RUNNER 250 R, RODEO 150, F210 | GOGGLE4 | RODEO 150, F210, RUNNER 250 R, RUNNER 250 Spare parts
29Jul2016: T-REX ALIGN 450L TOP 6S w/ Microbeast PLUS RTF, Spare parts for T-REX 250, 450, 500, 700, 800 and more.
25Jul2016: Cheerson CX-10WD-TX Height Hold with Wifi Camera Drone in stock
18Jul2016: DJI Phantom 4 in stock
15Jul2016: RODEO 150 Black RTF, GOOGLE4 VR Glasses & spare parts in stock
28Jun2016: Hubsan X4 HD camera Drone and X4 Plus (Real-time videos/photos) FPV Drones in stock
BSD Racing Rock crawler and some BSD spare parts in
LPB Lithium Polymer Batteries in stock
24Jun2016: LED Light for racing drones use
JJRC H8D / H12W / F182P / F180C and spares in stock
DJI Multifunctional Backpack for Phantom series and ND4 Filter for Phantom 4
20Jun2016: WALKERA F210 3D (w/ DEVO 7 Camera OSD Battery Charger), RODEO 150 (w/ DEVO 7 Camera Battery Charger), Spare parts for F210, F210 3D, RODEO 150, RUNNER 250 & RUNNER 250 R
14Jun2016: VOLANTEX Speed Boats V792-2 Blade, V798-1 Vector 80 and spare parts
19Jun2016: HOBBYWING Electronic Speed Controllers for Aircrafts, Boats (waterproof) & Cars
16Jun2016:Hitec Servo motors in - HS40, HS-65HB, HS85BB, HS-225MG, HS-5065MG, HS-5087MH, HS-5565MH, HS-5646WP, HS-5765MH & Minima 6S Receiver
08Jun2016: XK INNOVATIONS PNP for K100 K120 K123, X100 RTF
07Jun2016: BSD RACING brushed/brushless cars, trucks, buggies and spare parts
06Jun2016: Cheerson CX-10W Drone with Real time viewing using smartphone and Transmitter Set
05Jun2016: Hubsan H107C / H107D /H107L Propellers and Batteries in stock
04Jun2016: CC3D Atom (Mini CC3D) Controller, Matek 5V & 12V Power Distribution Board (PDB), Matek 5-in-1 5V & 12V Power Supply + Low Voltage + Tracker
03Jun2016: ALIGN T-REX 550L Dominator Super Combo w/ Microbeast PLUS, Spares for T-REX 250,450,500,600,700
02Jun2016: THUNDER TIGER Spares in
02Jun2016: Dynam High Quality RC Electric Airplanes - Super Cub PA-18, SR22, Cessna 182, P51D Mustang, Spitfire 1200mm, Catalina PBY, SU-26M, F4U Corsair, P-47D Thunderbolt, Hawker Tempest, Beaver DHC2, Cessna 188, Seawind available
01Jun2016: DJI Phantom 4 Drone, Phantom 3 Drone, Battery and Propellers in stock
APC Electric Propellers, FPV Propellers, Sport/Nitro Propellers - 61 types (Made in USA) in stock
Fresh supply of SideWinder World Championship Fuel for RC Cars in
Lead Acid Battery 12V 5Ah and 12V 7.2Ah in stock
Screws & Nuts in
04May2016: DJI Phantom 4 RTF, Phantom 4 Battery in stock. Limited Stock!
03May2016: Radiolink AT9 9CH Transmitter Mode 2, PRM-02 Telemetry, R9D & R6D Receiver
01May2016: BIGAOLE V3 3-Axis Gyro Flybarless System for RC Helicopter (New Version)
30Apr2016: WL Toys A949, A959, A969, A979 Electric Cars
30Apr2016: A600 A700 Electric Airplane w/ X4 Transmitter RTF, K110 and K124 Electric Helicopter RTF and Spare parts
29Apr2016: EMAX MT2204 KV2300 Threaded Brushless Motor Set, Clockwise & Counter-clockwise
28Apr2016: LPB Lithium Polymer Battery in stock (6 types)
27Apr2016: Heng Long RC Seaport Work Boat (Electric Tugboat) and 2.4GHz 1/16 Scale R/C US Medium Smoking Battle Tank M4A3 SHERMAN Limited stock in!
26Apr2016: JJRC Drones F180C Black & Blue, Black & Red, Luxury Gold, F182P Red, H12W Orange, stock in!
26Apr2016: JXD806 Electric Motorbike Blue/Orange and Battery stock in!
21Apr2016: Limited stock of 2016 Newest DJI Phantom 4 Drone Ready-to-Fly Set
21Apr2016: AEROSIM RC Radio Control Flight Simulator System for PC
20Apr2016: Cheerson CX-10C & CX-10W Wifi FPV Mini Drone and CX-10 / CX-10C / CX-10W Spares
11Apr2016: FSD Brushless Motors available
10Apr2016: JXD Mini RC Motorbike in stock
Carbon Fiber Sheets / Carbon Fiber Tubes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm in stock
LPB Lithium Polymer Batteries in stock
07Apr2016: SMD LED Light Strips 5meters in Red, Blue, Green, White, Warm White, Connectors & RGB Controls
06Apr2016: XT90 Male & Female Connectors, EC2, EC5, Anti-spark 7mm Banana Connectors, EC2 Male to T Plug Female Connectors, 3-5S Balance Connectors 10cm
05Apr2016: Hitec Aurora 9X Radio Set / HS-65MG / HS-82MG / HS-7954SH / HS-785HB servo motor available
04Apr2016: The smallest pocket drone - CX-STARS is here
03Apr2016: XK Innovations X6 Remote Control Device & Spare parts
03Apr2016: WL Toys Cars A949 L959 A979 Spare Parts
02Apr2016: Carry Cases for Single & Double Transmitters
01Apr2016: MasterCP Motor, V120D02S Main Shaft & Tail Steering Set, V400D02 Main Motor, RUNNER250 R Rear Motor Fixed Plate
19Mar2016: GT Power C607D 7A/80W AC/DC Charger, A612-D 12A / 200W AC/DC Charger, LiPo Charger Balance Charger for 2-3 cells, CCPM Servo Consistency Master 4.8-6V for 1-3 Servos/ESC, 2-in-1 LiPo Battery Voltage Tester
18Mar2016: DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone, Phantom 3 4k Drone, Phantom 3 Professional Drone and Hardhsell Backpack in stock
17Mar2016: Purchase $100 and above in a single receipt to get a free keychain
Hubsan H501S Bad Boy is back / H301S FPV Spy Hawk Glider / H107C X4 HD 1280x720p cam drone / H107D+ FPV HD1280x720p cam drone and some spare parts available now
Walkera F210 RTF w/DEVO7 OSD Camera, RUNNER R RTF w/DEVO7 OSD GPS Camera, F210 & Runner250 Spares in stock
07Mar2016: WowWee Mip Robot - a lot of fun!
Hitec Flash 8 Transmitter Set / Receiver - Optima 7, Optima 9, Minima 6T / Servo Motor - HS53, HS65MG, HS225BB, HS430BH, HS785HB, HS5085MG, HS5245MG, HS5645MG in stock
28Feb2016: G.T. Power C607D 7A/80W AC/DC Rapid Balance Battery Charger/Discharger & A612-D Charger, Microprocessor-Controlled, High performance Rapid Charger, Discharger
27Feb2016: Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 3 4K with hardshell backpack in stock now
26Feb2016: SONY microSD 16GB, 32GB, 64GB (Fast speed read 70MB/s) available
5x4 inch and 6x4 inch Racing Drone Propeller - black, green, grey & orange
Bob Smith Insta-Set CA Glue, Accelerator, Epoxy, Ic-gel and Debonder in stock
GAOJIE EP-D100 Ultra-fast Heating/Thermostatic Soldering Iron, 100W (Lead-free) 
ALIGN Limited Stock! T-REX 450L & T-REX 500L w/ Microbeast PLUS Flybarless System, MR25 & MR25P Racing Quad, AG300 Goggle and Spares
01Feb2016: WALKERA Limited Stock! FURIOUS 320 RTF w/ DEVO10 GPS, F210 RTF w/ DEVO7, RUNNER R Basic 1 w/ DEVO7 GPS, Spares for RUNNER 250 & RUNNER R
30Jan2016: Matek Mini Power Distribution Board (PDB) BEC 5V & 12V (2S-6S) for QAV250 / ZMR250 quadcopter or multicopter
28Jan2016: Heng Long RC Tugboat & (Limited Stock) 1/16 RC US Sherman Smoking Tank (Metal Tracks, Wheels, Gears)
28Jan2016: Cheerson CX-10 Mini Quadcopter restock - Blue, Green, Orange and Pink
LPB Lithium Polymer (LiPo Battery) in stock now - 7.4V / 11.1V / 14.8V / 22.2V
27Jan2016: JJRC H9D-4 FPV 2MP Quadcopter, H12C-5 5MP Quadcopter, V915 Lama Heli and Spares
JXD806 Mini RC Motorbike
Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Drone available
22Jan2016: EC2 Connector, XT60 connector, Adapter Board for charging 2-6S LiPo, LiPo Battery
3M Filament Tape / Fiber Tape in stock
GT Power C607 AC/DC Charger
THUNDER TIGER Seawolf Submarine / Olympian debut Offshore Racing Powerboat & other spare parts in
Align BTH01 Bluetooth Device, Limited Stock
05Jan2016: EMAX MT2204 2300KV Brushless Motor and M5 Prop Nut in
04Jan2016: XK Innovations RC Helicopter Set - K100, K110, K120, K123, K124 | RC Airplanes - A600, A700 and heli spares in
03Jan2016: DJI Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 3 Advanced Drone available
02Jan2016: Eachine Racer 250 FPV Racing drone in stock
02Jan2016: RadioLink AT9 9-Channel Radio/Transmitter, R9D receiver, R6D receiver available
01Jan2016: BIGAOLE V3 3-Axis Gyro Flybarless System for RC Helicopter
31Dec2015: Voluntex Decathlon V765-1 RTF, V797-1 Vector 40cm Speed Boat, V796-1 Tumbler Pool Racer, V757-4-PNP Ranger and spares
30Dec2015: Wltoys 2.4GHz 1/18th scale 4-Channel Vortex Topspeed Electric 4WD A949 car, A959 buggy, A969 truggy, A979 Race Truck and Spares in
Song Yang Toys X25-1 Space Explorer Flying Car or with 30W camera
28Dec2015: Durable F182-P Quadcopter, JJRC H12C-5 Quadcopter (very popular) and spares are back
09Dec2015: Align Spare parts for T-REX-150, 250, 450/450L, 500PRO/EFL/FL/L, 550, 800E & servos
30Nov2015: Walkera RUNNER C RTF, RUNNER R/C Spares
19Dec2015: Bob Smith CA Glue (Dry in 3 secs), IC-Gel - Aquarium Coral Frag Glue, Ex-Long CA Extended-Tip
12Dec2015: Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 3 Battery, Propeller Guard available
Walkera RUNNER R RTF/Basic 1 Racing Quad w/ DEVO7, RUNNER C RTF Racing Quad w/DEVO7 and spare parts
25Nov2015: Hobbywing ESC QuicRun-WP-16BL30, WP-10BL60-RTR-V4, EZrun60ASLV2, Xrotor 20A(quad), Xrotor40A(quad), Flyfun-10A-V4, Electronic Power Switch
24Nov2015: LPB Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Batteries available - 7.4V 500mAh 20C, 7.4V 850mAh 20C, 7.4V 1100mAh 20C, 7.4V 1300mAh 20C, 11.1V 1100mAh 20C, 11.1V 1500mAh 25C, 11.1V 2200mAh 25C, 11.1V 2200mAh 45C, 11.1V 2600mAh 45C, 11.1V 5200mAh 45C, 14.8V 2600mAh 60C, 22.2V 5200mAh 60C
24Nov2015: GT LiPo Guard / Low Voltage Buzzer in stock
CC3D Atom / Mini CC3D Flight controller in stock
23Nov2015: EMAX MODEL Nighthawk Pro 280 size Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber Mixed Racing Drone, ARF and spares in | 12A Nano ESC for multicopters | Program card
BSD RACING BS203T-OR Motorbike, BS203T-BY, BS214R-Y, BS711R, BS711T, BS838T-B, BS810T, BS909T, BS910T Trucks and Spares
20Nov2015: [Charge up to 6 cells simultaneously] HobbyTiger 6 * 1S 3.7V LiPo Charger with 100-240V AC Adapter, USB Output: 5V, 3A, 1-Cell LiPo Charger | JST PH cable | JST cable
19Nov2015: JXD806 Mini Motorbike restock!
DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone/Quadcopter with Remote Control System [Max. Transmission Distance: FCC: 1 KM*; CE: 500 Metres*]
FrSky Taranis X9D with 2015 new aluminium case, X8R 8/16CH receiver, D4R-II receiver
High Performance/Championship fuel Morgan Nitro fuel for engines - Made in USA (Cool Power/SideWinder) in
Screws, Washers, Lock Nuts in
30Oct2015: THUNDER TIGER Cars and Helicopter spares in
WLtoys Seeker Lama V915 4 Channel Electric Helicopter - Blue, Red and Yellow
LEAD HONOR LH-X3 Quadcopter, LH-X4 Quadcopter, LH-X11 Quadcopter, LH-X12 Hexacopter and spares available
22Oct 2015:
KT BOARD SU27 Fighter Electric Airplane for day/night flying!
XK Innovations Electric Helicopters in stock - Falcon K100, Blast K110, Shuttle K120, AS350 K123, EC145 K124
20Oct2015: [Up to 1kg flight weight] T-Motor Air Gear 200 Quadcopter Combo Set ( 4pcs x AIR2205 KV2000 Brushless Motor, 4pcs x T6535 Plastic Self-tightening Propellers (2CW+2CCW) + 4pcs x AIR10A ESC)
G.T. Power C607D AC Charger, XDrive-607 DC Charger, 2-3 cell LiPo Charger, Plane Finder/Buzzer, Servo Tester and LiPo Battery Guard/Protector
ATG 5x4" Propellers and 6x4" Propellers for QAV250 Quadcopter use (Colours: Green, Orange, Grey and Black available)
[Support Futaba S-BUS Protocol] RadioLink AT9 9-Channel DSSS Transmitter with R9D Receiver and PRM-02 On Screen Display (OSD) Telemetry Sensor, Mode 2 | Radio Set | Suitable for flying airplane, glider, helicopter and racing drones | Operating distance: 900M on ground and 1.5KM air
JJRC F180C Quadcopter, H12C-5 Quadcopter with 5MP camera available
LED Light Strips, Red, Blue, Green, White, Warm White, Multi-colours in 5m & 1m
05Oct2015: WALKERA Runner 250 Advance with Devo 7/F12E, Spare parts for Runner250, GeniusCP, MasterCP, MiniCP, V120D02S, V400D02 & V450D01
02Oct2015: Hitec Sky Scout Plug-In To Go Glider ARF / Kit version, Proton 5 Surface receiver, HS-85MG, HS-322HD, HS-422, HS-5055MG, HS-5485HB, HS-5685MH, HS-7985MG servos and spares in
12Sep2015: Silicon Rubber Gel, Bearing Lubricant Oil, LED Light stripes for RC crafts
10Sep2015: Align T-REX 450 Plus DFC RTF Heli Set, T-REX 500L Dominator Super Combo Heli Set, T-REX 150 Spares, T-REX 250 Spares, T-REX 450 Spares, T-REX 500 Pro, T-REX 500L Spares, T-REX 550L Spares, T-REX 600 Spares, T-REX 700E/N Spares are available
08Sep2015: Volantec Vector 40(cm) BL High Speed Racing Boat, Tumbler Auto-roll-back Pool Racer, Ranger Beginner 1.4M FPV Training Electric Airplane (KIT/PNP) and Spares
3.5/4.0mm Gold Plated Spring Connectors,Wireless Connector Female T-Plug to XT-60 Male Adapter, Wireless Connector Male T-Plug to XT-60 Female Adapter & more
06Sep2015: Simulator Cable, XT60 Connectors, T-Plugs
05Sep2015: FSD Outrunner Brushless Motor 1450KV, 1880KV, 920KV, 710KV, 3500KV, 3200KV
04Sep2015: LPB Lithium Polymer Batteries for Aircraft in stock - 7.4V 850mAh 20C, 11.1V 850mAh 25C, 11.1V 1300mAh 25C, 11.1V 1800mAh 45C, 11.1V 2200mAh 25C, 11.1V 2200mAh 45C, 11.1V 5200mAhh 45C, 14.8V 2200mAh 60C, 14.8V 2600mAh 60C, 22.2V 6200mAh 25C, | FOR CARS - 7.4V 4200mAh, 60C, 7.4V 6500mAh 60C
Heng Long RC Electric Tanks in stock now - American M1A2 Abrams, German King Tiger, German Tiger I, German Leopard 2 A6, U.S. M41A3 Walker Bulldog, U.S. M4A3 Sherman 105mm Howitzer and Spares. Also in stock - RC Seaport Work Boat / Electric Tugboat
RUNNER 250 Kit, RUNNER 250 Spare Parts, Goggle2 and more
31Aug2015: ATG 5x4 inch and 6x4 inch Propellers for QAV250 multicopters use
21Aug2015: Walkera RUNNER 250 Basic 3 and Full FPV version, W100S BNF, GOGGLE2 & spares
31July2015: WLtoys 1/18th scale Electric Cars, Buggies & Trucks in - A949, A959, A979 | 1/12th scale Cross Country Racing Electric Cars & Truck - L202, L212 and Spares
30July2015: JJRC Electric Quadcopters in - F180C, F182P-R, H3-3 Air & Ground Capable, H9D-4, H12C-5, JJ-699-4 FPV, JJ-820 Mini, JJ-5000 and Spares
Hitec Flash 7 Radio System, Optic 5 Radio System, Optima 6 Receiver, Servos HS-65HB, HS-645MG, HS-422, HS-430BH, HS-805MG, HS-5685MH, HS-7985MG and accessories in
PROLUX glow starters & accessories in
EXCELLENCE fuel cut-off clip & accessories in
E-sky heli & acc stock clearance 50+% off
20July2015: Walkera RUNNER 250 Basic 3 & FPV, Gimbals, iLOOK+, MasterCP/V120D02S/QRX350PRO/SCOUTX4 Spares
16July2015: Hitec HPP-22 Software Update Version 1.19(0) New! | HPP-22 PC Programmer for Hitec Transmitters and Receivers
Hatori mufflers clearance 50% off!! | Muffler (Airplane) | Muffler (Heli) |
13July2015: LPB Lithium Polymer / LiPo Battery in stock (11 types)
12July2015: G.T.Power LiPo Tester, C607D charger, 2S-3S LiPo Charger, Twin 6S Adapter, 12V 12.5A Power Supply, 8S Battery meter in stock
10July2015: FEELWORLD 7" BLACK FPV HD Moniter, Dual 32 Channel, 5.8G Diversity Receivers, 1024*600 pixel | Mounting Bracket
09July2015: [Charge up to 6 cells simultaneously] HobbyTiger 6 * 1S 3.7V LiPo Charger with 100-240V AC Adapter
08July2015: BIGAOLE 3-Axis Gyro Flybarless System for RC Helicopter (New Version)
07July2015: [Back by Popular Demand!] S1J-AJ4-10 Mini Grinder With Plastic Carry Case, 230V
06July2015: Switching Power Supply 120W, 240W, 360W, 12V
17Jun2015: Cap Screw, Set Screws, Washer and Nuts in
15Jun2015: T-REX 150 Super Combo, T-REX 450 Plus DFC RTF, T-REX 450L Dominator, T-REX 500L Dominator Super Combo & Spares
11Jun2015: iLOOK 1280x720P and iLOOK+ 1920x1080P FPV camera
10Jun2015: Thunder Tiger 2.4GHz KAISER eMTA Electric Monster Truck 1/8 Scale 4WD 6411-F, Victoria Americas Cup Racing R/C Electric Yacht Kit 5556, ACE RC Cougar GP3 2.4GHz iFHSS+ 3-Channel Digital Radio System and accessories
03Jun2015: Volantex Electric Airplanes: - Cessna 182 1.56M, Cessna 747 Easy Trainer, Decathlon, F4U Corsair, Trainstar | Electric Gliders: - Phoenix 2000, Phoenix X 2.6M | Electric Racing Boats:- Vector 28, Vector 40 available
30May2015: [For Boat] Flycolor FLYDRAGON 90A BEC 5.5V/5A 2-6S LiPo Waterproof Brushless Electronic Speed Controller
27May2015: BSD RACING 1/10 On-road Brushed (BS203T SILVER) and Brushless (BS206T RED) Electric Car
07May2015: JJRC Quadcopter is back - F180C, F182P, H3-3 (Air & Ground), H5C-A, H12C-5 (Mode 1&2 Interchangable), H9D-4 (FPV function) , JJ-500, JJ-600, JJ-5000, RC Tanks - JJ01T, V915 Lama Heli and Spares in
06May2015: Heng Long Remote Controlled 1/16th scale Tanks in - American M1A2 Abrams, German King Tiger, German Leopard 2 A6, German Tiger I, Russia KV-1, U.S. M41A3 Walker, RC Seaport Tugboat, Racing Boat, Atlantic Yacht, Exceed Utmost Speedboat in stock
06May2015: Good quality 3M Filament Tape / Fiber Tape (Clear) - 18mmx55metres, 24mmx55metres, 48mmx55metres
05May2015: LPB Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Batteries in
04May2015: EncoreRC Invertix 400 3D Multirotor Kits Fluorescent Orange(FO), Fluorescent Red(FR) or Fluorescent Green(FG) and accessories in stock
04May2015: Hitec Sky Scout Hitec Sky Scout Plug-In To GO (P2GO) Glider, HS-53 Servo Motor, HS-75BB Servo Motors, HS-225MG, HS-422 Servo Motor, HS-645MG Servo Motor, HS-765HB Servo Motor, HS-815BB Servo Motor, HS-5055MG, HS-5065MG Servo Motor, HS-5070MH Servo Motor, HS-5085MG Servo Motor, HS-5495BH Servo Motor, HS-5645MG Servo Motor, HS-5665MH Servo Motor, HS-7245MH Servo Motor, HS-7945TH Servo Motor, HS-7955TG Servo Motor, Minima 6T AFHSS Receiver, Maxima SL AFHSS Receiver, Proton 4 AFHSS Receiver and accessories in stock
03May2015: BSD RACING 1/4 Electric Motorbike, 1/8 & 1/10 Buggies & Trucks, Cars and Various Spares
30Apr2015: WALKERA DEVO-RX601, V100D03BL-Z-12 3.7V 350 mAh LiPo, SCOUTX4 GPS Fixing Accessory, Servos, Gears & more
21Apr2015: Flycolor Electronic Speed Controls available- FLY-10A, FLY-20A, FLY-30A, FLY-60AHV, FLY-80AHV, FLY-100AHV, 60A A-FW060006-A1A1-01, 80A A-FW080006-A1A1-01
20Apr2015: Bob Smith Adhesives in - CA glue, Epoxy, Accelerator and Replacment Tip available now
17Apr2015: HobbyWing Brushless Electronic Speed Control in stock - Platinum 40A Pro / 50A V3 /100A V3 Airplane/Heli ESC, QuicRun 60A Sensored Car ESC, QuicRun Waterproof 30A / 150A Car ESC, Skywalker 40A heli/airplane ESC, Skywalker Quattro 25Ax4 Quad/Airplane use, XRotor Pro 50A Quad ESC, XRotor 10A / 20A / 40A / Pro 50A Quad ESC, Car Program Box
Walkera Spare Parts available - DEVO-RX601, Ladybird, F450, G400, Genius CP, Master CP, Mini CP, Scout X4, Super FP, Tali H500, V120D02S, V450D01, X350 Pro
Thunder Tiger eMTA G2 Monster Truck (6407-F), Naulantia 1M American Cup Electric Yacht (5549), Victoria American Cup Electric Yacht (5556), car, boat & heli spare parts available now.
ALIGN Parts for T-REX 500L/550L/600, Orange Blades for T-REX 150, 500MX & 750MX Brushless Motors and more
30Mar2015: WALKERA ScoutX4 RTF with Case, TALI RTF, DEVOF12E Transmitter, Padholder, iLook+ and more
24Mar2015: Screws, e-clips, lock nuts in | view all Fasteners
20Mar2015: Hitec Products in - Proton 4 receiver / Axion 2 receiver / Axion 4 receiver / Servo motors in - HS-35HD / HS-75BB / HS-635HB / HS-755HB / HS-5035HD
17Mar2015: ALIGN 550L Canopy, 500L & 700L Dominator Painted Canopy, 550L Speed Fuselage - Red & Yellow/White, T-REX 250 PRO DFC
11Mar2015: APC Electric, Sport/Nitro, Pusher, Multi-rotor, Folding Propellers in
10Mar2015: Lithium Polymer Batteries in 3.7V, 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.8V
09Mar2015: BOSCAM HD19+ FPV Camera 5 Mega Pix, TS5832 5.8Ghz 32CH FPV Transmitter, 5.8Ghz Cloud Spirit Antennas Set
09Mar2015: TL90 Digital Pitch Gauge for 20-74mm Blades, FPV-FB Monitor Folding Bracket Mount, 1-6S LiPo Battery Checker
08Mar2015: Feelworld FPV 718 White & Black 7" BLACK FPV HD Moniter, Built-in Battery, Dual 32 Channel, 5.8G Diversity Receivers
07Mar2015: G.T. Power Charger 100V-240V PD403, C607D | Servo Tester | Digital Pitch Gauge | LiPo Battery Bags in stock
27Feb2015: Hitec Auspicious Cap, Receiver ATOM 3, Servo Motors - HS-45HB, HS-65HB, HS-322HD, HS-430BH, HS-5035HD, HS-5087MH, HS-5485HB, HS-5646WP, HS-5685MH, HS-7985MG and Servo Programmer in - HPP-21, HPP-22
04Feb2015: Morgan Fuel 16% Car Nitro Fuel, 25% Nitro Car Fuel and 30% Heli Nitro Fuel available
28Jan2015: JJRC Electric Quadcopters available - H5-B, H5C-A, H9D-4, JJ-500A, JJ-500B, JJ-1000A
ALIGN T-REX 450L, 500L, 600L and parts
14Jan2015: BSD Racing Spare Parts for BS403T Motorbike
13Jan2015: WALKERA SCOUTX4 GoPro Version, Ladybird V2 w/ DEVOF4, QR X350PRO w/ GPS, W100S BNF parts & more
12Jan2015: LPB Lithium Polymer Batteries in stock
02Jan2015: G. T. Power Charger & Discharger, Low Voltage Buzzer available
31Dec2014: Heng Long Tanks (American M1A2 Abrams, German King Tiger, German Leopard 2 A6, Russian T-34/85, U.S. M41A3 Walker, U.S. M4A3 Sherman, ZTZ 99 MBT,) and Tugboats in
20Nov2014: WALKERA SCOUTX4 Grey/Black Edition RTF & FPV Ready w/DEVO F12E, MasterCP, NEW V120D02S, SuperCP, G400 w/ DEVO 7
14Nov2014: ALIGN New T-REX 500L Dominator Super Combo, T-REX 250 Plus DFC, 500E Speed Fuselage & more
10Nov2014: Thunder Tiger eMTA G2 Monster Truck, Outlaw JR, Desperado, yacht etc in
04Nov2014: Must Go Sale Items - Li-Po Battery
03Nov2014: New supply of LPB Lithium Polymer Batteries or See full list
30Oct2014: T-REX 550L Dominator Super Combo, 450 Plus DFC, 450L Fancy Speed Fuselage & more
29Oct2014: 3M Fiber Tape for securing flap of wings, securing fuselage belly cover, securing antenna to aircraft surfaces
23Oct2014: TOY R/C Hovercraft/Speedboat with Remote Control, Charger & Batteries, Runs on both Land & Sea!
21Oct2014: TOY R/C Shovel Trucks and Excavators with Remote Control, Charger & Batteries
20Oct2014: T-Motor products in. Free T-shirt promotion. (See Facebook promotion)
13Oct2014: BSD Racing BS403T Motorbike, Crash Bar & Lower Stationary Shaft
11Oct2014: BeastX Microbeast 6-Axis MEMS (Gyro + Accelerometer) System for RC-model Aircraft
04Oct2014: Walkera Ladybird V2 with DEVO 4, W100S with DEVO 4/F4, W100S BNF, QR-X350 Pro with DEVO F12E/D10, G-2D, iLook Camera and more
03Oct2014: HITEC RCD servo motors (17 models) in
03Oct2014: Volantex Vector 28 Ultra Mini Super High Speed Pool Racer and Spare parts
01Oct2014: T-REX 700L Dominator HV Super Combo Electric Helicopter, T-REX 450L Dominator Super Combo 6S, T-REX 250 PLUS DFC BTF and Spare part for T-REX 150, 250, 450, 500, 550, 700 Nitro and 800
23Sep2014: T-REX 250 Pro DFC Super Combo, T-REX 250 PLUS DFC RTF, T-REX 550L Dominator, T-REX 700L Dominator TOP Super Combo and 250, 450, 500, 550, 600, 700 Spares in
20Sep2014: FUN-KEY Quality Balsa Sheet, Square Stick in
13Sep2014: TETTRA (Quality pdts from Japan) Spares in
12Sep2014: THUNDER TIGER MT-4 G3 Monster Truck, Submarine & other spares in
10Sep2014: SKYRC eFUEL Mega Power 1200W 50A AC/DC Power Supply (Dual Input: AC 100-240V/ DC 12V 50A Max) | Adjustable Output Voltage 15-30V
06Sep2014: Tian Sheng F16 Fighter PNP, Red Arrow PNP, F4U Pirate PNP, Red Arrow Kit, F4U Pirate Kit
G.T. Power LiPo Charger (4 Port) XDrive-607, C607D Charger (1-6s LiPo), PD403 (able to charge 2 sets of 7.4V simultaneously), Digital Pitch Gauge 20-74mm blade width, 100A Libra Meter, Tachometer, CCPM Servo Consistency Master, LiPo Guard/Bag, Twin 4S Adapter, Twin 6S Adapter
EXCELLENCE Coloured Cable Ties, Universal Reamer, Training Kits (MaterCP, 500-550 Size RC Heli), FPV Monitor Mount Bracket
03Sep2014: XT60 Plug Male, Female or One pair (M/F)
Excellence 3.5mm, 5.5mm, 8mm Banana Connector | 12AWG, 14AWG Silicone Wire
ALIGN Vibrant 700E, 500E Speed Fuselage, TREX 150 DFC, Cap, M424 V2 Quadcopter, Spares and more
02Sep2014: WALKERA ILOOK+ HD Camera, G-3D Gimbal, Ladybird V2 w/ DEVO 4 and spares
02Sep2014: BOSCAM Thunderbolt Series 5.8Ghz AV Transmitter, Cloud Spirit Antnennas Set: TxA & RxA
01Sep2014: Hitec Minima 6T receiver, Servo Motors, Transmitter Tray for Aurora 9/9X, Transmitter Weight Balancer, Alloy Control Stick Metal Knob, Metal Horn, Gear Set, Servo Lubricant/Grease, Connector in stock now
18Aug2014: BSD RACING Electric Monster Truck, Buggy, Truggy, Spares etc.
16Aug2014: Walkera NEW V450D01 with DEVO10, BNF, spares etc.
15Aug2014: T-Motor U7 KV420 Multirotor Brushless Motor in / T60A ESC / T70A Pro ESC
14Aug2014: Dynam Electric Airplanes - I Can Fly, Super Cub PA-18, Skybus, SR22, Turbo Jet, Cessna 182/DY598K Skytrainer, P51D Mustang, Spitfire 1200mm, Catalina PBY, AT6 Texan, Pitts model, SU-26M, F4U Corsair, P-47D Thunder bolt, Tiger Moth, Beaver DHC2, Messerschmitt BF-110, Hawker Hurricane, Cessna 188, Seawind
APC Propeller in stock - Electric, Gas/Sport, Multi-Rotor, Adapter
HobbyWing Platinum 50A v3, 100A v3, 120A HV ESC / Skywalker 20A, 40A 40AUBEC, Flyfun 6A, 10A, UBEC 5A, 8A, V-Tail Mixer in stock
05Aug2014: Bob Smith CA Glue, IC-Gel, Epoxy, Accelerator available
Screws, Nuts, Eclips in
02Aug2014: Tian Sheng Electric Airplanes in - Aces of War Zero, Cessna 182 1870mm, Cessna 182 1410mm, F-15 Eagle Shuttler, F-16 Fighter, Spitfire, P-47 Thunder
01Aug2014: 3M Filament Tape 18mmx55M / 24mmx55M / 48mmx55M
31Jul2014: Carry Case for DJI Phantom Drone - Trolly case, Soft backpack, Aluminium or ABS Metal | Carry Case for Twin Transmitters
30Jul2014: Hitec HPP-21 PLUS PC & Field Servo Programmer(NEW), Receivers, Servos etc in
29Jul2014: FSD Brushless Motors / Adapters / Shafts in stock
19Jul2014: Hitec RCD leads the way with highest quality servo products to fit any of your R/C application. Click here for the full range of Hitec servo motors manufactured under the strictest quality control.
Align T-REX 700L Dominator Electric Helicopter, T-REX 450L Dominator Super Combo, T-REX 450 Plus DTF RTF & BTF Electric Helicopter, T-REX 250 Pro DFC, T-REX 150 DFC and Spares
DJI Products in stock
11Jul2014: LPB Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) Battery in stock
Hitec Servo Motors, Radios, Sky Scout in
18Jun2014: Align 150, 250, 450, 550, 700 Spares in
Excellence Carbon Fiber Board or Plates 1.5x200x300 / 2x200x300mm
3M Filament Tape / Fiber Tape for securing flap of wings, securing fuselage belly cover, securing antenna to aircraft surfaces
WALKERA Y100 Hexacopter with Devo 4 Transmitter & Spares
Align 700E Speed Fuselage / T-REX 500 PRO DFC Super Combo / Spares in
13Jun2014: Prolead RC Li-Po Battery Guard / Pouch
12Jun2014: Phantom 2 / Phantom 2 Vision / Phantom 2 Vison Plus Aluminium Carry Case
THUNDER TIGER RTF Mini Park Flyers, P-47D/eHawk 600 & other spares/acc
BOSCAM 5.8G Thunderbolt Series 2000mW 32CH VTX Transmitter
03Jun2014: 8" 5.8G Monitor w/ Build-in Dual 32CH Receiver, Monitor Mounting Bracket
27May2014: WALKERA QR-X800 with DEVO12E, QR-Y100-BNF, Ladybird V2, MiniCP, SuperCP, W100S and more
24May2014: ALIGN 6S1P 22.2V 1450mAh and 1250mAh 45C LiPo Battery
19May2014: ALIGN T-REX 450L Dominator Super Combo, 450L Super Combo 3-S, 250 PRO DFC BTF, Painted Canopy for T-REX 150 and more
09May2014: EXCELLENCE 3.5mm Gold Plated Spring Connectors, 12AWG, 14AWG & 16AWG Silicone Wire for Brushless Motor & Controller
07May2014: BGL007-008 Bigaole 3-Axis Gyro Flybarless System for RC Helicopter, New Version
05May2014: G.T. Power T610 Touch Screen Balance Charger/Discharger for RC Model
03May2014: LPB Power Lithium Polymer Battery (LiPo Battery) in stock - 7.4V 850mAh 20C / 11.1V 1500mAh 25C / 11.1V 2200mAh 25C / 11.1V 5200mAh 25C / 11.1V 5200mAh 45C / 14.8V 5200mAh 60C / 14.8V 3300mAh 25C / 14.8V 3300mAh 35C / 14.8V 6200mAh 45C / 22.2V 5200mAh 45C
02May2014: UNIQUE Model Tech 4-bladed Propeller for F4U4, P51, PC9, and T6
22Apr2014: Walkera Master CP compatible with Futaba, QR X350 PRO with DEVO F7/10, G-2D Brushless Gimbal, ILOOK 5.8G Camera
29Apr2014: ALIGN new parts 150 Head Damper / 150 Carry Box / CH150X LiPO Charger and more
19Apr2014: Hitec Telemetry system & accessories Promotion now on!
19Apr2014: G.T.Power Balance Chargers, Digital Pitch Gauge, JST-XH Adapter and Voltage Alarm in
09Apr2014: Latest WALKERA QR X350 PRO with Devo F7 with iLook camera or Devo 10 & other accessories now in stock
04Apr2014: FSD Brushless Motors & Motor Shafts
03Apr2014: DJI Flamewheel F550 Kit, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal, P2V LiPo Battery, Motor CW, Motor CCW, Propeller in
02Apr2014: Lanyu Model Electric Airplane & Glider in: Cessna 0.94M / 1.56M, Phoenix 1.38M / Phoenix 1.6M & 2.6M, Trainstar, P-47 Thunderbolt / ME-109
29Mar2014: Hitec servos & acc in
27Mar2014: Mini Air Compressors, Airbrush Set, Air Hose
27Mar2014: Hitec Product Catalog 2014 (soft copy) is now available for your viewing:
Features new products at the Nuremburg Toy Fair 2014.
26Mar2014: Walkera Bind-&-Fly Electric Helicopters in - Master CP, Mini CP, Super CP, W100S and lots of spares in
21Mar2014: ALIGN M424 Quadcopter / Other ALIGN Spares Parts
07Mar2014: T-REX 150 DFC Combo / T-REX 450 Plus DFC Super Combo / T-REX M424 V2 Quadcopter and T-REX 150, 250, 450, 500, 600, 700 spares in
11Feb2014: Screws & Washers in | See all Fasterners
Hitec servo motors in | See all servos
03Feb2014: Bob Smith Industries CA Glue, 5 mins, 15mins, 20mins, 30mins Epoxy, IC-Gel and Accelerator
22Jan2014: ALIGN T-REX 700E Pro DFC Super Combo / 450L Dominator Super Combo Electric Heli / Spares Parts
15Jan2014: Walkera X350 FPV Quadcopter, X400 FPV Quadcopter with Aluminium case and G400 GPS Electric Heli and Spares available

09Jan2014: 2" Rubber Wheel with Aluminium Hub D51xDia.3.0xH18.5mm for Airplane
Hobby Lord (Shengtian Model) Bumblebee-S ARF / S-KIT-P / S-KIT & Bumblebee-C-ARF with Naza M Lite GPS, Camera Gimbal, Optimus Flight Controller & Other Spares
Heng Long TK-18 Receiver Board, Plastic Track for Leopard 2 A6 Smoking Tank, 2.4Ghz Receiver Board, Infra-red Battle System Receiver

08Jan2014: Hitec Aurora9X now in stock | Other Hitec Stuff
T-REX 150 / 450 Plus DFC Super Combo / T-REX 550E PRO Super Combo / M424 Quadcopter and Spares in
Unique Model P51 / T6 / PC9 / PT17 / F4U-4 / T50 Electric Airplanes & Spare Parts
02Jan2014: LPB LiPo Batteries 14.8V 2200mah / 2600mah and more
Walkera Hoten X Quacopter with Devo 7 / Hoten X Bind-N-Fly / NEW V120D02S V1 (Suitable with Futaba transmitter and V100D03BL Spares / V120D02S Spares/ Hoten X Spares/ Master CP Spares / Mini CP Spares / Ladybird Spares in
24Dec2013: Aluminium Case for Futaba/JR Transmitters (Gold) / 460 class Helicopter Aluminium Case with Transmitter compartment (Silver & Black) and more 
20Dec2013: DJI Phantom 2 Vision Drone  | NAZA-M Lite | NAZA-M Lite + GPS Combo | NAZA-M V2 + GPS Combo
20Dec2013 : BeastX Microbeast Version 3.0.8-6.1 3 Axis Mems Gyro 

  : THUNDER TIGER mini Titan E360  | Spares
28Nov2013  : THUNDER TIGER Car/Trucks Spares | Motorbike Spares

28Nov2013  : THUNDER TIGER Nylon Spinners (for Airplanes)
28Nov2013  : Back by Popular Demand: THUNDER TIGER Atlantic Motor Yacht  | Spares
28Nov2013  : Back by Popular Demand: THUNDER Volans 1M Trimaran
23Nov2013:  Stainless Steel Bearings (New!) 6x10x3mm / 6x12x4mm / 4x9x4mm 

21Nov2013 : New UNIQUE MODEL electric airplanes for Intermediate/Advanced flyer |  Models: AC10 Gyroplane, P51 Marie, Boeing PT17, Pilatus PC9, T6 Texan II

18Nov2013:  HOBBYWING ESC, EZRUN / waterproof SeaKing /Platinum Pro Series 
16Nov2013:  LPB LiPo Batteries 14.8V 3300mAh/22.2V 5200mAh/7.4V 2500mAh(JR/Futaba Plug)
15Nov2013: Veta Mini Air-compressors / Airbrushes / Brush Holder
15Nov2013:  TechOne Hobby Mercury, Sbach342-900, Sbach342-1100 Electric Airplanes in
14Nov2013: Prolead RC Lipo Guards Pouch & Box, Small, Medium, Large Sizes
13Nov2013: SKYRC Power Supply & Digital Pitch Gauge
12Nov2013: Walkera Ladybird V2 with Devo 4 /Ladybird V2 with Devo F4 / Ladybird V2 with Devo F7 / W100S with DevoF4 / Mini CP with Devo 7 / Super CP with Devo 7 / Master Cp with Devo 7 and Spares in
08Nov2013: Hitec RCD Servo Motors & acc in
07Nov2013: Align T-REX 450L Dominator 6S Kit or Super Combo / 450L Dominator 3S Super Combo / 450 Plus DFC Super Combo (Ready-to-fly) / 450 Plus DFC (Bind-And-Fly) / 550E PRO DFC Combo / 700E PRO HV Super Combo Electric Heli in and Spares in
 Align T-REX 250/450/500/550/700/800 Spares
17Oct2013:Walkera Upgrade Parts for Master CP, Super CP, Genius CP, Mini CP
09Oct2013:FSD Brushless Motors
07Oct2013:Align 450 Plus DFC and 450/600/700/800 Spares
04Oct2013:Hitec Servo Comparison Chart
18Sep2013:Align T-REX 250 Plus DFC / 450 Plus DFC Electric Helicopter and Spares in
18Sep2013:MayTech Carbon Fiber Propeller 10x4.7" / 11x4.7" / 12x3.8" / 13x4"
14Sep2013:Latest THUNDER TIGER mini Titan E360 Flybarless Electric Helicopter (Pre-assembled)
14Sep2013: Latest
THUNDER TIGER eMTA Monster Truck & various car spares etc
05Sep2013: Heng Long Tank German Panther Type G / German Tiger I Tank / German Tiger I Smoking Tank / German King Tiger Smoking Tank / German Leopard 2 A6 Smoking Tank / U.S. M41A3 Walker Bulldog Light Smoking Tank / U.S. M4A3 Sherman 105mm Howitzer Smoking Battle Tank / RC Seaport Work Boat / Atlantic Yacht RC Luxury Racing Boat /  RC Racing Boat / RC Exceed Utmost Speedboat
30Aug2013:Walkera QR X350 Quadcopter, Pandora Warrior Dual-copter
19Aug2013:Walkera Ladybird Quadcopter with Devo 4, Master CP Electric Heli with Devo 7, Super CP Electric Heli Bind-and-Fly, New V120D02S Electric Heli with Devo 10, V120D02S Bind-and-Fly Helicopter and Spares in
17Aug2013:Align T-REX 700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo Electric Helicopter and Spares in
14Aug 2013:THUNDER TIGER latest TS4e Electric Cars, Atlantic Motor Yacht, Spares in
YS ENGINES Promotion
FORCE Car Engines Promotion
01Aug2013:Tian Sheng Model Electric Airplanes in stock - A320, A400M, Aces of War Zero, AT-6 Pilot, C17 Globemaster III, Cessna 182, Small Cessna 182, F3A, F15, F16, F4U Pirate, 821 Spitfire, ME109, P47, Mini Hand Launch Glider, FVV, FOX
Hitec RCD releases the latest HPP-22 Software Version 1.15(0) today. Click here to download.
24Jul2013:Hitec RCD Servo Motors and accessories in 18Jul2013:Align T-REX 250 Plus DFC RTF / 450 Plus DFC Super Combo / 450 PRO DFC Super Combo / 600E PRO DFC Super Combo and Spares in
09Jul2013: TechOne Hobby Electric Airplanes in - Extra 330, Mercury, Mini Popwing, Popwing, Saturn, SU-31, Swift, Yak54
04Jul2013: O.S. Engines Promotion
HobbyWing Electronic Speed Control 60A / 25Ax4 Quattro / Skywalker 40A uBEC in
26Jun2013: Align T-REX 450 Plus DFC Super Combo / T-REX 600E PRO Super Combo / T-REX 700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo / T-REX 700E PRO DFC Super Combo and Spare parts in
G.T. Hobbies Charger, Discharger, Balancer, Battery checker, Servo checker, Voltage Tester, Adapter is available.
21Jun2013: LPB Lithium Polymer Battery 1 cell - 6 cell (3.7V - 22.2V) in stock
20Jun2013: Walkera NEW V120D02S Electric Helicopter / Master CP Electric Helicopter / QR Ladybird FPV Quadrotor / Super CP Electric Helicopter and Spares in stock
18Jul2013:Align T-REX 250 Plus DFC RTF / 450 Plus DFC Super Combo / 450 PRO DFC Super Combo / 600E PRO DFC Super Combo and Spares in
09Jul2013:TechOne Hobby Electric Airplanes in - Extra 330, Mercury, Mini Popwing, Popwing, Saturn, SU-31, Swift, Yak54
04Jul2013:O.S. Engines Promotion
01Jul2013:HobbyWing Electronic Speed Control 60A / 25Ax4 Quattro / Skywalker 40A uBEC in
26Jun2013:Align T-REX 450 Plus DFC Super Combo / T-REX 600E PRO Super Combo / T-REX 700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo / T-REX 700E PRO DFC Super Combo and Spare parts in
25Jun2013:G.T. Hobbies Charger, Discharger, Balancer, Battery checker, Servo checker, Voltage Tester, Adapter is available.
21Jun2013:LPB Lithium Polymer Battery 1 cell - 6 cell (3.7V - 22.2V) in stock
20Jun2013:Walkera NEW V120D02S Electric Helicopter / Master CP Electric Helicopter / QR Ladybird FPV Quadrotor / Super CP Electric Helicopter and Spares in stock
17Jun2013:Hitec RCD Servo motors in  |  See all range of Hitec servos
12Jun2013: THUNDER TIGER SKYZONE Micro Piper J-3 Cub / COMET; Volans Trimaran Yacht and spares in
04Jun2013:Walkera W100 WiFi / W100S Quadcopter and Spare Parts in
30May2013:Align T-REX 450 Plus DFC Super Combo / 450PRO DFC Super Combo / 550E DFC Super Combo and Spare parts in
23May2013:Screws & washers in  |  See all Fasterners
08May2013:Heng Long Tanks available. Models in - German King Tiger / U.S. M41A3 Walker Bulldog / RC Sturmgeschutz III Ausf / U.S. M4A3 Sherman / U.S. Medium M26 Pershing / ZTZ 99 / ZTZ 99A
07May2013: Align T-REX 100X Super Combo / T-REX 450 Plus DFC Super Combo / T-REX 550E DFC Super Combo / T-REX 700E DFC HV Super Combo and Spare Parts in stock
30Apr2013:ATG 600 Quadcopter / Flight Controller / Propeller
18May2013:Solar Lightings for sale (Watch video)
23May2013:New release from Team Advance Paraglider - EPSILON 7 (Watch Video)
23May2013:New release AXESS 3 Harness (Watch Video)
11Apr2013: Dear Customers, we will be closed on Wed (01 May 2013) and also on Fri (24 May 2013) due to public holidays, thanks. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.
04Apr2013:APC Propellers & Pusher Propellers (For Nitro, Electric Airplanes or Quadcopters) are available
02Apr2013: Quality Hitec RCD Servo Motors & telemetry technologies from Korea in
01Apr2013: Align T-REX 250 PRO DFC Super Combo / T-REX 450 PRO DFC Super Combo / T-REX 800E DFC Super Combo & Spare Parts in
09Mar2013: [Popular items] Complete 4-Pcs Hex Driver Set and accessories in
05Mar2013: JR Propo  DSX11  and  XG11  Radios in stock
16Feb2013:Aluminium Transmitter case, Twin transmitter case, 250 size heli case, 450 size heli case &  500 size heli case available now
14Feb2013: Walkera Super CP Electric Heli & Spares for Super CP & Genius FP in
Feb 2013: Dear Customer, we will be closed from Sat (09 Feb 2013) till Tues (12 Feb 2013) for Chinese New Year's holiday.
We will be back on Wednesday (13 Feb 2013) from 10.30am till 7.00pm.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Thank you and wishing you a great year of good health, happiness & prosperity.

02Feb2013:Hitec RCD Minima 6L/6S 2.4GHz Mini Receivers, best for park planes now in !
22Jan2013:WALKERA LM180D01 Electric Heli with Devo 7, Genius FP Electric Heli with WK2402D, Genius FP Bind-n-Fly and Spare parts in
21Jan2013:Hobbywing ESC - 40A, 60A, 80A, 100A, 120A
18Jan2013:FeiJun Electric Brushless Motor available now
31Dec2012:20A Power Supply / Balance Charger & Discharger / Voltage Tester / 2s-6s adapter / LiPo battery Guard
31Dec2012: eFuel 30A Power Supply / 60A Power Supply
29Dec2012:Walkera Ready-to-Fly Electric Helicopters in - Ladybird V2 / Infra X / Master CP and Spare Parts in
28Dec2012:Heng Long RC Tanks in - U.S. M1A2 Abrams / German Tiger I / German Panther / Snow Leopard M26 Pershing / U.S. M41A3 Walker Bulldog / Sherman M4A3 / Tauch Panzer III Ausf. H / Russia KV-1s / German Panther Type G / ZTZ 99 MBT in stock
27Dec2012: Align Electric Helicopters in - T-REX 100X / T-REX 550E DFC Combo / T-REX 550E DFC Super Combo / T-REX 500PRO DFC Combo / T-REX 500PRO DFC Super Combo / T-REX 600E PRO Combo / T-REX 600E PRO Super Combo and Spare Parts in
26Dec2012:Carbon Fiber Board 1mm/1.5mm/2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/4.5mm, Spring Connector2mm/3.5mm, AA Battery Case for 2pcs, AA Battery Case for 4pcs, FMS Cable in stock
26Dec2012: Dear Customer, we will be closed next Tuesday (01 Jan 2013) for
New Year's Day holiday.
We will be back on Wednesday (02 Jan 2013) from 10.30am till 7.00pm.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Thank you and wishing you a great year of good health, happiness & prosperity.

21Dec2012: Dear Customers, we will be closed next Tuesday (25 December 2012) for Christmas holiday. We will be back on Wednesday (26 December 2012) from 10.30am till 7.00pm. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
Dension WiRC - Wi-Fi RC Retail Pack (Up to 5 smartphones can connect to WiRC at the same time. Control your RC car, boat, tank, construction machine or any other RC vehicle with your iPhone or Android phone using WiFi)
11Dec2012:RC Turbine Jets+Helicoper 2013 Magazine (Yearly issue, completely bi-lingual German/English, full color, total 114 pages with more than 300 illustrations of Jet-/Helikopter- models and accessories.
22Nov2012:Reliable Hitec RCD(Korea) servo motors for all your projects needs!
21Nov2012:Hitec Sky Scout just in, Build & Fly in just 2 Hours! Available in 3 versions!
JetPower Magazine November-December 2012 (English Edition) in
05Nov2012:Dear Customers, we will be closed next Tuesday (13 November 2012) for Deepavali holiday. We will be back on Wednesday (14 November 2012) from 10.30am till 7.00pm. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
06Nov2012:THUNDER TIGER Neptune SB-1 Submarine Ready Built; MT-4 G3 E-Monster; EB-4 G3 E-Buggy; EB-4 S2.5 Nitro Buggy; other spares in
01Nov2012:Esky Ready-to-fly Electric Helicopter in stock - 3-in-1 Beginner Heli Series / Coaxial EC130 / Coaxial 300 Lama / D550 3G / D700 3G / D700 3D and Spare Parts in
31Oct2012:Aluminium transmitter case / Heli-cum-transmitter carry case in stock
20Oct2012:Dear Customers, we will be closed next Friday (26 October 2012)for Hari Raya Haji holiday.
We will be back on Saturday (27 October 2012) from 10.30am till 7.00pm.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
13Oct2012:Align T-REX 800E DFC Trekker Super Combo / 500 PRO DFC / 450 PRO DFC Combo / 450 PRO DFC Combo /250 PRO DFC Combo / 250 PRO DFC Super Combo / T-REX 100X Super Combo  and more than 160 spare parts in stock
10Oct2012: Stock Clearance for Eagle Model / Kyosho V-One-R, S, RR, RR Evo car spares.
03Oct2012:Fresh supply of Morgan glow fuel for heli/car
01Oct2012:[Best 550 size entry level] Raptor E550S Electric R/C Heli (ARF) Pre-assembled
01Oct2012:Latest Classic R/C Yacht for your choice! Let Naulantia Americas Cup Racing Yacht & others take you to where you want to go.
27Sep2012:Walkera Hoten X / Ladybird V2 / Scorpion / Spacewalker Electric UFOs available 
26Sep2012:Bob Smith Industries Adhesives from U.S.A.  - The Best. Rely on it. Products in - CA Adhesives, Epoxy, Accelerator and Debonder
25Sep2012:G.T. Hobbies GTA606-D Charger / GTMAX400W-20A Charger / X-Charger 606D / Servo Tester / Tachometer / Libra Meter / 3-in-1 Battery Balancer / 600W Power Supply / 6S Battery Meter / 2-8S Low Voltage Alarm in
TETTRA (from Japan) fuel parts and accessories  in
Hitec 2.4GHz Radios: Aurora 9 / Optic 6 Sport(NEW!) and accessories in
10Sep2012:G.T. Hobbies 6S LiPo Battery Checker / Battery Voltage Tester / Micro Tachometer / Servo Consistency Meter / Professional Servo Tester in stock
08Sep2012:3.5mm / 5.5mm / 8.0mm Banana Connector in stock now
06Sep2012:Screws / Nuts / Washers / E-Clips
03Sep2012:Quality PROLUX Lipo Regulator, Fuel Pump, Easy-Glow(NEW!) in stock now!
03Sep2012: eFuel 30A Power Supply / 60A 1200Watts Power Supply in 21Aug2012:Platinum 40A ESC / Platinum 60A ESC / Platinum 70A HV ESC / Platinum 80A ESC / Flyfun 80A ESC / LED Program Card V2 / Professional Program Box available now
18Aug2012:7.4V 3400mAh / 11.1V 800mAh / 11.1V 1500mah / 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo Battery in stock
17Aug2012:Mumeisha High Speed Bearing lubricant / Aerosol cleaner / Shock Oil / Differential Gear Oil / Spray paint in stock now
16Aug2012:Taiwan Tornado Electric Ducted Fan CNC - Precise, cutting-edge technology
16Aug2012:Walkera V100D03BL Electric Heli is back by popular demand. 4G6, Mini CP, 4F200LM and V100D03BL Spares in
14Aug2012:Align 250 PRO DFC / 450 PRO DFC / 700 DFC Electric Helicopter and Spare parts in
13Aug2012:Thunder Tiger stuff in!
10Aug2012:Excellence Aluminium Transmitter Stand, Propeller Adapter (Extrusion Fastening), Carbon Rod and Carbon Tube available now 
06Aug2012:Dear Customers, pls note that we will be closed on:
   - Thurs (09th August 2012) for  National Day.
   - Sun & Mon (19th & 20th August 2012) for Hari Raya Puasa.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

03Aug2012:JetCat Turbine Engines at great prices!
03Aug2012:Kawada (Japan) Electric Performance Cars on offer
03Aug2012:Hitec Aurora 9, servo motors and accessories in  | All Hitec Servo Motors
03Aug2012:OS Engines Spares in
02Aug2012:PROLUX Lipo Regulator 4.8V or 6V (5A) in
23Jul2012:APC Propellers in stock
10Jul2012:HOT DEALS: JR Propo XG8, XG7 2.4GHz DMSS Radios now at great prices!
09Jul2012:Easkysky Electric Airplanes in stock - PZL 104 Wilga 2000, Yak 12
09Jul2012:OKING Sbach342-34" Electric Airplane in stock
05Jul2012: Align Helicopters in -  T-REX 250 PRO DFC Combo / T-REX 450 PRO 3GX Super Combo / T-REX 450 Sport V2 Super Combo / T-REX 450 Pro V2 Super Combo /  T-REX 700E DFC HV Super Comboand Spare Partsin
29Jun2012:Walkera Quad-rotor Ladybird, V100D03BL, Mini CP Helicopter Set and Spare parts in stock
28Jun2012:Hitec Aurora 9 Radio Control and Servo motors in!
20Jun2012:Hatori muffler for rc helicopters
19Jun2012:Quality TETTRA Fuel / Oil Parts from Japan
07Jun2012:Heng Long RC Tanks in stock now. Models Available: German Panther, German Tiger I, Russia KV-1's Tank, Sherman M4A3, Snow Leopard, Tauch Panzer III Ausf. H, US M41A3 Walker Bulldog and ZTZ 99 MBT.
05Jun2012: Dear Customers, our new store is now in operation.
We welcome your visit:

Block 333, Kreta Ayer Road,
#02-18 Singapore 080333
(Nearest MRT: Outram Park / Chinatown)

Looking forward to seeing you. Thanks!
~ The former store at French Road (Kitchener Complex) is no longer in operation.
Sorry for any inconveniences caused.
02Jun2012: Dear Customers, our new store at Kreta Ayer Road will only be in operation on Monday (04 June 2012). Sorry for any inconveniences caused.
01Jun2012: Dear Customers, please be informed that we will shifting to Kreta Ayer Road (near Outram Park MRT) soon, due to the upgrading project for Kitchener Complex. The current retail store at French Road will be in operation till 31 May 2012. The full address will be published when shifting has been completed. After the upgrading project is completed in about 1.5yrs' time, we will be shifting back to Block 809 French Rd next to V-Hotel and Lavender MRT. Thank you for your understanding and continuous support.
25May2012:Hitec Servos and other items in!
14May2012:T-REX 450 / 550E / 600E Heli & Spare parts in stock.
10May2012:THUNDER TIGER mini Titan E325 Series Flybarless Rotor Head Conversion Kit
10May2012: THUNDER TIGER  Desperado JR. Electric Speed Boat  &  other stuff  in
24Apr2012: Dear Customer, we will be closed next Tues (01 May 2012) for Labour Day holiday
and Sat (05 May 2012) for Vesak Day holiday. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
19Apr2012: Latest Hitec  Product Catalog 2012 booklet  is now available for free at our retail store, while stock last. For Web customers, this catalog is also available (upon request) for free with minimum purchase of SGD20.00;  postage rates apply.
19Apr2012: Hitec Aurora 9 and servo motors in
11 Apr2012:  THUNDER TIGER  ER-4 G3 Mini John Cooper Works  and  other stuff  in !
05Apr2012: Morgan Fuels (USA) for  helis  &  cars  in
05Apr2012:ESKY Spare parts in stock now
02Apr2012: Dear Valued Customers, kindly note that we will be closed for public holiday this Fri (06 April 2012). We will be back on Sat (07 April 2012) 10.30am till 3.00pm as usual. Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences caused.
22Mar2012: Hitec  HTS-iVIEW Telemetry in your iPod/iPhone/iPad  &  other Stuff  in
19Mar2012: Align T-REX 100X, T-REX 600EFL & Spares in
16Mar2012: THUNDER TIGER mini Titan E325 V2 SE Torque Tube Flybarless
16Mar2012: THUNDER TIGER mini Titan E325 V2 SE Torque Tube
29Feb2012:Bob Smith (USA) CA Glue & Epoxy in
24Feb2012: ALIGN  Helicopters incl. T-REX 100X   &  Spares in
21Feb2012:Latest RC magazines in!
21Feb2012:Hitec Servo Motors, Receivers & other stuff in
09Feb2012: Fresh supply of APC Electric & Sport Propellers from California, USA
03Feb2012:STOCK CLEARANCE - TRAXXAS items up to 50% off!!
02Feb2012:Hitec Aurora 9, Servo Motors and accessories in
30Jan2012:Excellence Carbon Plates/Board, Carbon Tubes, Rods in
27Jan2012:EasySky Ready-to-Fly Cessna, Mini Piper J3 Cub, Battery in
26Jan 2012:G. T. Hobbies Balance Battery Charger, Battery Balancer, Battery Voltage Tester, 4-in-1 Charger, Power Supply, Servo checker
13Jan2012:Check out our HOT DEALS here
11Jan2012:MotorMax Diecast Car Models (Lamborghini Diablo GT, Mercedes-Benz SL500, Volkswagen Nardo W12) available now
06Jan2012:Dear Customer, pls note that we will be closed on:
23 Jan till 25 Jan 2012 (Mon till Wed) for Chinese new year holiday.
We will be back on 26 Jan 2012 (Thurs). Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
04Jan2012:Electric Ducted Fan RTF or PNP set available now. Models: Blackbird SR-71, F-117 FIghter, F-18 Fighter, F-35 Fighter and beginner airplane Piper J-3 Cub
03Jan2012: We regret to inform that our Pearl's Centre branch had been closed for business perpetually.
Dec2011: Dear Customer, pls note that we will be closed on:
-  26 Dec 2011 (Mon) Public holiday
-  02 Jan 2012 (Mon) Public holiday
-  23 Jan till 25 Jan 2012 (Mon till Wed) Chinese new year holiday
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
28Dec2011:LongSun 2.4GHz 1/28 scale 4WD Electric Drift Car and 2WD Race Cars in
24Dec2011:Hottest 3D Aerobatic Mini Flybarless Genius CP Electric Helicopter w/DEVO6 or DEVO7 in town and Airwolf200SD3 Deluxe 3-axis Flybarless Electric Helicopter w/DEVO7 transmitter! and Genius CP Spare Parts in stock 
22Dec2011:Align T-REX 450 Sport V2 Heli, T-REX 500E Pro Heli and Spare Parts in a few days ago!
19Dec2011:Latest RC magazines available here
15Dec2011:Flying RC Clown Fish and RC Shark. Just when you thought it was safe to get out of the water!
14Dec2011:Hitec Radios & accessories in
14Dec2011:JR Propo radios & accessories in
13Dec2011:Thunder Tiger accessories & car spares in
05Dec2011:Align spare parts in stock now
15Nov2011:Fresh supply of MORGAN fuel for your RC needs
15Nov2011:Hitec Radios, Rx, Servo Motors & Stuff in
14Nov2011:THUNDER TIGER Stuff in
14Nov2011:Melody SPE40 gas engine spare parts in.
14Nov2011:Our Pearl's Centre branch will be closed from 14th till 22th Nov, pls visit our French Road store  instead.  Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences caused.
10Nov2011:JXF Wooden Propeller 2-Bladed 20x10", 22x8", 27x10", 28x10" | 3-Bladed 16x8", 20x0" in stock.
09Nov2011:LiPo Battery Checker, LiPo Bag/Guard, 12V 5A Power Supply in stock.
08Nov2011: Back by popular demand Bug E-Fun Hand launch glider, TechOneHobby Yak-54 & SU-31
02Nov2011: Align T-REX 100S Heli / 450 Sport V2 Heli / T-REX 500EFL PRO Heli in and lots of spare parts in
21Oct2011:ACE RC GT5 Three-Axis Gyro makes your flybarless flights professional!
20 Oct2011:
:::::::::: ROTOR HOBBY's Notice ::::::::::
We have another small retail outlet now at:
100 EU TONG SEN Street,
#01-10B Singapore 059812
Tel: 6423 1749
Opens Daily 11:00am - 7:00pm
Note: The new shop has limited range of products; if you are after any specific item(s) from the French Rd store, arrangement for collection there is possible via advance order. Pls call for stock availability to avoid disappointment.  
:::::::::: ~ We welcome your visit ~ ::::::::::
19Oct2011:Model Helicopter World Magazine November 2011 Issue now in !
14Oct2011:Remote Control Battle Tanks in: Sturmgeschütz III Ausf / Sherman M4A3 / German Tiger I / German Panther / Snow Leopard Tank
13Oct2011:Lanyu Model Electric Airplanes in: Easy to assemble Cessna 747 / Supersonic F3A / Phoenix Glider
12Oct2011:Tian Sheng Electric Airplanes in: F15 Eagle Shuttler / F16 / Airbus A380 / C17 Globemaster III w/parachutists
12Oct2011:FUN-KEY Deluxe Heli Fuselages, ROTOR TECH Blades, Fine quality Balsa etc in
10Oct2011:Promotion for JR Propo Servos - Up to 50% discount !
05Oct2011:FeiJun Mini Brushless Motor in
03Oct2011: Dear Customer, we will be closed on Wed (26 Oct 2011) for Deepavali holiday.
We will be back on Thurs (27 Oct 2011) from 10.30am till 7.00pm as usual.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.
T-REX700E 3GX / 600EFL PRO / 550E 3GX / 450 PRO 3GX Helicopters & Spare Parts in
28Sep2011:Hitec Radios, Rx Minima 6E, new Servo Motors in
28Sep2011:JR Propo Radios and rx in
21Sep2011:APC Propellers from California USA in stock 
20Sep2011:JetPower Magazine September-October 2011 (English Edition)
20Sep2011:CA Glue, Accelerator, Debonder and Epoxy from Bob Smith, California USA in
15Sep2011:THUNDER TIGER OUTLAW JR. OBL - Off-Shore Deep Vee, RTR complete w/ Radio, Motor & ESC !!
07Sep2011:THUNDER TIGER Raptor G4 Series - Raptor 90G4 Flybarless & Flybar ver. | Raptor E720 Flybarless in!
07Sep2011:JONKER Tornado Afterrun Oil - Keeps your engine in top condition
07Sep2011:Need Screws, nuts, washers, e-clips?
25Aug2011:Fresh supply of Morgan fuel in for your RC needs
22Aug2011:TETTRA parts from Japan arrives | See all TETTRA parts
22Aug2011:EasySky Mini Electric Airplane (90% assembled) Models: Cessna / Sport Dolphin Glider / Piper J3 Cub  and Spare Parts in
19Aug2011: Dear Customers,
1. we will be closed on Sat (27 Aug 2011) for Presidential election.
We will be back on Mon (29 Aug 2011) from 10.30am till 7.00pm as usual.
2.we will also be closed on Tues (30 Aug 2011) for Hari Raya Puasa holiday.
We will be back on Wed (31 Aug 2011) from 10.30am till 7.00pm as usual.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

19Aug2011:YS91SR / YS91ST Engines (@SGD399.00 Nett) on promotion now!
19Aug2011:Raptor 90 Kits on promotion:
        -THUNDER TIGER Raptor 90 SE Kit (w/o engine/muffler/blade)
        -THUNDER TIGER Raptor 90 3D Version Kit (w/o engine/muffler/blade)
17Aug2011:TechOneHobby EPP Foam Electric Airplanes  with Brushless Motor (Yak54/SU-31/SWIFT/PopWing/ FunFly) in stock
12Aug2011:Model Helicopter World Magazine September 2011 Issue
10Aug2011:E-SKY Electric Helicopters and spare parts in 
29Jul2011:Hitec new programmer HFP-25, HTS-Navi, Minima 6 rx and more
28Jul2011:Spektrum Remote Receivers DSM2/DSMX in !
27Jul2011:JetPower Magazine July-August 2011 (English Edition)
23Jul2011:Easy-to-assemble Lanyu Model Electric Foam Airplanes in stock
20Jul2011:Latest WALKERA electric heli models in!
14Jul2011:Radio Control Technique Magazine August 2011 (japanese)
08Jul2011:All Hitec xtals SGD5.00 NETT now
08Jul2011: Clearing stuff (Only SGD10.00-18.00 NETT now!)>  Hitec FM / PPM / PLL Modules  |  Hitec FM / AM Receivers 
30Jun2011:Hitec servos, receivers, telemetry system in lower price now!!
28Jun2011:FeiJun Brushless Motor for small airplanes in stock now
27Jun2011:Lowest prices for FUTABA servos, up to 40% off !! while stock last
24Jun2011:Align Helicopters and Spares
24Jun2011:Hitec Optic 5 2.4GHz 5CH Aircraft Radio Control System, economical & perfect for beginners!!
22Jun2011:Bug E-fun hand-thrown glider is back!
22Jun2011:Cheaper LiPo Battery 7.4V/11.1V/22.2V in!
06Jun2011:Spektrum DSM2/DSMX Receivers (6Ch/7Ch) in!
02Jun2011:Fresh supply of popular Bob Smith CA glue, epoxy, debonder, accelerator and replacement tips in.
31May2011:New models from MULTIPLEX Modellsport GmbH & Co. KG
31May2011:E-SKY Spare Parts in. More than 3100+pcs in.
06Jun2011: Spektrum DSM2/DSMX Receivers (6Ch/7Ch) in!
02Jun2011: Fresh supply of popular Bob Smith CA glue, epoxy, debonder, accelerator and replacement tips in.
31May2011: New models from MULTIPLEX Modellsport GmbH & Co. KG
31May2011: E-SKY Spare Parts in. More than 3100+pcs in.
21May2011: Hitec 2011 Product Catalog available for FREE at our retail store, grab a copy today! While stock last.
14May2011: OS Engine Spares in
13May2011: Neon Power LiPo Battery with Hard Casing just arrived.
10May2011: THUNDER TIGER Titan X50 (NEW Torque Tube version!)
10May2011: THUNDER TIGER mini Titan E325 V2 back by popular demand
03May2011: Dear Customers, Please note we will be closed this coming Sat 07 May 2011 (Singapore Polling Day 2011). We will be back on Mon 09 May 2011 from 10:30am to 7pm.
25Apr2011: Maxx Products International, U.S.A. Light Weight Alum. Spinner, Hub & Collet in. Landing Products, U.S.A. APC Electric Folding Propeller & Hub available.
25Apr2011: U.S.A. APC Hub
21Apr2011: Lanyu Model Electric Airplanes in.
20Apr2011: Align Helicopter / Spare Parts in
20Apr2011: Align Helicopter in
20Apr2011: Dear Customer, we will be closed on Fri (22 April 2011) due to Good Friday Holiday. We will be back on Sat 23 April 2011, 10.30am to 3.00pm. Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences caused.
18Apr2011: Walkera Spares for LAMA3, LAMA 400D, 4#6, 4#6S, 4#6 Bell, 4G6, 4F200, V120D01 just arrived
16Apr2011: FUN-KEY Unpainted Fuselage
16Apr2011: FUN-KEY Painted Deluxe Fuselage
16Apr2011: FUN-KEY stuff in!
14Apr2011: The much awaited ALIGN T-REX 100S Super Combo now in!
11Apr2011: MHW May issue out now!
07Apr2011: TETTRA parts from Japan in
02Apr2011: Quality Nitro & Electric Propeller from APC, California USA in.
28Mar2011: Hitec servos & acc in today!
25Mar2011: Thunder Tiger Helis, Trucks, Bikes, Speedboat, Yacht and lots of spares in. 40+ NEW products will be updated soon.
24Mar2011: JETPOWER Magazine March-April 2011 in stock now!
09Mar2011: Fresh supply of Morgan Fuel in - Cool Power / SideWinder for Car/Plane/Heli use
07Mar2011: Model Helicopter World Magazine April 2011 Issue out now!
04Mar2011: Hitec Aurora 9 2.4GHz Transmitter & Receiver Set, Optic 6 2.4G Transmitter & Receiver Set, Servos, Metal Gear Sets, Telemetry Combo Pack & Connectors in
26Feb2011: JR Propo DSX11 DSM2 11-Channel 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Technology Radio Control System
22Feb2011: Thunder Tiger Catalog 2011 available for free at our retail outlet. Get one today!
09Feb2011: THUNDER TIGER Titan X50 Option Parts available now!
08Feb2011: Model Helicopter World Magazine March 2011 Issue in
29Jan2011: JXF Wooden Propellers in
28Jan2011: Walkera 2.4GHz Ready-to-Fly Electric Helicopters (HM 4#6S, HM 4F200, HM V120D01, HM V120D02, HM 53#03-2, HM 53Q) and parts in.
28Jan2011: Morgan Fuel - Cool Power/Sidewinder for Car/Plane/Heli
27Jan2011: TWF E-SKY 2.4GHz Ready-to-Fly Electric helicopters (Lama V3, Lama V4, Dauphin, Belt-CP V2, Honey Bee King 3, EC130 Hunter, Big Outdoor Lama, Honeybee 2, Honeybee CP3) and parts in. New Products will be updated soon.
26Jan2011: Hobby Wing Platinum 40A, 60A, 80A Electronic Speed Control in
26Jan2011: JetPower Magazine January-February 2011 (English Edition)
24Jan2011: Fiberglass Bodyshell for ALIGN T-REX 600 GP or EP, Thunder Tiger Raptor 50SE, Hirobo Sceadu Evo 50, Align T-REX 450SE Helicopter
22Jan2011: Dear Customer, we will be closed from Wed (02 Feb 2011) to Sat (06 Feb 2011) for Chinese New Year Holidays. We will be back on Mon (07 Feb 2011) 10:30am till 7:00pm as usual. Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences caused.
07Jan2011: Some Align T-REX 700 Nitro / Electric parts & Starter Shaft for heli in
04Jan2011: DLE20 20cc Gas engine and spark plug in
03Jan2011: Anti-vibration Landing Gear in
31Dec2010: Spring connectors, Landing Gear, 22AWG Wires in
31Dec2010: PCG Power LiPo Battery in
30Dec2010: 325mm/335mm/600mm Carbon Fiber Blades in
30Dec2010: Aviation Scale Lighting System in
29Dec2010: G.T. Power Charger/Discharger in
24Dec2010: Align Helicopters T-REX 250SE / 450 Pro / 450 Sport / 500ESP / 500ESP 3G
24Dec2010: Align Helicopters T-REX Spare Parts in
17Dec2010: New JR Propo DSX9II, DSX11 - 2.4Ghz DSM2 Radio Control System
13Dec2010: New TT Stuff: Desperado OBL RTR | Desperado 7.5 SC RTR | MT-4 G3 E-Monster truck
13Dec2010: MHW Magazine Jan 2011 out now!
07Dec2010: Jet-Tronics Jd-value and M-value arrive
06Dec2010: RC Turbine Jets+Helicoper 2011 Magazine (completely bi-lingual German/English, full color, total 114 pages)
27Nov2010: Align Helicopters in
27Nov2010: Align Spares in
25Nov2010: Hitec Aurora 9 & Telemetry acc in finally!!
22Nov2010: Bob Smith Adhesive in (Epoxy, CA, Accelerator and IC-Gel)
22Nov2010: Electric Gliders in
19Nov2010: N86559 Cessna Electric Airplane, Cessna Float and C17 Ducted Fan Airplane in
16Nov2010: FSD Brushless Motor in
02Nov2010: Rubber Wheel with Alum. Hub 2.25"/ 2.5"/ 3"/3.25"
02Nov2010: Thunder Tiger stuff in
21Oct2010: Hitec stuff in - New telemetry system etc
15Oct2010: TETTRA stuff in
14Oct2010: MHW Nov issue out now!
12Oct2010: TT Stuff in! New Titan X50, Jupiter and more!
24Sep2010: OFFER! Motor at SGD20.00 NETT w/ purchase of MULTIPLEX FunJet/FunJet Ultra! click for details
21Sep2010: MULTIPLEX New Models - FunJet ULTRA, Merlin, Blizzard, Cularis and more!
16Sep2010: GWS Electric Airplanes and Spares in
13Sep2010: JXF Wooden propeller (2-bladed/3-bladed) in
11Sep2010: Walkera products details will be up soon. Electric Helicopters: LAMA400 EC135 w/WK-2402 TX $273, 53#Q3 w/WK-2402 TX $254, 4#6 Bell w/WK-2402 TX $276, 4G6S w/WK-2801 Pro TX $448, 4F200 w/WK-2801 Pro TX $474, Lama3 w/WK-2801 Pro TX $544 (TX denotes transmitter) and Spare parts in.
09Sep2010: MHW Oct issue out now! - Featuring Mini Titan V2
06Sep2010: Excellence Products - 1mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm Carbon Rods | 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm Carbon Tube | 0.6x10mm Carbon Strip, 0.6x5mm Carbon Strip | 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm Carbon Board
03Sep2010: Align T-REX 450 Pro Heli, T-REX 450 Sport Heli, T-REX 550E Combo Heli & Parts in!
24Aug2010: UP to 30% off!! FUN-KEY Carbon Blades
24Aug2010: Castle Creations Phoenix Ice HV 120 Brushless Speed Controller
23Aug2010: APC Propellers in
17Aug2010: Align USB 3G Link cable + USB Extension Cable + Signal Y-adapter + Installation CD in!
17Aug2010: Excellence products in!
16Aug2010: LiFePO4 Battery in!
16Aug2010: FSD Brushless Motor in!
13Aug2010: Mumeisha parts in! (bearing lubricant, cleanger aerosol, air filter oil, grease set)
12Aug2010: Latest RC magazines!
10Aug2010: Thunder Tiger stuff
07Aug2010: Dear Customer, we will be closed on Mon 09 Aug due to National Day Holiday. We will be back on Tue 10 Aug, 10.30am to 7.00pm. Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences caused.
05Aug2010: SideWinder World Championship Car Fuel 15% 25%
05Aug2010: Morgan Cool Power Heli Fuel 15% 20% 30%
31Jul2010: Price Slashed by 30% !! Raptor 50 Titan SE Kit
28Jul2010: JetPower Magazine July-August 2010 (English Edition)
21Jul2010: Bob Smith CA glue, epoxy, ic-gel, accelerator, debonder and replacement tips in
20Jul2010: Align T-REX Helicopters in
20Jul2010: Align T-REX Spare parts in
19Jul2010: All TETTRA parts
19Jul2010: Tettra Parts (Japan) in
19Jul2010: TWF-ESKY Spares in
12Jul2010: Radio Control Technique magazine (Aug) issue out now!
05Jul2010: MHW August issue out now!
05Jul2010: HITEC servo price lower from NOW! (See CHART)
01Jul2010: TWF-ESKY Spares in
30Jun2010: Thunder Tiger Airplanes, Helicopter parts, Car parts & Bikes Parts in
30Jun2010: New Advanced Search function to serve you better, we hope! (see left side menu)
29Jun2010: JR Propo DSX9 9-Channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio Control System (DSM2) w/DS831 servos NEW!
28Jun2010: Hitec stuff!
24Jun2010: Lower Prices! ENYA Glow Plugs
10Jun2010: MHW July issue out now!
07Jun2010: mini Titan E325 V2 Kit in!
03Jun2010: TWF-ESKY Electric Helicopters in
03Jun2010: TWF-ESKY Electric Helicopters Spare Parts in
01Jun2010: NEW! Torqueholic. Hitec MONSTER TORQUE servos HS-7980TH/HS-M7990TH
26May2010: Hitec stuff will be in on 31/05/2010
26May2010: JetPower Magazine May-June 2010 in !
24May2010: Dear Customer, we will be closed this Fri 28 May due to Vesak Day Holiday. We will be back on Sat 29 May, 10.30am to 3pm. Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences caused.
20May2010: Tettra Parts - All parts
17May2010: FUN-KEY Heli Fuselage & stuff
13May2010: Spektrum DSM2 receivers AR7000, AR6110E, AR6200, AR6250
13May2010: Model Helicopter World Magazine June 2010 Issue
12May2010: Thunder Tiger Beaver 40 Kit
12May2010: Thunder Tiger Cessna-177 Cardinal 60 Kit
12May2010: Thunder Tiger Car Spares
12May2010: Radio Control Technique magazine June issue (japanese) out now!
10May2010: FSD Motor in
10May2010: Walkera Spares in
10May2010: Transmitter Aluminium Case, Battery/Wire connectors, 4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm Hollow Carbon Tube and Velcro Tape in
29Apr2010: Align T-REX Spare Parts in
29Apr2010: Align T-REX Helicopters and Spare Parts in
30Apr2010: Dear Customer, we will be closed tomorrow 01 May due to Labour Day Holiday. We will be back on Mon 03 May, 10.30am to 7pm. Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences caused.
27Apr2010: DL 30 and 50 Engines and Parts in!
26Apr2010: Hitec RCD Aurora 9 & Stuff in!
23Apr2010: RCLander 68mm Ducted Fan, Lighting System w/Afterburn in!!
23Apr2010: Pressure Air Tank, 1.5" / 2" / 2.5" Wheel w/Plastic Hub, Suspension Gear Absorber for 50-60 size airplane in!
23Apr2010: TWF-ESKY Electric Helicopter in!
22Apr2010: FUN-KEY main and tail blade in stock
13Apr2010: Latest Radio Control Technique Magazine May 2010 (japanese)
10Apr2010: Latest MHW Magazine May issue in!
09Apr2010: NEW TT Stuff in!
09Apr2010: NEW Bandit OBL in!
01Apr2010: Dear Customer, we will be closed tomorrow 02 Apr due to Good Friday Holiday. We will be back on Sat 03 Apr, 10.30am to 3pm. Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences caused.
29Mar2010: NEW Hitec Servo - HS-5755MG Digital Quarter Scale available now!
29Mar2010: NEW Hitec Servo - HS-7775MG Low Profile Coreless Metal Gear available now!
29Mar2010: NEW Hitec Servo - HS-5805MG Digital Mega Scale available now!
29Mar2010: Hitec World Catalog 2010, Optima 6 Rx, HPP-22 PC Programmer & stuff in!
25Mar2010: TT EB Buggy Metal Option parts available now
25Mar2010: Latest JetPower Magazine March-April 2010
25Mar2010: TT Brushless Motor for Airplane and Car in stock!
22Mar2010: Hitec HPP-22 Firmware upgrade tool coming soon!
17Mar2010: ACE Power Premium Lipo Battery (2S1P/3S1P/4S1P) IN!
12Mar2010: Jersey Modeler Gas Hand Pump w/Funnel & Return Line
12Mar2010: Latest MHW Magazine April 2010 Issue out now!
08Mar2010: Latest Radio Control Technique magazine April issue (japanese)!
06Mar2010: APC Electric and Nitro Propeller in!
05Mar2010: Bob Smith CA Glue, Debonder, Epoxy in stock
05Mar2010: NEW! Multiplex AcroMaster / FunJET / Xeno / EasyCub in!
03Mar2010: Full list of TETTRA Parts
03Mar2010: Quality TETTRA Parts (fr Japan) in
22Feb2010: Hitec Aurora 9 Standard/Premium Version in! (latest software ver. 1.06)
18Feb2010: Hitec Optima 9 Receiver & Stuff in!
17Feb2010: Align Heli & Parts in!
12Feb2010: Radio Control Technique magazine March issue out now!
10Feb2010: Thunder Tiger UH-1 Painted Fuselage (Red or Green) exclusive for mini Titan E325
09Feb2010: Walkera Parts in
10Feb2010: Thunder Tiger Ducati Bike & stuff in
09Feb2010: Walkera Parts in
09Feb2010: TWF ESKY Heli & Parts in
08Feb2010: MHW March issue now in stock!
03Feb2010: Dear Customer, please note that we will be closed from 13 till 16 Feb 2010 (Sat-Tue) for Chinese New Year Holidays. Business as usual on 17 Feb 2010 (Wed) 10.30am-7.00pm. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.
03Feb2010: Screws / Nuts / Washers in!
01Feb2010: New heli products from Thunder Tiger X50 and E325V2 (Available March/April 2010 !)
01Feb2010: FUN-KEY stuffs (Night Blades etc) in!
01Feb2010: Warehouse Sales has ended. Please click here to view photos
19Jan2010: OS MAX-55HZ Hyper Engine Spares in!
16Jan2010: Hatori Muffler (Quality product from Japan) stock in!
11Jan2010: Align T-REX Helicopters and spares in!
08Jan2010: 2.4G Tiger Crawler / SSK V2 / MTA-4 V2 just in!


26Dec09: Rotor Hobby Staff wishes all a happy New Year! Dear Customer, please note that we will be closed on Fri (01 Jan 2010) for New Year Holiday. Business as usual on Sat (02 Jan 2010) 10.30am-3.00pm. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.
23Dec09: HATORI Muffler/Header (Japan) in
23Dec09: Quality TETTRA Parts (Japan) in
18Dec09: Hitec Servos and parts in
14Dec09: Radio Control Technique Magazine January 2010 (japanese)
12Dec09: Hitec Servos - Lower prices! Note: As Hitec Servos pricing has been lowered across the board, Rotor Gold Members now enjoy 10% discount - still BETTER pricing than the 20% discount before price change!!
08Dec09: Dear Customer, please note that we will be closed on Fri (25 Dec'09) for Christmas Holiday. Business as usual on Sat (26 Dec'09) 10.30am-3.00pm. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.
08Dec09: FREE Ni-MH Battery & Charger NOW with purchase of Sparrowhawk VX/DX/XB - [2937] 7.2V 2400mah Ni-Mh Battery & [AT6117] AC Quick Charger included!!
08Dec09: Thunder Tiger stuffs in!
07Dec09: RC Turbine Jets+Helicoper 2010 Magazine (completely bi-lingual German/English, full color, total 114 pages)
07Dec09: Model Helicopter World Magazine Jan 2010 issue in!
28Nov09: RCLander accessories
JetLegend Door Sequencer
Walkera Helicopters and parts
Mini Air Compressor
Excellence RC Kite Parts
25Nov09: RC Heli Training set available for various sizes
24Nov09: Latest JETPOWER Magazine Nov-Dec issue
23Nov09: Dear Customer, please note that we will be closed this Fri (27 Nov'09) due to Hari Raya Haji Holiday. Business as usual on Sat (28 Nov'09) 10.30am-3.00pm. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.
20Nov09: Raptor Spares - Lower prices!
13Nov09: HAT566 Muffler 56NS-3D (Front Head) For 53-56 Engines (TT RL-53H/OS55HZ/YS56)
13Nov09: Quality TETTRA Parts (Japan) in
12Nov09: New! Hitec HS-7954SH High Voltage Torque Servo, Steel Gear 7.4v
12Nov09: Radio Control Technique magazine December 2009 (japanese)
11Nov09: MHW Dec issue in!
10Nov09: TT 2.4G mini Titan E325 SC / Buggy & latest stuffs in!
10Nov09: Align T-REX 250SE
T-REX 600 Nitro Limted Edition
T-REX 700 Nitro Limited Edition
Align Spares in!
09Nov09: Hitec Servo pricing updated - Better Offers!!
09Nov09: Join our Rotor Gold Membership today! (Updated) - Members enjoy 10% discount; Non-members 5%, except for promotional items* Terms & Conditions apply.
03Nov09: R/C Dragonfly Kite
02Nov09: JetLegend Whipe Antenna, Air Throttle, Air Line
02Nov09: Mini Grinder/Rotary Tool
30Oct09: Vent Pipe for Nitro Engine Use
28Oct09: Pocket Digital Scale 1kg
28Oct09: Hatch Hinges, Electric Propeller Spinner
27Oct09: NEW DVDs - Cerny, La Ferte 2004 | 2nd International Model Circus | 7th Jet World Masters 2007
24Oct09: Futaba BLS252/253/254 servo
14Oct09: TT NEW 2.4GHz RTR!! MTA-4 Sledge Hammer/ MTA-4 S28 / EB-4 S3
12Oct09: Dear Customer, please note that we will be closed this Sat (17 Oct'09) due to Deepavali Holiday. Business as usual on Mon (19 Oct'09). Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.
09Oct09: Hitec 2.4GHz module/Optima7 & stuff in
08Oct09: Grab a copy of MHW Nov issue today!
02Oct09: ESKY spares in!
28Sep09: Yak 54 30% ARF | Soaring Star II Glider and more TT stuffs in!
26Sep09: Bob Smith (USA) Epoxy, CA glue in!
22Sep09: Align products in!
16Sep09: Dear Customer, please note that we will be closed on Mon (21 Sep'09) due to Hari Raya Puasa Holiday. We will be back on Tue (22 Sep'09). Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.
14Sep09: Radio Control Technique Magazine Oct Issue (japanese) out now!
10Sep09: Grab a copy of the latest MHW OCT issue now!
09Sep09: TT Bandit 3.5 II in stock now!!
05Sep09: Thunder Tiger CEO Mr. Lai visit!
28Aug09: Hitec Servos & Acc in!
21Aug09: Pine Ledge in!
21Aug09: Shenzhen Landers Electric Ducted Fan Airplanes & Spares in
14Aug09: Align Heli and Spares in!
12Aug09: Radio Control Technique Sep issue out now!
12Aug09: Iron-on Kote in!
11Aug09: NEW! TT Outlaw OBL in!
11Aug09: Flight Model Airplanes in!
08Aug09: Dear Customer, we will be closed on Mon (10 Aug'09) due to National Day Holiday. We will be back on Tue (11 Aug'09). Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.
08Aug09: MHW Sep issue out now!
04Aug09: DLE55 and DL50/DL55 Spares in!
04Aug09: JXF Wooden Propellers in!
04Aug09: TWF ESKY Spares in!
01Aug09: Hitec G2 HS-7950TH High Voltage Ultra Torque Digital Programmable Servo Motor for Gasoline models!
01Aug09: HS-5055MG Digital Feather Servo Motor, Programmable, Metal Geared version
31Jul09: APC Propeller in!
28Jul09: Design Master Spray Paint in!
28Jul09: RC Air World Aug09
28Jul09: RC World Aug09 Magazine in stock now!
28Jul09: Design Master Spray Paint in!
24Jul09: JETPOWER 4/2009 Magazine (Jul-Aug) in!
17Jul09: NEW! TT Planes Nitro/EP
13Jul09: T-REX 600 ESP Superior Combo!
09Jul09: Funkey balsa good quality (various dimension) in!
06Jul09: Latest MHW Aug'09 magazine!
03Jul09: Walkera 2.4G Series Electric Heli w/ RC | UFO Series w/ RC avail now!
27Jun09: Latest Japanese Magazine RC WORLD & RC AIR WORLD
23Jun09: Optional parts for Innovator MD530 / Expert in!
17Jun09: APC propeller in
16Jun09: New GWS Airplane and spares in
16Jun09: 1/5, 1/6, 1/7 Scale US Jet Pilot !!
12Jun09: Bob Smith CA Glue
12Jun09: Bob Smith Epoxy
08Jun09: MHW July09 issue out now!
06Jun09: Full range of Screws / Nuts / Washers in stock!
01Jun09: NEW! HS-5045HB Micro Digitals/ Digital Feather Servo (Karbonite Gear)
01Jun09: Align T-REX 250 / 450 SE / 450 Pro / 500 / 600 / 600 Nitro / Spare Parts in
28May09: JR Propo DSX7 w/RD731 DSMJ receiver in stock now!
25May09: JET POWER Issue May-June'09 Magazine in!
23May09: Thunder Tiger [6534-F] SPARROWHAWK DX Drift Spares updated
19May09: Thunder Tiger [6536-F] Sparrowhawk XB Spares in stock now!
15May09: Radio Control Technique magazine June 2009 (japanese)
13May09: GY611 Gyro w/BLS251 Brushless Digital Heli Rudder Servo
11May09: MHW June issue just in!
08May09: R50 Titan SE Kit in stock NEW!
08May09: Dear Customer, we will be closed on Sat (09 May'09) due to Vesak Day Holiday. We will be back on Mon (11 May'09). Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.
04May09: JR DSX12 in stock now!
30Apr09: Dear Customer, we will be closed on Fri (01 May'09) due to Labour Day Holiday. We will be back on Sat (02 May'09). Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Thank you.
23Apr09: JR DSX9 Limited (GOLD) in stock!
23Apr09: JR G750 Gyro/3500G
18Apr09: Hatori parts/acc updated
13Apr09: Radio Control Technique magazine May issue in!
11Apr09: Tettra Parts updated
09Apr09: Innovator Spares updated
26Mar09: Excellence Screws/Nuts updated
23Mar09: JET POWER 2/2009 Issue In!
20Mar09: Funkey Fuselage Parts updated
18Mar09: Hex Driver/Replacement Tip 1.0mm for T-REX 250
Info: Thunder Tiger Mini Titan E325 3D Heli - ARF/KITs/SE KITS available! HOT!



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