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Dear walk-in customers, pls call +65 6296 3686 for stock availability or reservation prior to visiting our retail shop to avoid disappointment. Please provide Item Code and Description to expedite our search. Thank you.

Please note not all items listed herein are at the retail store, please call us ONE week before coming to check stock availability.

Please note that we may not be able to do repair services or servo modifications on Saturday due to peak period. 

Product : 20/11/2018-BSI

ImageCodeProductUnit SGDQty
New ProductBSI210    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-210 Bob Smith Finish-Cure Epoxy (20 Mins) (13oz / 369g / 384ml) ( Excellent, low odor substitute for polyester resins. Best for applying cloth to the inside of fibreglass fuselages) | BSI210 Finish Cure49.90
New ProductBSI202    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-202 Bob Smith Quick-Cure Epoxy (5 Mins) (9oz / 256g / 266ml) | BSI202 Quick Cure25.00
New ProductBSI204    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-204 Bob Smith Mid-Cure Epoxy (15 Mins) (9oz / 256g) | BSI204 Mid Cure25.00
New ProductBSI152    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-152 Bob Smith Insta-Set CA Accelerator (Refill) (8 fl oz / 236.8ml), for plastic & foam (100% foam safe) | BSI152 Insta Set | Kicker18.10
New ProductBSI203    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-203 Bob Smith Mid-Cure Epoxy (15 Mins) (4.5oz / 128g) | BSI203 Mid Cure16.00
New ProductBSI120    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-120 Bob Smith Insta-Flex+ Clear Rubber CA Glue (1oz / 28.4g / 29.5ml) 5-15 secs to cure | BSI120 Insta Flex12.00
New ProductBSI121    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-121 Bob Smith Super-Gold Thin Odorless Foam Safe CA Glue (0.5oz / 14.2g / 14.8ml) (3-5sec repair of plastic and foam) | BSI121 Super Gold12.00
New ProductBSI151    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-151 Bob Smith Insta-Set CA Accelerator (2 fl oz / 59.2ml), for plastic & foam (100% foam safe) | BSI151 Insta Set | Kicker10.00
New ProductBSI112    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-112 Bob Smith Maxi-Cure (Extra Thick) CA Glue (1oz / 28.4g / 29.5ml) (10-25 secs to cure) | BSI112 Maxi Cure8.90
New ProductBSI161    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-161 Bob Smith UN-Cure CA Remover / Debonder 30-120 Sec. (Cyanoacrylate Remover) (1oz / 28.4g / 29.5ml) | UN Cure | Uncure | BSI1618.00
New ProductBSI133    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-133 Bob Smith Insta-Cure+ Pocket CA Glue (0.75oz / 20.3ml), Gap Filling 5-15 secs to cure | BSI133 Insta Cure7.00
New ProductBSI135    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-135 Bob Smith Maxi-Cure Pocket CA Glue (0.75oz / 20.3ml), Extra Thick 10-25secs to cure | BSI135 Maxi Cure7.00
New ProductBSI111    (stock in 20/11/2018-BSI) BSI-111 Bob Smith Maxi-Cure (Extra Thick) CA Glue (0.5oz / 14.2g / 14.8ml) (10-25 secs to cure) | BSI111 Maxi Cure5.40

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